My profile pic

Needed to host this pic so I figured I would post it to my blog. I think it captures my elusive essence and speaks to my great depth and cunning intellect without in any way denying my puckish nature and … Continue reading

The Bullyguard System

The 4th R

This might seem familiar

A vid for today

A triple threat?

Three videos today. Cinnamon Bun Chips : A stressful day : Lay’s Tzatziki Chips :

Big Move update

I remembered to post it! Yay me!

Another video twofer

You all saw this coming. Here it is. First, yesterday’s vid : Glad that moving is moving along. And here’s today’s earth-shattering vid : Remember, you probably saw it here first.

My dark confession

Okay, NOW I have a video. Now leave me to my shame.

A video twofer

Did it again. Fell behind. This is yesterday’s vid. And here it today’s.

Thinking about pride

That’s pride, not Pride, although the two are connected.

Video : Thoughts on memory

Getting a little smarter. Posting the video first. Wow.

It’s a video BLOWOUT!

This blog and my videos are out of sync again. Isn’t that always the way? You always run out of sync just when you need it the most. You’d think I would learn to stock up. So interspersed with my … Continue reading

Woops! Catching up on video

Um, oops. Forgot to post Sunday’s video to this blog : Plus, there’s this gem of beardy commentary I recorded today. Sorry about the de-lay.

It’s not Friday

I just keep thinking that is it, because I had therapy today. Today, because the doc is going away today and would not be around for an appointment on Friday. So even though he had a plane to catch today, … Continue reading

Sharing is caring!

I haven’t done a link sharing post in a while, and I have a few links kicking around, so what the heck. I have had this in my browser for weeks waiting to use it, and tonight’s the night. The … Continue reading

Saturday Linksplosion #2

Time for another link-gasm, folks! Let’s share together. First up, one strictly for the ladies, a song that I think every single one of you will enjoy, period. Trigger warning : it’s done in the style of a song for … Continue reading

Friday Night Special

Today, I talk toddlers. And early childhood development in general, from the point of view of a brain nerd. Happy I kept it short this time!

Another barrel of links

These things just spring up like weeds! First we have this sobering and inspiring video. Intellectually, somewhere in my memory banks, left there from my childhood, was the knowledge that, when I was nine years old, there was this thing … Continue reading

Shotgun fulla links

Finished my Vcon 38 report, and man are those fun to write. Is there some way to do that kind of thing for a living? Just go to events, write down the basics of what you did there, plus whatever … Continue reading

Blacklisters versus Whitelisters

Sorry folks, today all you get is a fairly dry (but fascinating) talker. Now that it is done, I sort of feel like I made too big a deal of it. But I still feel like I am onto something … Continue reading

Interpretive Lyrics : Funderstrug

I did another silly lyrics thing. This time I took on another hard to understand (but kickass) song, Thunderstruck by AC/DC I didn’t do the whole song because after the point where I ended, the song gets pretty repetitive, and … Continue reading

Friday Night Special : WHSFB

Aaaand it’s another piece of music. I am quite pleased with how that piece turned out. Best thing I’ve done since The Funky Duck. I guess if I just keep making music, even if none of it is making me … Continue reading

A woman like her

There’s a word for women like this one. And that word is “holy”. That might sound like an odd word coming from an atheist like me. I don’t believe in God, or even gods, so how can I declare something … Continue reading

I’m so indie that my shirt don’t fit

More random titles from the songs playing in my head. Today’s been decent. Did therapy. That went pretty well. When I mentioned that I want to go someplace where there is lively philosophical discussion, my therapist suggested that I look … Continue reading

Oh, and a video

Doh! Forgot to post the video! I tried going back to loops. But it was just as annoying and frustrating as before. No loops for me next time!

Beating back the flames

This Facebook shit has gotten completely out of hand. I spend three to four hours a day just keeping up with it. Just between I Fucking Love Science, Upworthy, and I get enough genuinely interesting and cool linked to … Continue reading

Up The Hill

I’m feeling better these days. I think finally getting actual therapy on Friday helped enormously. I wasn’t sure whether my recent blues were due to the lowered Paxil dose or whether it was lack of therapy, but therapy made me … Continue reading

Bunch o’ stuff

Maybe that’s what I should call my linkdumps from now on. Welcome to Bunch o’Stuff, episoder 813. First, I got three words for you : Vintage. Victorian. Vibrators. Yup. This is that Hysteria stuff. Curing women’s “hysteria” by a “pelvic … Continue reading

Atheism and gratitude

First off, here’s today’s vid. It’s about atheism and tolerance. I won’t dwell on it because I more or less said all I wanted to say on the subject there. In my dream world, that video would draw down gales … Continue reading

Gettin’ linky wid it

Tempted to do more soul squeezing tonight, but I got a lot of links cluttering up my browser so I will do that instead, and leave all that catharsis for another time. Fun fact : A nuclear bomb almost wiped … Continue reading

Here we go with more video

I need to come up with stable names for the various types of post I do, so I can just called them “X Number Whatever” and skip having to think up a title each damned time. And no, I cannot … Continue reading

Watch out! It’s another VIDEO EXPLOSION!

Whole whack of videos to share with you nice people tonight, concluding, as always, with my own. First we have this totally kickass feel-good inspirational video : What I love so much about that video is that it is a … Continue reading

Meh bleh argh.

Feeling kinda bleh today. Good day to just throw some links at y’all whilst I diarize. Like check out this extremely clever bit. I love this kind of meta-comedy. For one, the skit starts with an excellent bit of misdirection. … Continue reading

Friday Night Special : Big Dumb Animals

Another talker, but with on screen text to spice it up. Plus some truly sweet and juicy samples from my sample collection.

Friday Science Demonstration, September 13, 2013

Oooh! Friday the 13th in 2013! The triskaidekaphobics must be freaking out today, poor souls. Luckily, I am not now nor have I ever been superstitious. After al, it’s bad luck! Here I am, back again with the science goodies. … Continue reading

Linky dinkaroo

I’m getting tired of coming up with names for these things. Can you tell? Links, mine at end, yadda yadda. First up, two videos about the same subject that dropped into my browser completely separate from one another. There’s this … Continue reading

Fuzzy little things

I seem to have come across a number of somewhat Furry themed things lately, so I figured it was time to best my browser (why does being online feel like war lately?) and share them with you. First, we have … Continue reading

About sixty-five winks, give or take

I have had a sleepy day today. Slept most of the morning and afternoon, and I will likely go back to sleep once I am done blogging. I am handling it well. For now, I am willing to take my … Continue reading

The usual potpourri

Today has been the usual silent Saturday. It’s a day I usually end up spending entirely alone, and in the evening, that includes being alone in the apartment as well. Joe and Julian are, as per their habit, at Joe’s … Continue reading

Friday Night Special : Old School

I messed about with music again today. I think I will stop using that as a way to do a day’s video,though. I am never happy with the results. I need more time to make the really good stuff!

And the hits keep coming!

There was a serious thunderstorm here on Lulu Island today. But it was during the day, so no visible lightning. What a waste. Anyhow, as per usual, I got stuff to share. Like this instant it-video of this week, called … Continue reading

Yup. More links.

Gotta catch’m all! I like this bit of well crafted satire. Reminds me of a lot of people I have known. Not in person, thank goodness, because I probably would have ended up throttling them, but I think everyone has … Continue reading

Massive link stampede

I am overrun with nifty stuff to share today, so it’s time to get a long little doggie (and a short little cat), tie our lassos to our lariats, and corral us some grade A link meat. Today’s vid from … Continue reading

Three Rants About Video Games

It’s fun to get ranty. Maybe I should do it more often.

Friday Night Special : On Being Big

I talk about what it’s like to be a big guy in a small world. This one turned out pretty good, I think.

Hey guess what?

I did yet another funny pix video! They really are my go-to thing when I don’t feel like doing anything ambitious.

Blam kerpow LINKS

Well, I have caught up with Facebook, and you know what that means… Way too many links to share! To start off, check out this utterly gorgeous little critter. As always, click to enlarge. That there is Kira the marble … Continue reading

The Myth of Drama

If I was better at staying on point, all these “myth” vids would kind of make a series. But I’m not and they don’t.

More video silliness

So I was feeling lazy. They are still funny!

The Myth of Advertising

Not my best work. I thought I had this thread quite well thought out, but it turns out, not so much. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow!

Oh no, more videos!

I have another enormous batch of video goodness to share today. It never rains, but it pours! First, a triptych. Remember this song? Hard to forget, it was everywhere in 1992. I absolutely love the song now. At the time … Continue reading

Friday Night Special, August 23, 2013

Another goofy pics and voice captions thing.

Mega video EXPLOSION

Had a metric whack of good video come my way today. Mine will be last. First, we have a pretty good piece of meta-comedy from Funny Or Die and Will Ferrell. Coming Soon from Funny Or Die with Will Ferrell … Continue reading

Tardy Review : Session 9

I review another old movie that nobody cares about any more.

Tardy Review : Kick-Ass

Here’s today’s vid.

Adulthood and History

Rambling musings from yours truly.

Friday night special : A Potential Mystery

Wow, even tonight’s video is about science!

Ten supersonic links!

WE ARE OVERSTOCKED! All these links must go, go, go! 1. Science is not the enemy A very passionate and articulate defense of science both as a route to knowledge and a path to wonder. I love this kind of … Continue reading

The New Aristocracy

Another one of my crazy ideas. But it would totally work! Granted, getting it started would require a simply magnificent and intricate marketing effort. But after that, it would almost run itself.

Your Ad Here

Today’s vid at the end. But first, a very sad but very beautiful ad from Thailand. Well, technically it’s an ad. One for Thai Life Insurance. But I can’t see how life insurance would have gotten the narrator more time, … Continue reading

Another pics vid

Twelve of them this time. This post will show up as late. But it isn’t.

Saddest Scandal Ever

Here’s today’s vid. Fun fact : A meal at T. P. Fuknutz cost as much as one at the McDonald’s less than a block away, and yet consisted of food bought directly from grocery store in the mall. It was … Continue reading

Holy Katz, a twofer!

I totally forget to upload and link the video I did yesterday! That is absentminded ever for me! Talk about a space cadet, oy. Anyhow, here it is. Another ten pics vid. So sue me. Aaaand here’s today’s vid. Snapped … Continue reading

Ten funny pics

I feel bad because this was such a lazy vid. Took me less than an hour to do. But I just did not have the inspiration or energy to do more today. I am in the reducing phase of my … Continue reading

CCR as I hear it

And here’s today’s vid. I had fun with a highly incomprehensible song.

Don’t Say That #6 : Dead Wrong

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget today’s vid. Tastelessness warning : these are jokes about death. Not super happy with it. I need to come up with a better premise for the next one. Something about weddings….

If gay was straight, nightmare fuel, and a funky chunky beat!

As usual, today’s experiment will be at the end. First, I will share this intriguing list of 50 great films you’ve probably never seen. I am always eager to dig into the vaults for lost media gems. There is an … Continue reading

Big Fat Friday Night Special

Here’s today’s big fat vid.

Drowning in links!

There is just too much good stuff on Facebook today. I have 16 tabs open and I am not caught up on Facebook. I swear, sometimes following my Facebook feels like a full time job. Anyhow, here is today’s royal … Continue reading

Friday Night Special

You know the drill. It’s science night, so I am posting today’s vid separately. Yup. More phonecalls!


Well OK, not really. It’s an in-joke. But I do have some video type content to share with you today as well as the usual odds and ends. Like this. Now I am not normally all that into birds. I … Continue reading


Once more, I have a cavalcade of video goodness to offer you today, culminating in today’s vid from moi. I’m telling you, these videos just take longer to make each time. Video is hard work, yo! But each one is … Continue reading

Bonus post : MORE VIDEO

Wow, two posts in one day! Can our Universe survive? See, there was no room for today’s vid in the FSW, so I had to do an extra post just for it. And while I am at it, I will … Continue reading

Friday Science Constabulary, June 14, 2013

Hey there science fans, and welcome to another edition of Friday Science Whatever. I must warn you, I am going to cheat a little and include a Ted talk in with the usual science articles. Don’t get me wrong, it’s … Continue reading


By some weird cosmic convergence, I have come across a metric whack of good videos today and so tonight’s blog entry will be all about the vids! Including my own, natch. In fact, let’s do that one first. Presenting : … Continue reading

It begins again….

Good golly but I have had a rough fucking evening. Oh, don’t worry, it’s not the kind of rough evening that involves the cops, en ambulance, and the hospital. Just a lot of wear and tear on this ol’ nerves … Continue reading

Mystery babies, lesbian watermelons, immigrant maths, and Ellen

More neat stuff to share with you today, although this is beginning to make me feel like I am being lazy. After all, commentary on links is literally the easiest form of blogging for me. I don’t have to figure … Continue reading

Lean into a war child’s secret reason to talk back and have fun

Tonight, it’s videos. Well, and this. It’s a picture that is such amazingly pure and potent nightmare fuel that I am not even going to paste it into this blog entry, just give you a link to it. So fair … Continue reading

Two videos and something you will not believe exists

Had a very productive session with the therapist today. We refocused on anger (my least favorite and hence most important thing to talk about) then ended up talking about a related issue, which is arrogance and intelligence. I won’t go … Continue reading

Remember the 80’s?

Tonight’s entry is all about this fun list: 50 Things Only 80’s Kids Understand. Being mostly an eighties kid (ages 7 to 17, and it’s not like I remember anything from the first two years), I enjoyed perusing this little … Continue reading

Friday Science Tintinabulation, May 24, 2013

Another week has flown past like a flock of tiny birds in a heck of a hurry, and that means it is time once again for our weekly dose of the Friday Science Whatever. It was rough, picking just six … Continue reading

Wet gay rich people in bondage!

Got a few things to share with y’all. Like this : Guess what city in the USA has the highest number of same-sex couples raising kids? New York City? San Francisco? Some gay commune in the Florida keys? Nope, it’s … Continue reading

The usual linkstorm

Well, enough navel probing over being 40 years old now. Back to reportage! First, some video content. Some very special and extremely unique video that lets you know what it would look like to have something very bad happen to … Continue reading

Nudity and Bill Nye

More link n’ load tonight. (Lock and link? Nah. ) First, one I have had hanging about and mixing with the wrong crowd in my browser for almost a week now, the charming story of a family of four that … Continue reading

Caine stands up

Tonight we start off with a very powerful and moving video. But before you watch it, please read this. SEVERE TRIGGER WARNING for all of of us who were bullied as children. Caine talks about his experience and it might … Continue reading

So much stuff!

No diary stuff today! Well, except for one thing. Got my new glasses with the anti-fatigue lenses and a slightly stronger prescription today. Only took them two weeks to make them. Whatever happened to “in about an hour”? Anyhoo, I … Continue reading

Four vivid videos

Last night was news type links. Tonight, it’s a video show. Get ready for some embeds. First up, a short and sweet cat video entitled A Very Obvious Cat Trap. Obvious to us, of course, because we have great big … Continue reading

Links n’ thangs

Haven’t done a link share post in a while, and tonight, I am in the mood. First off, we have this article from Psychology Today (great mag) about the Left Brain Right Brain “Myth”. It is, basically, a stupid article … Continue reading

Just, you know, stuff

I have been laying down the deepness for a while now, FSW aside. Between my intense navel gazing and my philosophical ramblings, this blog has been dealing with some really heavy stuff. I mean, this is fucking ponderous, man. So … Continue reading

An entire whack of stuff!

We have a metric whack of stuff to get through today and I am in a bit of a rush, so let’s jump in. First off, something that I think is righteous cool : the entire run of 80’s science … Continue reading

Only the news

Well, it’s Thursday, I don’t feel like talking about what went down during therapy (although it was pretty productive, actually) and there’s some stuff hanging around the browser looking impatient and bored, so I guess it’s time for spring cleaning. … Continue reading

Some this n’ that

Took an extra Quetiapine last night (three total as opposed to my usual two) and so I have slept all day. But it was very good sleep. Restful, relaxing, refreshing. So I don’t mind sleeping that much. But the fallout … Continue reading

Cleaning out, again

Once more I have a ton of interesting stuff cluttering up my browser, so it’s time to clean up. First off, we have a little naughtiness : the Global Internet Porn Habits database from PornMD. Via that handy interactive infographic, … Continue reading

Three more things

OK. This is it. I got three things that have been sitting around my web browser forever and a fortnight, and it is time to finally clear them out and my browser actually clear of all non science related detritus … Continue reading

Jotsam and Fletsom

Still more stuff to share! I am a sharing machine lately. What can I say, the Internet is full of wonderful things and I just feel compelled to share them with you wonderful people. Plus, not a heck of a … Continue reading

Still more stuff

The links, they just keep on coming. I got still more things to share with you, my beloved and attractive audience, and seeing as I do not feel like talking about myself right now, tonight’s the night. As always, you … Continue reading

So many links!

Nothing really noteworthy about my therapy today and this browser of mine is absolutely overflowing with stuff, and that is really slowing down my computer, so it is time for a full flush, y’all. First of, Ron Paul is a … Continue reading

A smorgasbord of awesome

Yeah, I know “smorgasbord” has some of those O’s with the slash through them. But I am too lazy to look up the alt codes to put them in, OK? Anyhow, Facebook hath rained down many riches today, and so … Continue reading

Three stories about sex

Well, more or less about sex, anyhow. Sex, gender, and so on. First off we have this article about how polyandry might be more common than previously thought. Polyandry is, of course, the fraternal twin to polygamy. It is the … Continue reading

Living parallel lives

I wasn’t sure I was going to write about this topic, as interesting as it is, but then, completely by chance, I decided to watch an episode of Family Guy with today’s lunch, and lo and behold, which episode should … Continue reading

Cleaning up again

Time to share some of the stuff that is clogging up my browser and has yet to find a home in one blog post or another, but which I can’t bear to just throw away. In other words, this is … Continue reading

Another grab bag

Feeling a little lazy and self-indulgent. despite a liter of diet cola. Gonna share links today. Please hold your applause until the end of the performance. First off, something cool and sciencey that I just could not bear to sit … Continue reading

Internet video EXPLOSION!

By a strange quirk of fate, I have ended up with a web browser stuffed with cool video content, and so tonight, I will share this sudden bounty with you, with, of course, suitable commentary. First off, let’s start with … Continue reading

Something about something else

I have decided that, what with my browser becoming increasingly cluttered with links and my deep down need to take a freaking breather from the constantly self-examination and navel sniffing, now would be a good time to go back to … Continue reading

Some video for you

Got three videos to share with you tonight, plus the usual psychobabble brouhaha. ( I already did the joke about “Brouhaha” being a great name for a combination brewpub and comedy club, right? I thought so. ) It’s been a … Continue reading

A collection of stuff

Got a few things hanging around the browser to share, and seeing as I have very little to report from my own life (sleep continues to be complex and evasive, bleh) I figured now was as good a time as … Continue reading

Assorted Artists Thursday, August 23, 2012

It’s Thursday again already! Holy snakes, that week seemed to snap on past. I know I say that a lot, but gosh darn it, it just keeps being true. Some day I have to find the shutter speed setting on … Continue reading

This n’ That Thursday, August 16, 2012

Got some stuff to share that has been lingering in the limbo of my browser plus the usual odds and ends of my life to share today, so let’s get down on it, partner. Did therapy today. Decent session. Got … Continue reading

Content and stuff 2

This mixing in links and pics and stuff with my usual psychotic ramblings might be becoming a habit. Why is is that no matter how much I try to avoid the restrictions of regular features so that I can always … Continue reading

Content n’ stuff

This will be a potpourri jambalaya gumbo kind of diary entry, because I have links I want to share but I also have diary type stuff to talk about. Like, for instance…. yay, my ice cream maker is here! I … Continue reading

SWITCH! Random stuff again

I could go further into the whole long-form brooding thing again, and I am sure you would all really enjoy that (he said, voice dripping with sarcasm) but tomorrow is a therapy day and I am all tired and sleepy … Continue reading

Cooling Off Period

OK, today, I swear, I am going to take a break from the long form brooding and verbal self-abuse (and not the fun kind of self-abuse, either) and just share a few cool things and maybe gab a little. First … Continue reading

Just some stuff

Feeling even more lazy and self-indulgent than usual, I feel this is the time for me to throw some links at you and say whatever pops into my head about them. First, let’s break the ice with some down-home country … Continue reading

And now, the news (Dead Pedo edition)

Got some interesting news stories to gab on today, so let’s get down to it, boppers! The Rise Of The Concierge There is an interesting story about the rise of companies offering concierge services to the super wealthy in London … Continue reading

Catching up again

Good golly, Miss Molly, I have spent so much time talking about my problems lately that I have a browser positively swamped with cool share-able content to unload today. Like, how about this completely awesome picture? A little girl encounters … Continue reading

Too much stuff!

This is getting to be a Thursday “thing”, isn’t it? Damn. I am a writer, I am supposed to be creative and unpredictable. Yet no matter what, order and stability always emerge from the chaos. I am pretty sure there … Continue reading

More news from the underground

Oy. Another of those deep dark sleepy days. I feel punch drunk and drunk on punch. Bad punch. Today has been remarkably rough for a day in which, technically, I did absolutely nothing. Or well, I did nothing outside my … Continue reading

More content potpourri

Another day, another themeless entry. I don’t know why I am so hard on myself about not writing fiction or essays or such. Maybe I am worried that I am getting my creative itch scratched too easily and I would … Continue reading

Just some stuff

Once more, I have no particular plans for today’s entry, so I am winging it. Luckily, being someone who is way better at coming up with plans than at actually implementing them, I have a certain amount of experience with … Continue reading

From The News

Tonight, continuing the non-introspective streak for an unprecedented two in a row, I will be discussing two interesting items from the news in order to warm up for tomorrow’s regular Friday science jag. It does me a lot of good … Continue reading

The Most Hated Man In The World

After yesterday’s big emotional roundabout, I am once again bored with talking about myself, so I thought it was time I did something other than root around in my navel lint looking for gold, and actually talk something outside my … Continue reading

In Illness and in Link Wealth

In this death defying entry, I will attempt to both whine about being sick and share videos and links with you at the same time. Please keep your hands and head inside the vehicle at all times and if you … Continue reading

Some picture and some words!

Was going to do the usual after therapy blogging thing today, but… nah. Sure, it was a good session and I feel like I continue to release some long buried dark emotions with my therapist’s help, and that is sure … Continue reading

What I am not writing about

I was going to write about this whole incident, but I can’t. It makes me too damned angry to even think about being able to write about it. That makes me feel like a bit of a failure as a … Continue reading

Gathering some moss

Time to clear out the browser again. Maybe I should make this a separate category of post. Put it under “links” as “dump”. It sounds gross, but if my StumbleUpon is any judge, an awful lot of people put “link … Continue reading

Dear Landlords Of Vancouver

This was originally posted to the Vancouver Craigslist. It is by someone known only as and the original post got yanked, so I felt absolutely compelled to preserve this marvelous gem of satire on my blog. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading

Some stuff from the stuff place

So I’m feeling uncreative. So sue me! Thought it was around time I shared the cool stuff kicking around the browser with you nice, sweet, clearly highly intelligent people once more. Love Amongst the Geeks First up, one of the … Continue reading

Up from the depths

Up From The Depths of Tartarus If I seem to be smoldering and leaving a foul pall of thick black greasy smoke that smells of must and musk and magma wherever I go, it’s because I just dragged myself up … Continue reading

Why we have eyebrows

Once more, Photoshop teaches us a valuable and emotionally scarring lesson about life. In this case, it’s about why we have eyebrows. Holy CRAP that’s a shocker. On the left, extremely beautiful women looking fabulous. On the right, brain searingly … Continue reading

Some funny fautivationals

In case of fire…

Because you don’t want your last message to the world to be “OMG this building is totally on fire now its on me ow ow fire ow BRB”.

Punching “The Body”

The absolutely epic, awesome tale of how the deadliest sniper in United States history with 255 kills, ended up punching asshole libertarian and former state governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura in the face. Note Opie or Anthony’s hilariously dead on … Continue reading

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