NaNoWriMo 2017 : Chapter 25

They were in love, and they knew it. The oddest of odd couple, the love between the human male and the cartoon bunny boy seemed to go on and on forever. As Bumper introduced Erik to his friends in the … Continue reading

My joke file

Going through my Facebook posts and culling out the good bits. “Hey, can I try some of your chloroform? ” “Sure!” I said. “Knock yourself out. Mixing levels of swearing. : “Well boys, it looks like we’re just gosh darn … Continue reading

Detailed outline for Paragon Episode 1

Philbert and Yellow discover the clean underwear mystery Philbert and Yellow come back to HQ to report about this new case. This involves Philbert, much to Yellow’s chargin, insisting upon stopping and saying hello in every single department,. and voila, … Continue reading

I’m no good at this

Fuck natural talent. Fuck it in the ASS. And I say that as someone who, by most measures, has an absurd amount of it. I was born with a high IQ, I am amply creative and insightful and witty, and … Continue reading

Functions of belief

Picking up where I left off yesterday,  today I am going to examine how belief works in the human mind and attempt to correct some of the seemingly logical assumptions we liberal intellectual types tend to make about it that nevertheless … Continue reading

My metaconscious is defective

I’m serious. The damn thing is out of control. Quick explanation of the term[1] : your metaconscious mind is the part of your mind that monitors what the rest of the mind is doing and intervenes when necessary in orer … Continue reading

20 Fun Things To Do In An Exam You Know You’ll Fail Anyway

20 Fun Things To Do In An Exam You Know You’ll Fail Anyway 1. Instead of the actual answers, answer each question in the form of a highly penetrating and acerbic analysis of the professor’s character flaws and psychological maladjustment, … Continue reading

Ten bullshit issues

I’ve been thinking about public delusions lately and that got me onto the subject of the various forms of moral panics that have gripped the world, faded away, and left people wondering what the heck that was all about. And … Continue reading

The tale of Philip the Ghost

It was like any other seance. People linked hands around a table and assumed a relaxed, open state of mind. . The spiritual medium called out to the spirit world and beckoned a spirit named Philip to come and answer … Continue reading

Ruling by outrage

We have to stop paying attention to the outrageous things Donald Trump does. I’m as addicted as anyone else to his antics. As the exploits of supposed prudes has taught us, you do not have to approve of something in … Continue reading

North Korea is not going to attack

Let’s get real here for a minute, okay? I know, for an fact, that North Korea is never, ever, ever going to fire a nuke at the USA. Ignore the media hype. Refuses join in the scare-yourself game. Detach entirely … Continue reading

The sexual side effect

Remember how I said my writing about my so-far solo sex life would get a lot more explicit in the future? Well this is Phase 1 of that. I am still going to be somewhat oblique but I will still … Continue reading

On necessary belief

There’s two ways to end up believing something. The officially approved method is, of course, science and reason. Collect facts, make deductions, test theories, integrate the results into a comprehensive worldview, and act according to those principles. That works great … Continue reading

Food, motherhood, and tipping

There is a fundamental. urge in human beings to feel and express gratitude to the people who feed us. In a traditional household, this role is filled by the mother, and so within North American society, there is still a … Continue reading

Ten Thing To Remember About Trump

Ten things to remember about Trump : : 1. Remember that Donald Trump will not, in fact, be King of America, whether he knows it or not. 2 Remember that a lot of people still hate Trump’s guts and will … Continue reading

No blog tonight

Too much work to do. Might not be one tomorrow either for reasons.  

Give me one good reason

Let’s talk articulacy. There is a fundamental error in the natural thinking patterns of the highly articulate. Say you’re a highly intelligent and articulate youth. [1] You want to do something exciting and dangerous. Your parents, naturally enough, don’t want … Continue reading

Due to unexpected work volume

There will be not blog post today. Dammit.

How to make a really good sitcom

(Yes, this is schoolwork. Wonderful, glorious schoolwork. ) The sitcom has been around since the golden era of radio, and yet, as an art form, it’s never gotten much respect. People look down at it as one of the lowest … Continue reading

My History exam

Yup, more schoolwork. Last time, I swear. 1) Explain how Canada transitioned into the welfare state during the 20th century. Be sure to identify and explain the significance of key moments, Ironically. Canada’s transition into a modern welfare state was … Continue reading

On Hursthouse And Abortion

(Yes, it’s schoolwork again. Sorry. ) In her article Virtue Theory And Abortion, Rosalind Hursthouse gives a basic introduction to her understanding of virtue ethics, answers some common objections to virtue ethics, then presents her virtue theory analysis of the … Continue reading

The rich are enemies of capitalism

Most of the people today who say they love capitalism really only love the idea of getting rich. A true capitalist, like myself, who only wants what is best for the capitalist economy in which he lives, knows that accumulated … Continue reading

The ultimate eviction

I have decided to do my Canadian History research on the Acadian Expulsion, and it’s one heck of a story. It all started when the British won the Maritimes (or “Acadia”, as it used to be known) from the French. … Continue reading

The morality of opinion

Is having certain opinions inherently immortal? Or are all opinions morally equal and it is actions alone by which right and wrong are judged? We certainly want to judge people’s ethics by their opinions. We want to judge the person … Continue reading

On The Road : My Insufficient Excrement Concentration edition

In other words, my need to get my shit together. Here I am, in my second favorite White Spot (Richmond Center), waiting for my prescriptions to be filled and for my food to arrive. And wondering about my life and … Continue reading

On the Road :The Waiting Room edition

Here I sit, at the beginning of Hour One of my wait to see my GP. And I mean that. I am expecting a one hour wait, minimum. My past history with my GP supports said expectation. It could be … Continue reading

It’s the money, honey!

So my loan for this semester came in, and I now have $4500 in the bank. By my standards, that makes me rich. It is a strange feeling. I am so used to subsistence thinking that any change in that … Continue reading

Now don’t panic…

But I am going to talk about panic tonight. Come on, it’s Therapy Thursday, you knew we would be diving deep. In therapy today, I talked about my proclivity for panic. Not just in the large and obvious way, like … Continue reading

Your economic comfort zone

AKA your economic “it’s only…” line. This zone is easy to define numerically : it is the maximum amount of money a person can spend without thinking about it. The maximum amount they can spend without it “counting”. The most … Continue reading

The Wounded Mind

Today, I am going to explore my model of how functional psychological trauma leads to mental illness. Briefly, my model treats functional psychological trauma as analogous to physical trauma, and posits that the psyche reacts to traumatic events by producing … Continue reading

In the mood

I just got out of History Of Popular Music, and man, I am walking on air, because I am sure I am going to love the fuck out of this course. So thanks, Glouberman. Your total incompetence led me to, … Continue reading

KSS plus one

Holy shit, is this guy a dingbat. I am on break in my Philosophy, Culture, and Identity class and I am extremely unimpressed with the prof. All he has done us babble, ramble, and wander off on tangents. I am … Continue reading

To attract and keep

One of the primary tragedies that humanity seems doomed to replay endlessly involves the difference between what attracts a mate and what makes someone a good mate. Other animal don’t have to worry about that because they are not pair-bonding … Continue reading

On The Road : Knights Of The Old Spaghetti Factory edition

Here I am in the Old Spaghetti Factory at Riverport, about to dig in to my minestrone, fresh from seeing Star Wars : The Force Awakens, anticipating a lovely Italian meal. I feel great. Warning, I AM going to talk … Continue reading

The receptive male

Everybody knows the burdens faced by assertive women in society. They are bucking the very basics of our conception of gender roles, and all of society resists that. The same behaviours that show that you are a go-getter with drive … Continue reading

Have yourself a freaky little Xmas

Today, I thought I would take a break from the usual soulful introspection and share some of my favorite unusual Xmas songs with you nice people. I find they make a refreshing change from the usual array of Xmas songs. … Continue reading

Kill your excuses

Before they kill you. I was talking to a young person the other day, and they mentioned that they felt they had to master the math they would have to take before they went back to college, and that um…. … Continue reading

Happier in Holland

Read this article and see if it doesn’t make you want to move to The Netherlands. Of particular interest to me is the section where it talks about how Dutch mothers are some of the most relaxed mothers in the … Continue reading

What if you can’t fail out?

“Please input fifteen kilograms of Iosis-bearing rock. ” Genever stared at the ship computer’s exterior viewscreen. “Pardon me?” “Please input fifteen kilograms of Iosis-bearing rock. ” said the computer, slightly louder. “Haven’t you figured it out yet? I am never … Continue reading

It’s not over till it’s…. oh.

Journalism class ended early, leaving me with an hour to kill before Psych 1200. So, blogging. I am sure the prof thought he was doing us a favor by ending early, but honestly it is a pain in the ass. … Continue reading

Bullshit versus real environmentalism

HTML Tables BULLSHIT ENVIRONMENTALISM REAL ENVIRONMENTALISM Protests the death of old growth forests, because for some reason the death of trees is sadder if they are old Recognizes that wood is wood and arbitrary age limits on foresting make no … Continue reading

Should the media report suicides?

Should the media report suicides? Yes. Despite the received wisdom and long standing journalistic practice, the benefits of responsible and sensitive reporting of suicides outweigh the dubious “evidence” of suicide contagion. Here’s an overview of the issue. First, I will … Continue reading


Gonna do my best to actually get caught up on my videos today. Got eight left. Seems like a reasonable amount. And when I have caught up, it will be time to start making them again, at least occasionally. I … Continue reading

Intro to Journalism (JOUR 1160) Blog Post (rough draft), On Reporting Suicides

Reference URLs : Guide to Reporting on Suicide The Science Behind Suicide Contagion Robin Williams death: How should the media report a suicide? Suicides After Media Reporting (academic) Suicide Clusters : A reconsideration   Media suicide coverage debated Trisha Cook … Continue reading

Sunday video etc.

This has seriously become the way I deal with needed to blog but not feeling like it or having any idea what to write. I will run out of videos soon, though. Guess I will just have to start making … Continue reading

Video roundup…. ish…. thing

Not feeling inspired tonight, so here’s videos n’ shit. First, we have a thing that blew my mind. In fact, the mind blowing hasn’t ended. I still find it amazing that euphony is so mathematical and simple. Just whole number … Continue reading

Why I hate affirmative action

It started, fittingly enough, in Ideology and Politics class. We were talking about populism versus special interest groups, and somehow that lead the prof to get us to all ready this article from the Post about how Justin should have … Continue reading

You have to produce

It’s true. You have to produce something the world wants. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Or rather, there is, and it’s called welfare, and it sucks. This is the major difference between childhood and adulthood. When … Continue reading

Another video roundup

I swear I will catch up. It’s inevitable. Especially because I have not been making videos at all lately. First, we have one of my experiments in gratuitous mellowness : I love this piece. Definitely one of my better ones. … Continue reading

On the cusp

Waiting for the bus to take me to Kwantlen for Creative Writing class. I added some fake comments to that WordPress site I am working on now. I am still not happy with it. It is so had for me … Continue reading

On The Road : Final Victory edition

Well I finally did it. My master student loan document has been submitted, processed, and approved. Finally, I will be able to receive my student loan. Ten business days from now. I wish I could say that I am surprised, … Continue reading

Thoughts for today

Blogging in class. Everyone else is learning how to use Audacity. I already know how to use Audacity. So, this is me time. Audacity is an audio editing program, and I have used tons of those, going all the way … Continue reading

Hey look at me!

Look at me! I am starting a blog entry while on break in Creative Writing class. Aren’t I emcool?/em Just had a presentation by Deanne Achong, a pretty groovy modern visual artist who does cool modern art like installations, online … Continue reading

The runaway train

The sad thing is, it’s all about control. I have figured out one of the main reasons I don’t send my writings to publishers or the like, and it is because I am afraid. Afraid that if I send stuff … Continue reading

Vcon 2015 Con Report, part 2

(Be glad it’s this. I was originally going to teach you people about brain structures as a form of studying.) Sunday, October 4, 2015 Wow, did I sleep well. Turns out that, at least this one time, alcohol and sleeping … Continue reading

Creative Writing Assignment due October 8

Yup. I am making you people read my homework again. First, 150 words on this website Please don’t judge, I can’t say I liked the site at all. Spending twenty minutes there was a trial. The whole experience was like … Continue reading

Vcon 40 Con Report

Friday, Oct 2 Due to a number of factors beyond my control (like having class until 4 then needing to reg and eat), I wasn’t able to attend any panels this day. I was, however, able to spend a few … Continue reading

On defining consciousness

(This is schoolwork. I have covered this subject before.) In her lecture on October 2, 2015, Doctor Dukewich expressed her feeling that there must be more to consciousness than proton flow, and noted that in a dish of electrically neutral … Continue reading

Somnia deficit redux

Well Martha, I done did it again. I forgot my sleeping pills at home again. And like I say every time it happend, the thing about my sleeping pills is that without them, I don’t sleep. So I decided that … Continue reading

I’m so clever

Too clever for my own good, sometimes. As my Dad would put it, I out-thought myself today. I thought it would be super clever of me to post my revised short stories to this blog, knowing we would be making … Continue reading

Who let me in here?

I demand to see the manager about the declining entry standards. Well, it is 3:40 am, time to blog myself to sleep. Tomorrow, I will have therapy at one and class at 2:30. Although that second part is not certain. … Continue reading

Here comes somnia

Well, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow and I would like to get some sleep, so I figured I would try some of that blog stuff that the kids are into these days and see what happens. … Continue reading

Lack of somnia

It is 4:21 in the morning, and I can’t sleep. Took my sleep meds. Zero effect. Nothing. Tried to tire myself out with a low stimulation game. Dumb idea, no game is low stimulation enough to relax me more than … Continue reading

A sense of deflation

Here I am, at the bus stop, right on time, but I am not on the way to class. That’s because the prof is sick, so class is canceled. I found out via email when I was almost ready to … Continue reading

My favorite songs, Spirituality Edition

Thought I would share some more of my favorite songs of all time with you lovely people, and today, I have a theme. The songs I am sharing with you today are all songs which speak to the spirit of … Continue reading

The Children of Dunning and Krueger

Who are these confident incompetents? That is the question I took away from today’s Psych 1100 class today. We covered the Dunning Kruger Effect, amongst many, many other things, and that got me thinking about it not as an effect … Continue reading

Thursday Video Roundup

Should have done this last Sunday, but I forgot. And it’s 9:37 pm at night, I still have to do a video after this, and so now is the time to go for the somewhat easy option. I will probably … Continue reading

K plus one – done!

As I text input this, Iam sitting in the cafeteria of KPU Richmond, mostly finished with a meal of chicken tenders and friex plus a retarded expensive tiny bottle of Diet Coke (a twoonie and a quarter for 500 ml? … Continue reading

August Video Roundup

Dunno if I will have time to make videos when I am in school, so… this might be the last one for a while. Here’s yet another piece of my goddamned music. Hmmm. Not sure about that Phrase B on … Continue reading

August Video Roundup (part 2 of 3)

Here we go again! First up, more music, of course! How depressing. I remember being so pleased with that piece when I finished it. But listening to it now, it’s not nearly the finely crafted bit of clockwork I thought … Continue reading

Video Roundup for August 2015 (part 1 of 3)

Sorry it’s been so long, should do these more often, not that hard to post a video after I do it, blah blah blah. WARNING : As usual, lots of music, but at least a lot of them have slideshows … Continue reading

Here we are again

I’m going to talk about Mushi-shi again, but don’t worry… you haven’t traveled back in time to yesterday because you are caught in a Groundhog Day loop. I am only going to use it as a jumping off point. I … Continue reading

Loving the weird

As regular readers (hello, you lovely people!) know, I have a rough theory of the common traits of intellectuals. Well recently it has occurred to me that intellectuals share a trait that I didn’t list in my original theory : … Continue reading

About the Amazon thing

I saw this whole thing coming. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it has recently surfaced in the mainstream media that working conditions at these giant Amazon fulfillment centers (basically warehouses where they put your order together … Continue reading

TARDY REVIEW : Rapture Palooza

It just keeps happening. Might not finish this one in one sitting. For some reason, sitting in front of the computer makes me sleepy now. How the fuck did that happen? It’s not like I use the computer before going … Continue reading

Patriarchy and Homosexuality

Patriarchy hates homosexuality and punishes it severely. But have you ever wondered why it hates it so much? Why it feels that homosexuality must be given the biggest disincentives possible? What are they so afraid of? What fuels their persistent … Continue reading

TARDY REVIEW : Seven Psychopaths

Just gonna dash off a few thoughts while I try to get this extremely irritatingly timed allergy attack under control. Damn you, generic Claritin, you’ve failed me again. Let’s see… it’s a very smart, stylish, and dextrous movie, and I … Continue reading

TARDY REVIEW : The Goonies

Another night, another review written in the wee hours of the morning. This could become a thing. Nah. I hate things. So, yup, just now finished watching the Goonies for the first time in my life. It feels good to … Continue reading

TARDY REVIEW : Pacific Rim

(Yes, I am going this at a weird time. I just finished watching the thing so I figured, might as well. Oh, and SPOILERS. Duh. ) That movie was way better than it had to be. I’m serious. Hollywood could … Continue reading

Review of Moribito : Guardian Of The Spirit

Minutes ago, I finished watching the anime series Moribito : Guardian of the Spirit, and so I thought I would capture my impressions of the series while they are fresh in my mind and have not been occluded by the … Continue reading

Feeling really crappy

I won’t lie to ya… I ain’t doin so well right now. For one thing, my computer has decided it just plain can’t run my browser any more. If I try, the screen goes black, and I have no choice … Continue reading

I can do you one better

Today, I’m going to talk about something that lies at the root of much of the evils of the world : one-upmanship, otherwise known as social competition. The most familiar form of this is “keeping up with the Joneses”. The … Continue reading

The soul of bigotry

Usual disclaimer : these are fresh thoughts, so they might not be fully formed yet. Here’s my thesis : in essence, all bigotry boils down to a simple definition : denying individuality via labels. Sexism, racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, ageism, … Continue reading

Life is boring

Bear with me on this one, because the ideas are not fully formed yet. But here goes. The problem with the modern world is that it is boring. This is largely a good thing. Generations before ours have worked hard … Continue reading

Friday video roundup?

Woke up feeling super crappy. So, you guys get caught up on my video output two days early. Huzzah. First up, some freaky ass space music : My playing around with low tempo again. I just can’t resist. Things get … Continue reading

The numbers game

OK. Time to take another crack at the question of people’s relationship with math and numbers. I keep coming back to his subject because it puzzles me. I find it hard to understand why so many people have this strong … Continue reading

Super video blowout EXTRAVAGANZA (part 3 of 3?)

Welcome to what is probably the last installment of the video roundup for now, at least. I sort of miss talking about stuff. Anyhow, on with the show! Of course, we start with music. In case you missed it, and … Continue reading

Super video blowout EXTRAVAGANZA (part 2 of 3)

And the hits just keep on coming. Here’s me being weird and ranting about things nobody else gives a shit about. I look good in natural light. I grew up drinking unsoftened water… in other words, water that had a … Continue reading

Super video blowout EXTRAVAGANZA! (part 1 of three)

As promised, today I will start to “catch you up” on my video output. First of all, we have this little wee rant of mine. That was the night when I had finally gotten so fed up with the wayward … Continue reading

Atheism has failed

Recently, I learned a very interesting fact. It seems that up until the 1970’s, all prominent sociologists and other social thinkers were positive, absolutely positive, that religion was on its way out and, given the steady march of progress, science, … Continue reading

Conservatism is stupidity

It really is that simple. Simple enough for even a conservative to understand. Take absolutely any issue, and you will find that the conservative position is always the stupider one. And by stupid, I mean better suited for stupid people. … Continue reading

The power of harmlessness

Male culture is, even in this enlightened age, highly hierarchical. It’s easy to miss, because it’s not like every male group of friends had uniforms and epaulets. The hierarchy is, amongst peers, entirely informal. But it is also extremely strong, … Continue reading

Beware the minimizer

The self-minimizer, that is. People who minimize others tend to look like this. No, what I am talking about is a psychological tic known as self-minimizing. When a person has low self-esteem (yup, we’re talking about that again), sometimes they … Continue reading

Low self-esteem as a defense machanism

What, exactly, do people get out of having low self-esteem? Because make no mistake : nothing happens within the human mind which does not, in some sense, benefit it. It might be a lousy deal which costs far more than … Continue reading

Feel good food

Author’s Note : I am not talking about comfort food or delicious food. Also, I am going to rant about nutrition again. You hear a lot about what food tastes good, and what food is (supposedly) good for you, but … Continue reading

Sunday Video Roundup

Gonna try to make this a weekly thing. Might make it easier to keep up. Now, let’s see how many videos I have made since the last time I did this…. wow. 15. Eep. Better get down to it, then! … Continue reading

The paradox of irreducible complexity within a democratic state

Nifty title, eh? Bet a paper with that title would get someone funding. Okay, here’s the problem. The further the modern world continues to grow, expand, specialize, and deepen, the more human knowledge is being applied than ever before. This … Continue reading

To me, there is no difference

To me, all science deniers are the same. To me, there is no difference between someone who thinks God created the Universe in seven days, and someone who think the Great Mother or Mother Nature created it in the Cosmic … Continue reading

Diary of a Supervillain, part 2

Still no word about the fate of my friend “Toby”. I have made a few connections among the staff here (being able to help them with their children’s homework helps) and when they know something about how he is doing … Continue reading

Privacy, paranoia, and superstition

For the most part, privacy concerns operate as superstitions. They have to, because the harm involved is such an ephemeral thing. They exist in a very abstract area of the mind that it is nearly impossible to apprehend rationally. It … Continue reading

Darkness and fire

I am really depressed right now. No mytery as to why… I have had some unique stressors lately. If my ATC was low last week at this time, it’s buried the needle at E today. The main stressor lately is … Continue reading

About the Charleston Massacre

Here we go again. As one would expect to happen in the wake of a senseless act of brutality, the modern media beehive is abuzz with talk about this latest incident of that peculiarly American specialty, the mass shooting. Yes, … Continue reading

On The Road : Reluctance is Resistance edition

Really didn’t feel like doing my White Spot thing today. The last few days have been quite emotionally draining for me, and that left my reservoir of ATC (Ability To Cope) at drought level lows. But fuck that shit. The … Continue reading

My own strength

I am really afraid of what will hapen to people if they get too close to me, or I to them. And I have no idea how reasonable a fear that is. But it is very strong. I don’t want … Continue reading

What I know about Guardians

Okay. Let’s do this. My name is Ichigo Natsumori, but most people call me Itch. It suits me. I’ve always been a restless, twitchy type. Like I’ve always got an itch that I can’t figure out to scratch. In a … Continue reading

0n The Road : Habits and Compulsions edition

Trying out a folding keyboard I got with this tablet today. Still nowhere near full sized, but the keys give me physical feedback and it is laid out like a normal computer keyboard, so that makes it better than the … Continue reading

On the Road : Hyperactivity Edition

Is there such a thing as mild ADHD? From what I have seen in the media, t seems like an all or nothing thing. Anything less than the full set of symptoms is something else. And I have never emheard/em … Continue reading

Sarcastic Slideshow 15

On The Road : Sessile Crustacean edition

Well, once more I forgot that this tablet isn’t on Shaw Open yet, and so I am once more sans Internet. Life for the absentminded truly is a comedy of errors. Ha ha…ha. Oh well. It is a lovely day … Continue reading

On The Road : Big Bad Tablet edition

Well, here I am at the Richmond Centre White Spot, coming to you for the first time via my new (to me) bigger tablet. Sort of. Technically, I am typing this into a text file which I will paste into … Continue reading

On The Road : I Made It edition

Yup. I made it. I am sitting here at my favorite White Spot, waiting for my Chicken Caesar Wrap, and feeling good about being out and about. Food is here. Yum. I am a little worried about my health. I … Continue reading

On The Road : Fuzzy edition

Heya people! writing you a short note ftom the lobby of the hotel hosting the tail end of Vancouverfur 2015. I have had a ton of fun, and I am pretty tired right now. In fact, I ead worried that … Continue reading

The Tribal Organization

{EDITOR’S NOTE : I have covered this subject before in this space, but it came up again on Facebook today and I realized I had more to say about it, hence today’s topic. } We humans are a tribal lot. … Continue reading

Fru reviews what he views

Catchy title. Maybe I will make it a regular thing. (Probably not. I’m inherently irregular. ) Today I finished watching Justice League : Doom, an animated feature from the DC universe. To someone of my age and media habits, it … Continue reading

Fru versus the phone

I have a pretty big problem with the phone. I am not sure when it started. I certainly don’t recall having any phone related issues as a kid. In fact, like a lot of kids, I found answering the phone … Continue reading

How to make sure your murderer gets caught

Now, obviously, nearly all of us would prefer not to be murdered. Most people, given the choice, prefer living to dying, plus there’s always the chance that being murdered will leave an appalling mess of some kind and nobody looks … Continue reading

Kiss it better

Last night, I posted this to Facebook : OUT : Calling it the “placebo effect”. IN : Calling it the “kiss it better effect”. Remember how much better you felt after your mama kissed your boo-boo better? Well that is … Continue reading

Myths of brutality

Brutality is predictable in its expression. It always comes from the same sources and the same motivations. Tonight, I want to examine those. So I will! 1. Brutality makes you strong This is one of the many myths created by … Continue reading

On The Road : Oops Whatever edition

Yup, I am in my new favorite White Spot in Richmond Center. My old favorite was the one at 3 Road and Ackroyd, but that is like four whole blocks from here. What am I, a Sherpa? My original motive … Continue reading

You are not a libertarian

There’s a lot of people walking around free these days under the patently obvious delusion that they are small government libertarians who believe in a highly restrained, pared down government in order to maximize freedom. Tonight, I thought I would … Continue reading

On The Road : Cha Ching Edition

You can probably deduce what has transpired. I have cashed La Cheque, and I am sitting in my local White Spot, eating and very slowly virtual keyboard typing to you nice folks. My food arrived like right away so I … Continue reading

The old and the new

Been thinking about the roots of our politics lately. Basically, I have decided that the root cause of conservatism is neophobia. This is often but not always due to age. As we get older, our minds lose elasticity just like … Continue reading

Suddenly, I’m blogging

This blgo entry will be somewhat hurried, as things have gotten slightly… complicated. See, Joe is sick. Poor Joe. He has gotten one of those throat infections to which he is prone, and so has not been at work yesterday … Continue reading

On The Road : I Have Drugs edition

Well, here I am in my second favorite White Spot, relaxing after a slightly harrowing morning. I do have my drugs, but I had to go a whole extra two blocks to Shoppers for them. My usual pharmacy is closed … Continue reading

Loyalty versus morality

I’ve been watching Star Trek : Into Darkness today (only half way through, so no spoilers) and it brings up certain issues that are a perennial problem for me, so I thought I would give that bone another gnawing today. … Continue reading

Welfare versus prison

People think of welfare and other forms of social assistance to the poor as somehow socialist. But it is my contention that they are actually a beautiful example of the efficiency of a capitalist society. And one only needs to … Continue reading

The two kinds of honor

There are two meanings to the term “honor” as used in modern society. One is the summation of all the traditionally male virtues. A man (or woman) of honor holds true to a very strict code of conduct that accepts … Continue reading

The ethical traitor

Yup. I’m talking about whistleblowers again. But more than just them. I am talking about all the ethical traitors out there. The people who, through the power of their convictions and the sense that something terribly wrong is going on … Continue reading

A few smaller subjects

I have a few idea in my notes that aren’t quite big enough for a whole article, so I thought I would deal with them tonight. The Emotional Roots of Heroism People often wonder what makes a person into a … Continue reading

Why you can’t stop doing that

Society today is riddled with destructive compulsions. There are just so many ways in which people feel helpless to stop doing something they do not want to do. Whether it’s overeating, yelling at your kids, mercilessly driving for success, or … Continue reading

The sexual anatomy of childhood

The question before us is this : what, exactly, is the sexuality of a child? What does the prepubescent sexuality look like? How much of what we think of as adult sexuality is in fact present our entire lives? What … Continue reading

Are you an intellectual?

We intellectuals are a strange breed, and one of our foremost peculiarities is a tendency for neurotic self-doubt. Our restlessly inquisitive minds lead us to vistas unknown and give us wizard-like powers in the mental realm, but the other edge … Continue reading

How to be magic

Today, I am going to teach you all how to be magic. That is, how to seem like a wizard to those around you, with otherworldly abilities beyond the comprehension of the merely mortal. But this has nothing to do … Continue reading

The secular mystic

Mysticism mystifies me. Having been raised without religion, I have no direct experience of it. I have no faith, in the classical sense of the world. I have beliefs based on chains of reasoning I find satisfactory. Faith is another … Continue reading

The social perspective of the dependent poor

I belong to a very special, very small category of people : being unable to work, I am dependent on the province of British Columbia, where I live, to support me. From the point of view of someone ground down … Continue reading

The Myth of “Hard Times”

Over and over again, the media mouthpieces of the corporate oligarchy tell us that we are in “tough economic times” and that “things are tough all over”. And we just take their word for it. They flash some impressively byzantine … Continue reading

The ethics of science fiction

I have tried to tackle this issue before but never got satisfactory results. Tonight, I will take another crack at it. First of all, I need to clarify just what we are talking about. I am not talking about the … Continue reading

Safety in numbers

I have had thoughts about the sort of people who hate math (versus those who hate English class) and qualitative versus quantitative thinking running around in my head again lately. I think it would be fair to say that there … Continue reading

Dear Extroverted People

Dear Extroverted People, I’m an introvert. But amongst introverts, I’m a bit of an extrovert, so I thought I would take it upon myself to address you and try, in my own way, to bridge the gap. I know you … Continue reading

Turn down your high beams

Another thing that came up during yesterday’s therapy session is my intensity. It is another facet of my struggle to understanf just what sort of effect I have on people. I have been lost in the cave of echoes for … Continue reading

Learning to empathize

Yesterday I talked about the classroom effect (as named by dear Felicity) which causes those of us of a nerdish hue to respond to any question as though we were in an oral exam and would be graded on the … Continue reading

The New Beat

I think I am adjusting to the new way my brain works. This freshly reintegrated brain of mine is taking some getting used to. Everything is so much denser and richer now. Emotions are stronger, intuition is deeper, thoughts move … Continue reading

On The Road, Between Two Doctor Edition

So here I am in White Spot, writing on the tablet in the space between my therapist appointment and one with my GP. Just overheard : “Triple O sauce all pver my face…” I don’t have a lot of time, … Continue reading

The magnifying glass

Originally, I was going to talk about the shit going down in the Ukraine today, but I am too upset. Sufficeth to say, I am super fucking angry at Putin and Russia right now. IMPERIALISM IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. … Continue reading

Do we have a need for something to fear?

Sorry, Bear, but I got idea to blog. I have been getting into podcasting lately, having added a “podcatcher” (what a cute name!) to the many apps on my tablet. And one of the first things I did was get … Continue reading

All this steam

(Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Bear and his predicament. But today was a therapy day, and you know what that means. Time to stick a USB connector into my limbic system and press PRINT. ) I talked with my … Continue reading

Rumbling down below

I was going to write tonight’s entry from the big computer, but I am receiving worrying communiques from my nether regions and so I thought I would be safer lying down with the fan blowing to cool my fevered brow. … Continue reading

A slightly different view

Giving blogging from the living room a try. How exotic! Blogging from my couch in the living room instead of sprawled out on my bed or sitting in front of the big computer. It is downright tragic how big a … Continue reading

Friday Science Wahooni, October 25, 2013

Hey there science fans! It’s time for another big week of big stories about big science! Just five stories for you this week. It’s been a relatively slow week for science, and to be quite honest, that is a bit … Continue reading

Out of sync

Oy, what a day. Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to sync up with reality and so it feels like you are constantly running to try and catch up with it? A fool’s game, surely. … Continue reading

Saturday Linksplosion #1

I am besieged by awesome links today. Let the battle for freedom begin! This looks like it could be amusing, if you’re not arachnophobic. Obviously, these people are not taking themselves seriously and the whole thing fit neatly into the … Continue reading

Friday Science Genechdenezoink, October 18, 2013

Hey there folks! Got another bumper crop of science for you, so let’s dig in! As usual, we will be talking about brains, energy, tissue engineering, and miscellaneous cool stuff. Random Cool Stuff First off, a story just too damned … Continue reading

Friday Science HOLYSHIT, October 11, 2013

Sorry for the expletive, but after taking a week off, I have a LOT of science stories to sift through this week. 22, as a matter of fact. So I hope you folks appreciate what I do for you when … Continue reading

Friday Night Special : The Deal with Human Rights

It is a seemingly mundane and everyday world that a lot of people use without really thinking about it and hence, use it wrong. But once you understand what it truly means, you begin to truly understand the humanist endeavor.

Friday Science Bamboozle, September 27, 2013

Welcome back, my nerdlings. Come, bask in science awesomeness! Can you say “Oops”? First up, errata. Seems that story I did last week about them finding alien stuff in the upper upper atmosphere was just a bunch of hot air. … Continue reading

The Deal With Logic

Today’s vid. A talker. I tried to do it WØRD style, but I think I prefer having the text appear on the whole screen. It has more visual impact and visual impact is the whole reason I put text on … Continue reading

Friday Science Ragamuffin, September 20, 2013

This week we are doing the Top Ten Science Stories Of The Week! (there was just too much cool stuff to cut it down tot he usual 6 or 7!) 10. and 9. An extraterrestrial twofer?? Not one but two … Continue reading

Friday Science Wallawallabingbang, September 6, 2013

Wow, another week has barreled by like a frictionless train and we are back to share all kinds of wonders from the world of science with you, the fortunate few. Tonight, we have lasers, solar death beams, mega-canyons, miracle cures, … Continue reading

Faith and Fanaticism

Today’s video is about the diving line between faith and fanaticism. Here it is : I seem to have discovered a rich vein of insight with this line of thinking, so I will continue to explore the topic in this … Continue reading

Friday Science Granfaloon, August 30, 2013

This week, we start with a subject unhealthily close to my heart, obesity. The Obesity Era The article is loaded with fascinating news from the bleeding edge of obesity theory (a lot of things make you fat, not just low … Continue reading

Friday Science Metahuman, August 23, 2013

SCIENCE! Thousands of it. Let’s go, shall well? Nicotine exposure in the womb leads to addiction susceptibility as an adult. A recent study found that rats exposed to nicotine in the womb were far more likely to become adult rats … Continue reading

Tardy Review : Session 9

I review another old movie that nobody cares about any more.

Feels like a Sunday

Sometimes, days feels like other days. Today, despite being quite firmly a Tuesday, it feels like a Sunday to me. Not sure why, really. It just feels Sunday-ish out, I suppose. Mind you, the weather is fabulous. It’s a quiet … Continue reading

Dicks n’ things

Blah blah, buncha stuff, yadda yadda, mine at the end. First we have this rather awesome trailer for a documentary. I am amazed that I did not know Bill Clinton had a little person in his Cabinet before now. And … Continue reading

The limits of truth

All my life, for as long as I can remember, I have had a burning desire to know the truth. It is one of my deepest passions, and for most of that time, the dominant one as well. I felt … Continue reading

Friday night special : A Potential Mystery

Wow, even tonight’s video is about science!

Friday Science Kalamazoo, August 16, 2013

It’s science time again folks! Time to warm up the Science Machine and climb on board for a tour of six of the coolest and most interesting science stories of the week! So take a seat, remember to keep your … Continue reading

Friday Night Special : Masochism

Sounds kinky, right? Well it’s not. Well, maybe just a little. I explain masochism. Maybe I will take on sadism next.

Friday Science Hoosegow, August 9, 2013

Finally! We’re back with all that wonderful science that has been piling up over the last few weeks. Truth be told, your science reporter is not at his best today, and was tempted to skip yet another week of wonderful, … Continue reading

Friday Science Variable, July 26, 2013

Another hot summer week has slithered past us and it is once more time to delve into the deep, wonderful caves of knowledge and go spelunking for science. We have our usual half-dozen delights this week, including a world changing … Continue reading

Enough of more

My vid will be at the end, as usual. But first we have this happy story about a Canadian employee of Whole Foods who decided to go out in a blaze of verbal glory by penning a simply glorious “fuck … Continue reading

Friday Night Special, July 19

It’s another goofy one.

Friday Science Whoozawhatsit, July 19, 2013

Back to science! It feels good to be back, folks. We have six scintillating stories of science and the search for knowledge to cover tonight, so let’s get seated comfortably, open our minds up all the way, and let the … Continue reading

Vertigo, misogyny, and cable

Hi there. My name is Mike but most people call me Fruvous. Pleased to meet you. Last few days have been decent. Still seems to be my destiny to feel like utter crap for an hour or two a day, … Continue reading

Friday Science Rah Rah Rah, July 5, 2013

Hey there science lovers! We have another big bang boom bounty of beautiful science to share with you happy learners today, including two men cured of AIDS, oxygen on Mars, an explosion of planets, lava on ice, the coolest cast … Continue reading

Friday Science Cumberbatch, June 28, 2013

Here we are again, whang ban kerpow, at Science Day! I have a basket of science goodies for you, Grandma, and they can keep use safe from those Big Bad Wolves of ignorance and boredom. So let’s open up this … Continue reading

Friday Science Wonderfulness, June 21, 2013

OH MY GOD the amount of amazing science stories that came along this week! Narrowing it down to just six from a field of twenty has been exhausting. First off, a rare thing for this column : a video. Now … Continue reading

Friday Science Constabulary, June 14, 2013

Hey there science fans, and welcome to another edition of Friday Science Whatever. I must warn you, I am going to cheat a little and include a Ted talk in with the usual science articles. Don’t get me wrong, it’s … Continue reading

Friday Science Funkadelia, April 7, 2013

It’s SCIENCE TIME, kids! So boot up your tablets, stick your earphones in your ear holes, drink your Special Science Drink (With Extra Science), put your amazing Thinking Cap of Science on, and get ready for some of the coolest … Continue reading

The truth about liberalism

Is that it works. Period. The historical record of the last 30 years proves it. When liberals are in charge, things get better. When conservatives rule, things get worse. And we are not just talking better for the poor or … Continue reading

Friday Science Nanoparticle, Friday May 31, 2013

Hard to believe that another wacky yet wonderful week has gone by already! But here we are at yet another jolly holly Science Day, and here I am with another brace of science stories to march across your mind and … Continue reading

Friday Science Tintinabulation, May 24, 2013

Another week has flown past like a flock of tiny birds in a heck of a hurry, and that means it is time once again for our weekly dose of the Friday Science Whatever. It was rough, picking just six … Continue reading

Friday Science Concentration, May 17, 2013

Guess what, science fans! It’s SCIENCE TIME again! And this time, we will be doing our science roundup in two parts : non brain science, and…. …wait for it, wait for it… ….actual brain science. No extra points for getting … Continue reading

Friday Science Fing Fang Foom, May 10, 2013

Hey there science fans! We are back with yet another Friday column jam packed with all (well, OK, most) if the hottest, coolest, awesome-est science stories from the past week! Owing to a new high tech and brilliant (OK, low … Continue reading

Our two brains

Thanks to faithful correspondent William Graham, who shared this link with me, tonight I will be talking about that whole split brain thing that got me so annoyed earlier this week. But I will be doing it based not on … Continue reading

The Miser Paradox

Let me tell you about the Miser Paradox. We will use that archetype of all misers, Ebeneezer Scrooge. Here is a man whose every waking moment is devoted to the acquisition of wealth. This pursuit has twisted his once gentle … Continue reading

Friday Science Mishigas, May 3, 2013

Welcome back to another sizzling hot edition of the Friday Science Whatsit. It is a simply gorgeous day out here at Science Central. The sky is bluish, the sun is shining bright, the air is filled with that heavenly fresh … Continue reading

Fat people, doctors, and me

Today’s springboard is this article about the fate of fat people in the medical system. Unsurprisingly (sadly), the news is not good. There are now studies proving that fat people get less encouragement and empathy from doctors, and this may … Continue reading

The snobbery of teachers

Yup. You guessed it. I am going to link to a TED talk then talk about education. This is a particularly wonderful speaker named Sir Ken Robinson, and he calls for a revolution. Isn’t he delightful? Charming, funny, self-effacing, and … Continue reading

By the numbers

Another day, another education-themed TED talk. And this time, it’s all about math! This Conrad Wolfram fellow thinks we put too much emphasis on teaching kids to do math by hand when what is truly important is to teach them … Continue reading

What you can learn from Khan

What can you learn from Khan? Turns out, damned near anything. First, let’s get this out of the way. I am not talking about this guy : Nor am I talking about this guy : No, I am talking about … Continue reading

Friday Science Thrombosis, April 26, 2013

Hey there all you bright little stars twinkling in the vast dark firmament of science! Time for another edition of your favorite science roundup, the Friday Science Whatever. I am afraid I might not be shining so bright myself this … Continue reading

Friday Science Shanana, April 19, 2013

Exactly one month till I am 40. Nuuuuu! Anyhow, hi there science fans! Time for the latest edition of that Friday Science Thing. We have a passel (whatever that is) of scientific awesomeness to explore and play with today, so … Continue reading

An entire whack of stuff!

We have a metric whack of stuff to get through today and I am in a bit of a rush, so let’s jump in. First off, something that I think is righteous cool : the entire run of 80’s science … Continue reading

Friday Science Doppelganger, April 12, 2013

Hey there science fans! No cutesy framing device this week, because I am quit frankly not in the mood. I have a sinus headache right now and it has me feeling tense, restless, and grumpy. I have taken a Reactine … Continue reading

Friday Science Apothecary, April 5, 2013

Congratulations, you are a winner! You have won a fabulous showcase of science stories sure to please even the most demanding critic! These gifts come straight from the manufacturer and are provided for promotional consideration. Note that some portions of … Continue reading

Friday Science Whatsoever, March 29, 2013

Hidey ho, neighbors! We here at the Scienceville Welcome Wagon are pleased as particularly pleased punch to welcome you to out picturesque little town and I will be glad to give you the grand tour of the neighborhood and introduce … Continue reading

Friday Science Cattywampus, March 22, 2013

And with a mighty screeching of well-worn tires and a gigantic whispery hiss of escaping hydraulic fluid like a Leviathan of a whale blowing offshore, the Science Bus pulls up to take us lucky science loving tourists on another tour … Continue reading

Vancoufur 2013 Con Report : Sunday, March 3

9:00 AM : Another sleepless night. I am awake but unsteady. I get it, Life. I should have remembered to bring my damned sleeping pills. Lesson learned. Now can you stop punishing me with headaches and nausea and the feeling … Continue reading

Vancoufur 2013 Con Report : Saturday, March 2

9 AM : Officially awake after a sleepless night of watching TV and cursing myself for having forgotten my sleeping pills back in Richmond. See, my sleeping pills work great. They do not force you to sleep, they just make … Continue reading

Vancoufur 2013 Con Report : Friday, March 1

(After two weeks of forgetting to do this, then remembering, then forgetting again, I am finally getting around to writing the convention report that I was totally going to write the day after we got back. ) 2:00 PM : … Continue reading

Friday Science Oingoboingo, March 15, 2013

Hey there science fans! It is the Ides of March, and while it would be far outside the proper use of a science column to tell you to beware some arbitrary date invented by Shakespeare, it still could not hurt … Continue reading

Church without God

Contradiction in terms, right? Maybe not. I recently came across this article about the rise of atheist churches, and it really got me thinking. First, full disclosure time, I am secretly a hyper-intelligent octopus. (Well, no, but could you imagine?) … Continue reading

Friday Science Sarcophagus, March 8, 2013

Wow, hard to believe that it’s already been a week since I took off for VancouFur. Where does the time go? Anyhow, now I’m back, and it feels good. Got a freaking ton of awesome scienceness to share with you … Continue reading

Intelligence versus sophistication

I have been pondering a potentially useful distinction lately, and today is the day I have decided that I should probably put some of it down somewhere. And seeing as it’s Writing O’Clock, that place would be here, and that … Continue reading

Friday Science Wakanda

Guess who has been watching Black Panther : The Animated Series lately? Anyhoo, heya science fans, and welcome to another edition of the Friday Science Whatever, where I rustle up some of the most brain buzzingly cool science stories for … Continue reading

Friday Science Snowmobile, February 15, 2013

It is a heck of a day to be a science writer, even one as lazy and unfunded as I am. I will, of course, be getting to the really big news about space objects and Russia eventually, but I … Continue reading

Friday Science Shenanigans, February 8, 2013

Hey there folks! A darn good Friday to you all, and welcome to another week’s nag of science goodies thanks to the candy factory that is the Friday Science Whatever. Got four big creamy scoops of science ice cream for … Continue reading

Is sensitivity a choice?

Normally, my inherent sense of timing keeps me from tipping off my thesis in the title of the article, but this time, it seemed appropriate. And we will get to the subject of sensitivity versus choice in a moment, but … Continue reading

Friday Science Paprika

And just like that, it’s Friday again. That week just seemed to blink by, didn’t it? Why, it seems like only yesterday that it was Thursday. Hmm, maybe that isn’t so mysterious after all. Welcome back to the Friday Science … Continue reading

Friday Science Credenza, January 25, 2013

2013, ick. And is it just me, or does it feel like it’s been way more than a month since Christmas? And yet here it is, the 25th of January, exactly one month since Xmas 2012. Calendars don’t lie. Subjective … Continue reading

So which is it?

There is a question that every person of above-average intelligence (we will call such people “intellectuals” for the purpose of this article) has to resolve for themselves, and it is deceptively simple but its implications run deep into the very … Continue reading

External Lies Inc

Been brooding on the issue of externalizing emotions today. It is clear that, for mental health as well as physical, there needs to be a healthy amount of expression of emotions. It is my feeling that for human beings, every … Continue reading

Friday Science Gastropod

Hey there hi there ho there, science fans! Here it is, Friday during a picturesque winter sunset, and that means it must be time for me to once more tip the vessel of science and pour out it multifarious bounty … Continue reading

Friday Science Autogyro, January 11, 2013

Ugh. That is the first time I have had to type the year 2013. Such an ugly year. Anyhow, hey there hi there ho there, science fans! Time for another installment of everyone’s favorite science bulletin, the Friday Science Whatever, … Continue reading

Friday Science Electroencephalograph

It was the first absurd sounding long word that popped into my head, okay? Plus, we owe a lot to the now fairly antique seeming electroencephalograph. Sure, in this era of realtime brain activity mapping via the fMRI, all the … Continue reading

Friday Science Returns!

Let the drums crash and the trumpets blare! Science returns to these pages, and it is about time, too. This is the last Friday in December, and the whole excuse reason that I was skimping on the science this month … Continue reading

Death of the Innocent

Well, I guess I am going to talk about the Connecticut massacre after all. Normally, I don’t talk about these things right away. I prefer to address them when the pain, horror, and fear have died down a little, and … Continue reading

Friday Science Geegaw, October 26, 2012

Man, what a week in science. WAY too many cool science stories to cover, so I am going to have to steel myself and take the weakest ones out behind the barn and put them down. OK, maybe that is … Continue reading

Friday Science Weregild, October 19, 2012

SCIENCE! Isn’t it awesome? There is a reason I dedicate one seventh of my blog entries to science news, and that is because I absolutely love science. At one point I thought I might become a professional scientist, but then … Continue reading

Tuesday Newsday, October 16, 2012

Yay, I remembered to do one of these this time! This, despite this being a pretty lousy day for me. I am in the “drought” phase of my sleep cycle, it seems. I want to sleep, but I just can’t … Continue reading

Superstition versus Religion

Well, I am totally bored with talking about myself again, so let’s get into some philosophy. Superstition and religion have a long and fruitful association. Rather hilariously, one of the results of the Enlightenment was that religious institution like the … Continue reading

Friday Science Conjunction, October 12, 2012

Here we are at another page in science history, and despite going through a period of not being able to sleep well even with the aid of powerful drugs, here I am. I am serious, my sleep has been crap … Continue reading

Friday Science Juggernaut (Bitch), October 5, 2012

Hidey ho, neighbors, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Science Whatever. We have some neato keen science stories for you this week, along with some extra bits, because hey… I love you people. Though honestly, I wish … Continue reading

Friday Science Brouhaha, September 28, 2012

Here is it, another funky fresh and fabulous Friday, and holy Hannah, what a week it has been for us science loving types. I have so many awesome science stories that I really could pull a Newsday and do two … Continue reading

Too much damn news!

In other words, I got so many interesting news stories taking up valuable browser space that I just have to keep the headlines flowing around here. Think of today’s blog entry as Tuesday Newsday, Part II : Overflow. The Best … Continue reading

Tuesday Newsday, September 25, 2012

Wow, Tuesday again already. Feels like it should still be Sunday. Well, that is what happens when my bizarre sleep cycle dictates that I sleep all day. I end up missing a lot of time. Oh well, at least I … Continue reading

Friday Science Interocitor, September 21, 2012

Hey there science fans! Our science cup overfloweth, so we are going to jump right in without the usual brouhaha. (NOTE : Next week, “Friday Science Brouhaha”. ) First up, a story that almost made it into last week’s column … Continue reading

Tuesday Newsday : Bad Times For The One Percent

Another Tuesday rolls around and it is time to clear more news type links from my Chrome window. Still wish Chrome had tab grouping like Firefox does, but for now, I am enjoying it simply not crashing as much or … Continue reading

Friday Science Phantasmagoria, September 7, 2012

Well, here it is, one quarter of a lunar rotation later, and time for more awesome science. First off, my own personal science : Last night, I took my first dose of Quetiapine, and let me tell ya, that stuff … Continue reading

News on a Tuesday

Or should that be Tuesday Newsday? Oh god, that sounds like another regular feature. I swear, I set out to keep things loose and format free in order to allow for the maximum scope of self-expression, and yet somehow, order … Continue reading

Roughhousing 2 : Bullying

This article is a followup to yesterday’s thoughts about the role of rough play, and will hopefully clarify and extend the points made there. I realized I wandered quite far afield in yesterday’s piece, so I figured I ought to … Continue reading

Thursday Link Thump, August 30, 2012

I figured “link thump” sounded better than “link dump”, because eww. Thursday again. Seems like only yesterday it was… Wednesday. (But a different one than actual yesterday). May or may not have people coming over tonight. Getting a little tired … Continue reading

Friday Science Consolidation, August 24, 2012

Welcome, welcome one and all to the latest (for now) edition of my Friday Science Whatever, wherein I vent some of my gushing and frankly slightly more than sane enthusiasm for all the latest and greatest (or sometimes just the … Continue reading

Friday Science Whoozit, August 17, 2012

Ever so much science this week. So without further ado… 3..2..1… CONTACT! Starting as usual with the most harmless and friendly of the back, we have scientists who have reach the highest possible resolution for laser printing : 100,000 DPI. … Continue reading

Friday Science Ragamuffin, August 10, 2012

Hey there hi there ho there, Arduinos! Here we are on yet another beautiful summer day in August, with the breeze teasing the leaves where the birdies whistle in the trees and gorgeous sunshine everywhere. I am telling you, the … Continue reading

Thursday Linkshare Apalooza, August 9, 2012

I have a browser stuffed with stuff to share, and I do not really feel like squeezing more blood from my heart onto the page tonight, so let’s just get right down to it. Here is a bit of modern … Continue reading

Friday Science Constellation, August 3, 2012

I will not talk about how subjectively recent the last entry seems. Instead, let’s talk science! Been a pretty good week for cool science stuff and I am happy to my writing all about it on this lovely August evening. … Continue reading

Friday Science Snuffleupagus, July 27, 2012

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record[1], but wow that week went fast. Hell, the whole month feels like it has galloped past at breakneck speed, and boy does that make a fella feel old. Now … Continue reading

TED : Steven Pinker, The Myth of Violence

Whaddaya know, it’s TED Talk talk time again. Saw this one just a few minutes ago and loved it so much that I just had to share it will you nice people, and share what I thought about it, and … Continue reading

TED : Stroke of Insight

Time for another TED Talk talk! This time it is about one of my all time favorite subjects amongst all my eclectic grab bag of interests, brain science. Neurology. The science of the MIND! Hey, when you live between your … Continue reading

Friday Science Tintinabulation, July 20, 2012

Another seven days has passed in this hot and steamy summer season, and it is finally time to open up yet another can of whoop-ass knowledge on your collective buttocks…. of science! Luckily, the summer heat has not quite parboiled … Continue reading

Video clips, July 16, 2012

Here are some videos I have come across recently. Surprise : only ONE is a TED talk! First off, we have this charming clip of an adorable nerd girl and her amazing journey to complete a pretty daunting and impressive … Continue reading

Friday Science Amalgamation, July 13, 2012

It’s a very spooky Friday the 13th! Actually, it is not even vaguely spooky. It has been a lovely summer day except for a few moody gray moments to keep us on our toes, not a single particularly unlucky thing … Continue reading

Friday Science Fustercluck, July 6, 2012

Hey there science fans! It is the July, and that means it is Summer, which means I get to see nice sunny days out the window of my lonesome garret, which is always nice. I love sunshine, despite the fact … Continue reading

The tipping point of happy

First off, a TED talk : Loved this one. Much genuine wisdom (backed up by hard science, even!), hilarious self-effacing humour, a charmingly candid speaker who looks a little like Caroline Rhea, and of course, much food for thought. First … Continue reading

The human race has no brain

Did you know that the human race has no brain? It’s true. Humanity has no brain whatsoever. Human beings have brains. One per, in fact. But the species itself has no brain. This might seem a trifle obvious, stated baldly … Continue reading

Friday Science Homonculus, June 15, 2012

Finally, here we are with another edition of the Friday Science Thang. Ever had one of those days where you set out to do something, but other things keep popping up like random monster encounters in a cheap JRPG, and … Continue reading

And now, the news (Dead Pedo edition)

Got some interesting news stories to gab on today, so let’s get down to it, boppers! The Rise Of The Concierge There is an interesting story about the rise of companies offering concierge services to the super wealthy in London … Continue reading

Friday Science Doohickey, June 8, 2012

At the speed of life, we have once more returned to where we started on this merry merry-go-round of time we call the Friday Science Whatever. I have four hip hot stories to share with my science loving public today, … Continue reading

re : The Paradox of Choice

Once more, a TED talk has inspired me to write about it, and this particular one is a very excellent examination of a topic I find absolutely fascinating : how past a certain point, having more options makes people less … Continue reading

Bachelorettes In Prison!

Oh wait, that should be bachelorettes AND prison. My bad. There are two articesl hanging around my browser looking bored and wondering when I will get around to commenting on them, and today I decided to give in to the … Continue reading

Friday Science Hoojamajigger, June 1, 2012

Well here we are, the first day of June, the month of weddings and school year endings and the Summer Solstice, that longest day of the year when officially goes from Spring to Summer and all the little kiddies get … Continue reading

Let’s talk Big History

I just finished watching this TED Talk via Netflix, and it filled me with such marvelous wonder and inspiration that I just had to write about it. (Look, Ma, I am following an inspiration all the way into action!) The … Continue reading

Catching up again

Good golly, Miss Molly, I have spent so much time talking about my problems lately that I have a browser positively swamped with cool share-able content to unload today. Like, how about this completely awesome picture? A little girl encounters … Continue reading

Friday Science Polymer, May 18, 2012

It’s a well-established scientific fact : it’s my 39th birthday tomorrow! It will be the official start of the last year in which I vaguely deserve to be alive, so I better make the most of it. And you know … Continue reading

Basket of Goodies

Here we are on another Thursday night, browser heavy with share-worthy content for you lovely people to enjoy as we roll into the weekend. Fun fact : this Saturday is my 39th birthday! And now, for the goodies. First off, … Continue reading

More random content!

Another day, another buckload of good stuff to share, so let’s get at it! We will start with this little observational gem : Possibly a little unfair, but still pretty funny. For me, it is the Starbucks that sells the … Continue reading

Friday Science Whatzit, May 11, 2012

Another Friday whizzes into view like a perky anime robot companion, and with it comes a great boatload of cool and freaky science stories. So let’s bust them out and let them loose on your brains and mine! Blue Seed … Continue reading

Too much stuff!

This is getting to be a Thursday “thing”, isn’t it? Damn. I am a writer, I am supposed to be creative and unpredictable. Yet no matter what, order and stability always emerge from the chaos. I am pretty sure there … Continue reading

Friday Science Aggregate, April 27, 2012

Got five, count’em, five hot science stories for you this week, so I am gonna just jump right in. Magic Door Unlock Would it not be cool if all the important doors of your life seemed to just magically recognize … Continue reading

Friday Science Conglomeration, April 20, 2012

Once more, it is Friday. And exactly seven days after the last one, too. That can’t be a coincidence. Something must be up. It as been a pretty awesome week for science, judging by the sheer number of cool as … Continue reading

From The News

Tonight, continuing the non-introspective streak for an unprecedented two in a row, I will be discussing two interesting items from the news in order to warm up for tomorrow’s regular Friday science jag. It does me a lot of good … Continue reading

Friday Science Orgy, April 13, 2012

Yes, here it is, yet another Friday the 13th [1], a date which has scientifically proven to be, by far, the unluckiest day of the year on which to juggle flaming chainsaws on a tightrope over the Grand Canyon while … Continue reading

Why I am against abortion

I usually avoid talking about this topic altogether, because being an anti-abortion liberal is not exactly easy and I know the sorts of arguments I will get into if I air my views. But a recent piece on the Daily … Continue reading

Bunny Day Clearance!

I hope you are all enjoying a pleasant and chocolatey Bunny Day. Do not mind me, the sullen diabetic in the corner, eating his no candy and resenting all you happy people who live in Candy Paradise and have absolutely … Continue reading

Friday Science… FINALLY!

Yes! Actual science on an actual Friday! After two or three weeks of various life randomizing events, mostly pretty bad, I am actually back to doing the weekly science roundup on the right day of the week for a change! … Continue reading

In Illness and in Link Wealth

In this death defying entry, I will attempt to both whine about being sick and share videos and links with you at the same time. Please keep your hands and head inside the vehicle at all times and if you … Continue reading

Glimpses From Around The Net

It’s Bucket O’ Content time again, all you fine and fulsome folks, where I share with you, my loyal an exclusive audience, some of the choice morsels that I have painstakingly gathered from the far corners of the Net for … Continue reading

At long last… SCIENCE!

Still typing with a gimpy finger and that is still not a heck of a lot of fun, but it does not seem to have gotten any worse over the last 24 hours, and so I will skip the trip … Continue reading

My little Kony thoughts

First, the standard disclaimer : I don’t usually comment on The Big Thing Happening Right Now because I figure there are millions of blog entries and Tumblr posts and so on being written about it as you are reading this, … Continue reading

Friday Science Fustercluck

Welcome back to that cozy little spot in your week, the Friday Science Thing, where in a friendly, intimate atmosphere, our attractive and supple serving staff serve a top chef quality tasting menu of the latest scientific dishes, appetizingly plated … Continue reading

Brace yourself, we’ve got LINK SIGN!

I am in one of my sleepy phases right now, and yet, my browser is stuffed once more with fascinating links to all kinds of cool things. So obviously, I have no choice but to do invoke the nuclear option, … Continue reading

The Usual Fandangle

I am just going to be winging it in terms of content today (unlike my usual finely crafted and micrometer machined prose) and more of less making things up as I go. Like the word “fandangle”. I just made it … Continue reading

A Bag of Mystery

When I was a kid, I was totally a sucker for those mysterious “grab bags” of candy (and who knows what else!) they would sell in candy stores and grocery stores. They were opaque bags around the size of a … Continue reading

Are the rich evil?

And if so, why? In this modern era where the struggle between the rich and the average has solidified into talk of the struggle of the ninety nine percent versus the one percent, it has become increasingly clear that those … Continue reading

What I am not writing about

I was going to write about this whole incident, but I can’t. It makes me too damned angry to even think about being able to write about it. That makes me feel like a bit of a failure as a … Continue reading

It’s Friday. It’s Science. It’s a thing.

Like my period-rich, tough, dynamic wording of the title of this feature? This is science with balls. Science with machismo. Science that has to stand three feet back from the urinal or it will shatter. This week, we have something … Continue reading

Gathering some moss

Time to clear out the browser again. Maybe I should make this a separate category of post. Put it under “links” as “dump”. It sounds gross, but if my StumbleUpon is any judge, an awful lot of people put “link … Continue reading

Boredom and terror

I know what you’re thinking, and no, this is not, for once, me talking about my childhood. Instead, this time, I am going to talk about the movie I just finished watching, The Grudge, and the various thoughts about the … Continue reading

Friday Science Whatzahoozit

So I didn’t feel like cracking open the thesaurus for another synonym for “meeting” this week. So what? Got still more scintillating scientific stuff for you today, science fans, including the conclusion of a hot science mystery, news from the … Continue reading

Clearing the decks

Time for another one of those “stuff hanging around in my browser and getting all too comfortable and leaving little brown rings on the furniture because they are addicted to Starbucks and never heard of a god damned coaster” posts. … Continue reading

As I stumble…

I am a big, big fan of Internet phenom and time drain of the Gods, StumbleUpon. If you are not familiar with it, it’s basically a little toolbar with a magic button that you click and then it takes you … Continue reading

Friday Science Assemblage

Another week has whirled by like a snowflake spinning through the cold night air, and once more, we have alighted upon the doorstep of Dame Science, there to sample the marvels and delights she so generously and regularly gifts upon … Continue reading

The Internet Is Weird

No really, it is! Today, I decided it was time to show you some of the weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Don’t ask me where I found these links, it’s a long and boring tale. Let’s just … Continue reading

Surprise! It’s leftovers

Today, along with our usual bill of fare of my personal musings, mumblings, stumblings, and other assorted nonsense, I will also present some of the science and tech stories I didn’t get around to yesterday but which I can’t quite … Continue reading

Friday Science Convocation

Wow, that week just whizzed on by. How come the older I get, the shorter periods of time seem subjectively when I look back from the present, yet they seem as long as ever while I’m experiencing them? Beats me, … Continue reading

Pre-Spring Cleaning Day

I have a bunch of things clogging up my browser lately, awaiting inclusion in this blog, and I figured, what the hell, today’s the day for a big inventory busting blowout sale. Everything must go! First, there is this fascinating … Continue reading

Friday Science (spin wheel…) Jamboree!

Ho there science fans, and welcome to another addition of this semi-regular science thing we do here on a fairly large number of potential Fridays. In it, I attempt to illuminate the week’s most interesting science stories, and provide you … Continue reading

Friday Science…. thingy

OK, OK, I admit it… whatever strange impulse compelled me to start up the whole Friday Science Roundup thing before seems to be reasserting itself. Dammit, just when I think I have gotten out, it keeps pulling me back in, … Continue reading

And so on

Couldn’t come up with a title for today’s blog entry, and so I basically just filled in the blank. You might be surprised at how many higher mental functions are involved with the simple decision to just put down what … Continue reading

News Ewes Can Use

Seeing as tomorrow is a Therapy Tuesday and we all know what kind of entry I will write after that, I figured that today, I had better cough up something more like content and less like the deep psychological sputum … Continue reading


Got some more awesome science to share with all you lovely people today, and the fact that it happens to be Friday is a completely and total coincidence, and should not be in any way, shape, or form construed as … Continue reading

Unnecessary Thoughts : The fall of SOPA/PIPA

Don’t let the crazy title fool you. I am only calling this “Unncessary Thoughts” because I am going to blog about the rise and fall of the evil SOPA/PIPA bills in the USA, and I am fairly unlikely to say … Continue reading

My thoughts on Black Swan

(This probably could go without saying, but it won’t : This article is all about my thoughts about the movie Black Swan. If you haven’t seen it, this it not going to be of much interest to you. Sorry about … Continue reading

Today’s sampler platter

I was going to call today’s entry something involving “potpourri”, but then I thought “Who care about potpourri? It comes in weird little sachets and invariably contains at least one thing that makes me sneeze. It’s supposed to keep your … Continue reading

Oh, a little of this and a little of that

In an attempt to at least partially break the streak of dull diary entries, I decided I would share some of the way kewl stuff I have cluttering up the browser right now while also, of course, droning on about … Continue reading

And now, the news

Found some fun stuff on Fark today, and thought I would it with all you hale and hearty folks. First off, let’s start the show with that Shakespearian question of whether or not a rose would smell as sweet if … Continue reading

How about some science?

Happy Friday, folks. (Hey, that would make a great name for a chain of pub restaurant after work hangout type places, Happy Fridays. Take that, TGIFridays!) I have a few science story links kicking about, looking up at me with … Continue reading

The secret of The Secret

There’s a bestselling book out called “The Secret” which has millions of devotees and is, by all meaningful standards, a rip roaring success of the publishing world. You probably have heard of it, or seen it on the bookstore shelves. … Continue reading

To all the sad children

This is an open letter to all the sad children of the world, especially the ones walking around in grown up bodies trying to cope with the world as it is. Hello, all my fellow sad children. My, but there’s … Continue reading

The Money Hoarders

By now, most people are aware of the sad pathology of the hoarder. These are the sad and lonely individuals who we see on the news or on heartbreaking reality televisions shows who lived in houses jam packed with the … Continue reading

The future of crime

Remember that cool movie Minority Report, where Tom Cruise live in a bluish future where they have these freaky cool bald chicks who can predict crime before it happens and then the cops go and arrest the person for the … Continue reading

Today in Frightening Science

Got a troika of science stories to share with you today, and as is my usual compulsion, I will share them with you in ascending order of scariness. That way, I get to build suspense! First up, the many uses … Continue reading

Just like the real thing?

Came across this fascinating and disturbing article about a game called Love Plus for the Nintendo DS, and was so interested, stimulated, and frankly more than a bit freaked out by it that I felt I just had to write … Continue reading

To hell with holiday haters

I have had it up to way beyond “here” with you people, and so I figured it was time I joined the spirit of the holidays and vent my spleen. So listen up, all you Christmas bashers. You are not … Continue reading

…oh yeah. I did it!

When last I used this here thingy, I told you I was embarking on the crazy scribbler’s madcap adventure known as the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. For the uninitiated, here’s the basic deal : nutty writer types like … Continue reading

Slightly Above Average [first edit]

RanJan woke with an annoyed chirp and snapped the alarm off with a flick of a wingtip. He peered at the time readout blearily, sure that, against all probability, his alarm program had malfunctioned and woken him up far, far … Continue reading

The Return of the Ghost of the Fooble Beast

In keeping with the season, BOO! Scared you, didn’t I? Feel free to send me your underwear bill. I am starting a collection. Welcome to Castle Fooblestein, the scariest place in all of Fooblevania, on this, the day before Halloween! … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, October 28, 2011

Giant space lasers! Now that I have you attention, welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Science Roundup, that sweet spot in the week where I look over all the truly awesome science news I have accumulated over the … Continue reading

A visit from Hitler

Hitler has come to visit me, and I could not be happier. Perhaps I should explain. It all started with this : That, my friends, is a genuine copy of Mel Brooks doing a hilarious and remarkably well produced and … Continue reading

Foobledy fooby foo!

Hey there space monkeys! Welcome to another wacky and wonders waltz through the world of the weird and the wild inhabitants of the Land of the Foobs. Please try to keep your hands, legs, genitals, pseudopodia, flagellae, antennae, extrusions, and … Continue reading

Another shark attack

Yup. I am doing more music from Grooveshark. I just can’t help myself, I keep finding all this awesome music and I am compelled to share it with people. Plus, I am just so pleased that something finally came along … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, October 21, 2011

Hi there all you wonderful people! You are all looking especially dominant and sexually desirable this week. Have you been participating in activities intended to move you towards your ideal mass? No? I lightheartedly question the veracity of that statement … Continue reading

Best of Creepy Wikipedia

Okay, so…. I am fucked up in the head. And not just in the usual way I talk about, the way that puts me in the hands of therapy and pharmaceuticals and obsessively self-oriented journaling. I am also one of … Continue reading

Today, at the Fooble Gallery…

Good evening, good morning, good afternoon, and good eclipse to you all. I am Monsignor Chatterton Ouiseberg Debumsex the Third, owner, operator, curator, and custodian to this, the first and only Fooblestein Gallery of Art, Sculpture, and Ten Minute Lube … Continue reading

Shark Week 2 : This Time It’s Personal!

Yup, it’s back! I had so much fun rattling on about the new music I had found last week that I decided to do it again this week. Not that I plan on making a “thing” of this, like the … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, October 14, 2011

Here it is, Friday once again, and that means it’s time for me to roll up the sleeves of my lab coat, put all my rings and watches in the nearby nonferrous receptacle of science (an old pink washing basin, … Continue reading

To the keeners, from a coaster

Our two kinds never have gotten along, and it is not too hard to figure out why. There you are, filled with tension and ambition and drive and worry and intellect and stress, working as hard as you can to … Continue reading

Bridge Over The River Fooble

Who, what, where, why, and PORK CHOPS? Are we back in the charming boutique country of Fooblesvania for another round of uninspected and tariff free silliness? Is it that time again? Are these questions rhetorical? Yes little children, it is … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, October 7, 2011

Sorry I missed last week! Explanations reside here. Lightning short versions : I was sick. But enough of the past. Let’s look into the future… with science! Brain science, to be specific, one of my all time faves. I guess … Continue reading

Back to the dorm

For those of us who have been to college, and lived in residence, we often have fond, nostalgic memories of dorm life. The lack of responsibility for anything but your grades, the freedom of being a young adult without ties, … Continue reading

Pay the Writer!

Came across an interesting clip from an upcoming documentary today, and it seemed like a good jumping off point for tonight’s article. Warning, the following clip contains Harlan Ellison being himself. Needless to say, being a writer, I kind of … Continue reading

Some neat stuff!

Still waiting on the Next Big Story Idea, so for now, I will just share with you lovely people all the really neato stuff that I have come across lately. Let’s start off with a little animated GIF that is … Continue reading

Letter to a lucky, lucky person

After talking to you for several hours last night, I came to this conclusion : You are a lucky, lucky person. Oh, I know you don’t look at yourself that way, but I assure you, it is true! I mean, … Continue reading

Fooble the pleasure, fooble the fun!

It’s Fooble-mint, Fooble-mint, Fooble-mint gum! For those of you who are not of Generation X, that is what is known as a reference. Look it up in some kind of book. Heya hiya howdy, folks, and welcome to that brief … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, September 23, 2011

Today comes at the end of one hell of a week for mind-bending (and mind-reading!) science. I have had a hell of a time narrowing the field down to only the most neuron-tingling ganglion-tickling future-tastic stories for your edification and … Continue reading

A foob for all seasons

Here it is, another foobtastic Sunday, and under a light gray sky, a herd of brand new foobs comes thundering over the horizon! Lo, from the majestic plains of Foobstar Fells to the gently rolling hills of the Fertile Fooblands … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, September 16, 2011

Hi there science fans! We’ve got a Severe Weather Warning here in Friday Science Roundup land, and the forecast calls for another heavy rainfall where the waters is made of pure undiluted concentrated SCIENCE NEWS! So put on your raincoat, … Continue reading

How to swing (and why)

Every election, people are told exactly what it is they need to do in order to gain more political power, to be put into the driver’s seat in every voting season, to be the people the politicians listen to and … Continue reading

Not this crap again

Guess what? Here I am, at Writing Time, and instead of being bright eyed, bushy tailed, and mildly curious about when exactly I got a tail, I am all super sleepy and ready to curl up into a ball and … Continue reading

To Foobfinity… And Beyond!

Hey there, happy campers! Welcome aboard the Star Ship Foobleprize! Please observe all safety instructions, because frankly some of them are hilarious, and obey all directions from our air stewards, stewardesses, safety personnel, online entertainers, professional proctophiles, pregnant yak massagers, … Continue reading

Some video worth sharing

The usual. Had a more ambitious idea, too tired now, yadda yadda doo. From now on, let’s just take it as a given that if the blog entry is a little less than editorially bulletproof, it is because I am … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, Sept 9, 2011

Is it Friday again already? Wow. And so forth. Enough chitchat, it’s science time! First, we have to start off with the Cardboard Cathedral. Amongst the many terrible consequences of this year’s massive earthquake in Christchurch, in New Zealnd (a … Continue reading

Knowledge versus experience

Been thinking a lot about this subject recently, so I thought I would put some of said thoughts down here. in my bloggy little blog, to help sort them out and maybe turn them into something that makes to people … Continue reading

Fin Fang FOOBLE!

Here we are again in Foobtown, population the square root of negative one raised to the power of KABLAMMO, so it must be Sunday. Wow, these all inclusive package tours really get you turned around, huh? when I woke up … Continue reading

The Undefended Ego

This is an idea I have been pondering and refining for a long time now, and I think it is finally, finally to a point where I can share it. It’s a theory related to depression, and in order to … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, September 2, 2011

Holy cats, it’s Friday again already! We need to start putting these things further apart or something. I mean holy crapola, it’s September already! I am so not ready for it to be September yet. I am not even halfway … Continue reading

To foob or not to foob, that is the question

And the answer, of course, is…. FOOB! I mean honestly, why not? Here we are again in wacky crazy Foobsville, population F00B, and it’s time to get down, get funky, and share some of the bounty of the Internet with … Continue reading

We prefer to remain….

…. Anonymous. What and Who is Anonymous? And WHAT are we Capable of? Take a fucking LOOK! from Helmut on Vimeo. The language is a little hyperbolic, the music is a little obvious, and the abuse of proper capitalization and … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, August 26, 2011

As usual, the amazing science stories are raining down on my brain and my browser like artillery shells, and all I can do is fire back and pray! For example, scope this : bottlenosed dolphins in Australia are teaching one … Continue reading

Feeling under the fooble

… although us mortals suspect. Heya foobketeers! I hope you all have your Secret Dakota Rings (because we special people know there’s a third Dakota, and it sure ain’t Fanning, am I right kids?), your Official Foobketeer Spy Glasses(for looking … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, August 19, 2011

Another week in the world’s weary transit round our round old sun, and another week of science news goodness to sift through, choose from, and proffer to you, my good and gentle readers, as a hapless and penniless moonstruck beau … Continue reading

Fib. Fam. Fobble. FOOB.

Today’s foobtastic article title is the work of the winner of a super secret contest held over the last three million years in a layer of reality where time means nothing, the speed of light is the same as that … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, August 12, 2011

This crazy old mossy mudball upon which we stubbornly cling and insist on calling “Earth” (because calling it “Dirt” would be declasse’)has spun on its axis seven times since the last time I emptied my bucket of science news jewels … Continue reading

The true meaning of decadence

Between various despotic and autocratic pseudo-communist regimes using the word “decadent” to describe anything they didn’t like (including the corrupt Western idea that you need to eat food or you’ll die) and the way modern megacompanies plaster the word “decadent” … Continue reading

How to make an indie movie

First, start with a main character your target audience will identify with, namely someone in their early to mid twenties who is either just out of college or just about to graduate at the beginning of the movie. As our … Continue reading

What makes them this way

Been slowing learning the details of the rioting in London, and been talking about it with some friends, some British, some not, and it’s brought a lot of thoughts to mind about how these sort of things can happen, and … Continue reading

Skimming off the crazy creme

I had originally planned on doing something more coherent, serious, and possibly even editorial today, but then I decided to get caught up on my Twitter feed, and then suddenly I had all these awesome stuff to share, so guess … Continue reading

Now available exclusively in Foobovision!

Hello, welcome, bienvenue, vilkommen, and how the hell are ya? Welcome to another Sunday’s worth of content even less serious than my usual frivolity and drivel! Stuff so silly that I just had to call it foobles, or “foobs” as … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, August 5, 2011

You know, kidderlings, it’s never an easy task for me, your humble science reporter (well, accumulator, anyhow), to choose which of the Super Totally Awesome Neato Science Stories he has accumulated over the past week’s time to share with you. … Continue reading

Stuff in the works

After the initial emotional aftermath[1] of the recent breakup of my three week relationship with someone not worth naming, I am feeling the increasing stirrings of my long-smoldering desire to do something more than these meandering missives with my considerable … Continue reading

Building your character

No, this isn’t the opening section to a brand new snazzy tabletop RPG, after where they explain to you what an RPG is and what dice are (in case you’re a moron from space) but before the cool part where … Continue reading

With the random

Today’s been…. different, so I am in an unusual mood for me. Not a good one, either. Until today, I kind of had a boyfriend. Today, I got dumped. Hey look, Coppola’s new flick is a creepy horror film called … Continue reading

More fun stuff

Had a long day which I will blog about tomorrow (don’t worry, it’s all good stuff!), but today I am tres fatigue and so I have nothing more to offer all you wonderful reading people other than some fun stuff … Continue reading

Where are the foobles?

Hey there fooble fans, and welcome to the fun and frilly world of the fantastic foobles! I have a basket bursting with fooble fun today, and so let’s just open it up and let them go… wait…. there’s nothing in … Continue reading

You, me, and Einstein’s wife

{This article is somewhat related to this previous post, so if you want to go read that one first, and then read this one, I would be totally cool with that. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. I want you to!) … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, July 29, 2011

Here we are again, my beloved readers, in the magical land of knowledge and wonder known as “science news”, where once a week, I share with you the most neato keen science stories that I have come across during the … Continue reading

From the entertainment file

Got a few things kicking around from the general category of entertainment type news, and figured I would take a break from heavy pondering and public self-flagellation to share them with you nice people. First up, a simply marvelous little … Continue reading

Always coming up short

In a move of breathtaking metamedia integration, this blog entry has a soundtrack. It’s this song by The Cure, one of their radio-friendly hits that they do so that the record company is happy and the rest of the album … Continue reading

A Sunday without foobs

Well, this is awkward. For the first time since I started this Sunday silly foob thing, I have no silly fun inconsequential links just hanging around in my browser just waiting to be branded with the big foobling iron and … Continue reading

Nazi sex dolls!

Now that I have your attention, I would like to talk to you about insurance. Have you given thought to what a burden your funeral costs will be to your loved once right when they need all their money to … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, July 22, 2011

Hmmm. This Friday doesn’t seem like it is happening right after the previous one. Subjectively speaking, it feels like two or even three days ago. Good job, reality! (All it needs is a little encouragement now and then. ) Anyhow, … Continue reading

The science of philosophy

Not the philosophy of science. That’s another subject entirely. No, what I am going to discuss in this article is my assertion that there is no dividing line between the sciences and philosophy, and hence no hard line between the … Continue reading

The state of the world today

I’ve been making a lot of little observations lately, so I figured that for today’s article, I would try something with a little more heft. So what’s up with this crazy spinning ball of dirt hurtling through the icy void … Continue reading

Why stars should love nerds

We nerds are the whipping boys (and girls) of society. Just like when we were in school, everybody feels free to pick on and abuse us. We are easy targets. Everyone knows we are fat socially awkward virgins who live … Continue reading

Sunday. So, foobles.

More random stuff from my Internet peregrinations, which I have nicknamed “foobles” in a move I hope you will find charmingly eccentric and whimsical, as opposed to, say, frighteningly imbalanced and certifiable. First up, a comic some person put together … Continue reading

The Bad Parent

One thing I have noticed in discussing life, growing up, depression and other mental problems, and other issues with people of my generation is that there is a distinctive pattern of dualism in how we view our parents. Namely, one … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, July 15, 2011

Here we are at yet another Friday Science roundup, with still more hot and juicy exciting science news for all us big time science fans! And there’s a lot to cover this week, so we’d best just tuck in and … Continue reading

Our animal friends

I have not indulged my love of the cute fuzzy animals on this here blog in a while, and I came across some great animal pictures recently, so I figured, what the heck. Throw open the Ark doors, pop the … Continue reading

Oh my god, it’s FOOBLES ON A SUNDAY

We’re still calling these random links foobles, right? Right? Cool. Hi there Sunday readers, and welcome to that thing I do every Sunday, which is shovel whatever links I have kicking around at you in lieu of coherent content. I … Continue reading

You are a monkey

You are a monkey. And so am I. And so is everyone else. Every human being, past, present, and future, is a monkey. Your parents are monkeys. Your children are, or will be, monkeys. Abraham Lincoln was a monkey, as … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, July 8, 2011

This week finds me even more surprised that it’s already Friday again than usual. My, how the time flies when you are bone idle and spend all your time inside your own skull. First up, let’s deal with the cool … Continue reading

On why people drink so much

Of all the pastimes that human beings have sought and enjoyed over the millennia, the second most popular and enduring one has always been drinking to excess. As long as humanity has had civilization, we have had alcohol. It is … Continue reading

The future says “Hello!”

I have come across some rather whiz bang neato keen technology type news lately, and once more I did not feel like waiting till Friday to share, so here they are, fresh from the cutting edge of tomorrow. First up, … Continue reading

A ray of hope for the unhandsome man

Time to face the facts : you are not an alpha male. You look nothing like the sort of men that women drool over. You are not a tower of finely honed muscle and sinew the likes of which make … Continue reading

A cup full of rocks

Take a cup. Any cup. This cup is you. Fill the cup part way with water. The water is your mind. Look at the surface of the water. The surface of the water is your conscious mind. In the course … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, July 1, 2011

First off, Happy Birthday Canada! Your faithful and intrepid science reporter (me!) is a very proud Canadian, and loves his country very much. If he could, he would give his country a hug, and buy it a beer. Patriotic squee … Continue reading

Fun Time Video Arcade!

Got a great big basket of video type goodness to strew in your wake, my loyal and immaculately groomed readers, and so with just a tiny bit more ado… on with the show! Ado. Ado. Ado. First up, what happens … Continue reading

The Sunday Hammammafooble, June 26, 2011

Since I stopped calling this the Sunday Special (too much pressure), it’s been in a bit of a nomenclature freefall. I guess I will just keep naming it whatever pops into my head and see what happens. We will see … Continue reading

White people are crazy

And that’s why we rule the world. It’s an intriguing if uncomfortable question. Just how did we end up running things, anyhow? What was it about being a white European that led to the power and wealth imbalance that is … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, June 24, 2011

Welcome back to the wonderful world of scientific progress, the advancement of the cause of humanity, and really bitchin’ gizmos. Speaking of which, we have this particularly squirmy gadget that might well revolutionize digestive medicine forever : a self-propelling endoscopic … Continue reading

Out of work

Work sucks. Everybody knows it. Work is the main thing that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Even if you never get married, never have kids, never assume a mortgage, never even own a car, you have to work. … Continue reading

Random picture dump!

Was looking for a particular pic in my sprawling and extensive collection and got caught up in the browsing of my virtual attic, and so I thought “random picture dumps seem popular on Stumble Upon, what the heck, I will … Continue reading

Sunday is Fun Day

Another Sunday, and another not very serious blog entry. No science news, no self-vivisecting navel-gazing autoanalysis blog entries, no meandering pondering of the meaning of whatever, just some nice fun stuff to make your Sunday a little more sunny. First … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, June 17, 2011

It’s a funky old Friday again, so once more, it’s time for fascinating stuff from the wonderful world of science. First, we return once more to one of my all time favorite avenues of technological research. Long time readers with … Continue reading

The idiot in comedy

I have been pondering the role of the idiot (the fool, the dumb guy, the wet behind the ears new guy, etc) in comedy a fair bit lately, and just recently, some of it came into focus for me, so … Continue reading

Bonus Science News!

I know I usually save these up for Friday, and here it is Wednesday, with Friday only two days away, but gosh darn it, there’s just so much cool and/or freaky science news this week, I couldn’t bear to wait … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, June 10, 2011

Another week survived means another week’s worth of science news goodies for you lucky, lucky people! First up : using the body of the car as a capacitor in order to increase the range of hybrid or electric cars. First, … Continue reading

The mystery of motivation

The mystery is that there is no mystery. Well, okay, it’s a little more complicated than that. Motivation is a mysterious substance in the modern world of our goals, dreams, and obligations. When talking about the distance between themselves and … Continue reading

Of centipedes and censorship

In case you haven’t heard the news, the British authorities have taken the entirely ridiculous step of banning the movie The Human Centipede II. I won’t go into detail about the film and its predecessor, because the content of the … Continue reading

Do it anyway.

Do it anyway. I know it’s scary, and hard, and painful, and too intense. Do it anyway. Do it because you know it’s what you should do. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. You know what … Continue reading

The moral challenge of stupidity

I think I may have written on this subject before, but either way, these thoughts will seem fresh to me. One of the vexing questions which I ponder when I feel like chewing on a particularly tough nugget of ethics … Continue reading

another Sunday Something

I used to call these potpourri entries the Sunday Special, but now that seems like too much pressure. First up : Remember Billy Ocean, the two hit wonder? Did “Get Out Of My Dreams (And Into My Car)” (in what … Continue reading

News from the other side

Well, to some people it’s the other side. To me, it’s home. It’s the gay/perverted side! There’s been some interesting developments in the world of the GLBT community lately, and I figured I would share them, along with a few … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, June 2, 2011

Holy particle physics, is it Friday again already? Well, time for some sweet, sweet science, then. Let’s start off with something somewhat important and kind of serious, and get THAT out of the way. Recently, the Pentagon has declared that … Continue reading

Some video fun

Wow, am I crispy fried some bad sleep. I am so damn tired of this shit. Anyhow, let’s watch some video! First off, a neat little video project someone did called Hey you! What song you listenin’ to? The premise … Continue reading

Oh boy, it’s SCIENCE!

Got some fun and cool science stuff for you today, after yesterday’s emotional expectoration. First off we have a completely awesome bit of technology that might just tempt you into thinking you are a superhero : an armored glove with … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, May 27, 2011

May twenty SEVEN, two thousand and ELEVEN. Hey, that rhymes! Forgive me, bad sleep has addled my brain. I just woke up from a dream in which I turned a corner and there on the wall was this HUGE bug, … Continue reading

Oh no, it’s…. DRAMA!

There you are, minding your own business, enjoying the camaraderie and social connections in a scene or a group, with everyone seemingly getting along just fine, when suddenly it strikes…. DRAMA! You’ve only been on this forum for a few … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, May 20, 2011

Here we are again, with yet more boffo science to keep your brain fed and your future cooler than cool. Let’s spark things up with one of my all time favorite subjects and one that has featured in many science … Continue reading

Bonus science news!

There’s just too much cool science news around for me to wait till Friday to tell you, so you lucky people get a bonus helping of science this week! Plus I am too sleepy to write anything more difficult. Stupid … Continue reading

Bad news for the right wing

Today’s mishmash has a theme : bad things happening to the American Right. Why? Because I love you. We’ll start off with a fave from the past who has recently returned from his justly deserved grave of obscurity, Newt “Let’s … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, May 13, 2011

Yes, it’s Friday the Thirteenth, the most dreaded day in a triskadecaphobic calendar. I suggest you celebrate like I do, by finding yourself a black cat, and petting it. Shouldn’t be too hard for you, Felicity. And speaking of things … Continue reading

Of sluts and whores

In order to launch my discussion of this topic, I am going to present you with an observation, and I am afraid it might seem a tad cynical or cold, but it is nevertheless true, and I include it not … Continue reading

Friday Science (Fiction?) Roundup, May 6, 2011

Hey there science fans! You will have to forgive my playing a little loose with the premise this week, but boy, have I got one amazing cultural artifact to share with you nice folks, and to sit on this one … Continue reading

That Election Sucked

{WARNING : The following is all about Canadian politics and today’s election. If you are an American, I politely relieve you from all obligations of pretending you care. Go back to celebrating Osama Bin Laden’s death. You have earned it … Continue reading

Sunday Somewhat Special, May 1, 2011

Only somewhat special this time, seeing as I basically did the same thing yesterday. Lazy! First off, some mandatory viewing : Obama lay down the comedy law on all the idiots who oppose him. Bring the Word, Big guy! Comedically … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup for April 29, 2011

Yee haw, pardners! It’s Friday night and time for all us science cowboys to wrestle us some prime broncs from the world of discovery and put out brands on them! So strap on your science spurs, grab your six shooter … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, April 29, 2011

Yee haw, pardners! It’s Friday night and time for all us science cowboys to wrestle us some prime broncs from the world of discovery and put out brands on them! So strap on your science spurs, grab your six shooter … Continue reading

The mind is a terrible thing

One of the most persistent and destructive forces in the political life of any nation is anti-intellectualism. As much as every society produces intellectuals of one stripe or another, it also produces a certain amount of anti-intellectual sentiment. Often, this … Continue reading

A good day for the left

Looking over the big bag of news I have gathered from today’s Twitter tide, I can’t help but see that this is a pretty good day for those of us in the reality-based community here on the left. First up, … Continue reading

This election sucks

Well, I guess I should write something about this god damned fucking election. For my American friends : this upcoming Monday, May 2, we Canadians will be going to the polls for a national election. Steven Harper’s Conservative minority government … Continue reading

Things that piss off conservatives

Got a trio of slices of succulent schadenfreude for you, my lovely readers, today. I just happen to have come across three different news story about things that are sure to get the conservatives of the world good and angry, … Continue reading

Friday science roundup for April 15, 2011

Oh right, these. I used to do these, right? I can do another one. Sure. I swear to God, the science news just got boring for a while. Honest! First up on our news roundup : scientists are improving computers’ … Continue reading

I’m angry about croutons

And as God as my witness, you should be too! Now let me set the record straight right here at the outset : I am a crouton lover. I am pro-crouton. When push comes to shove, when the chips are … Continue reading

Lack of empathy = evil

First off, a story whose very headline seems like it was written to make me click on it : Why a lack of empathy is the root of all evil. Could not have said it better myself. I have been … Continue reading

On bad parents

Bad parents love their children just as much as good parents do. I have said this before and will likely say it again, but nevertheless : this might well be the most startling and important thing I have ever uncovered … Continue reading

The death of the Beck Effect

Along with Beck’s show itself, of course. I’ve been avoiding the political commentary on this blog for a while but this is just too darned interesting to ignore. You heard it here last, folks…. Glenn Beck is losing his show … Continue reading

The incredible power of cute

Cuteness. It’s an amazingly powerful force in the human psyche, and yet you hardly ever hear it mentioned. It’s the sort of thing that is so absolutely fundamental to how we see the world that we don’t even notice it … Continue reading

Veritas Uber Alles

Sorry for the grotesque mixing of Latin and German, but the proper translate for “Truth Over All” is “Die Wahrheit über alle” and I am pretty sure nobody who reads me would have understood that without going to Google Translate … Continue reading

Thoughts on humans beings and the nature of nature

I have been thinking about us crazy naked beach apes and our relationship with nature (and Nature) lately, and it’s gotten to the point where I really ought to write some of these thoughts down before I forget them. And … Continue reading

Labour versus risk, part 2 : Risk and investment

In the first part of this article, we discussed how labour and consent form the first track of how human beings legitimately acquire wealth and material. This track is easily understood by most people, and resonates with them in a … Continue reading

Labour versus risk, part 1 : Labour theory of value

In the field of the psychology of capitalism (psycho-economics?), there are two main ways that human beings justify their ownership of and control over that which they consider their personal property. In other words, two theories of justified transfer of … Continue reading

Commandments of Parenting (part 2)

VI. Thou shalt not confuse their innocence with your own. As we grow up, we lose our innocent. It is a sad but necessary part of becoming an adult. The simple safe world of childhood, where the world is no … Continue reading

The Commandments of Parenting (part 1)

I. Thou shalt not lie to your children, for any reason, ever. Remember this and hold it dear to your heart. You child will believe everything you say in a way that we cannot even begin to imagine as adults, … Continue reading

The problems with environmentalism

I consider myself to be an environmentalist, by my own definition. My definition is simple : I firmly believe that humans beings, at our current level of technology, are powerful enough to completely destroy or ruin the ecological system(s) in … Continue reading

The Prodigy Trap

One of the most profound natural gifts that a person can be blessed with is a high degree of native intelligence. Being born intelligent opens up a lot of doors to the individual which are inaccessible to the average person, … Continue reading

The modern day heresy of Pastor Rob Bell

For some time now, I have been keeping an eye on the growing storms within the American Right. The philosophical split between the moderates and the Sarah Palin extremists has been growing for a long time, and the recent ascent … Continue reading

N-factor and the center of the herd

There needs to a term for the sense in every member of society for how normal something (an idea, a fashion choice, a behaviour) is. This N-factor has a very powerful effect on people’s behaviour, and yet I have never … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup, March 4, 2011

Lots of people have been making cracks about our sadly flying-car free future, or wondering how soon we will all be driving emissions free electric vehicles. But few people have been asking when we will all be driving our future … Continue reading

The Importance of Critics

Critics, by and large, get a bad rap in the media. They are often portrayed as bitter, hateful people who take out their own frustrations at being creatively infertile and devoid of real talent by viciously and joyously soiling the … Continue reading

Talking about my generation

Make friends with the other people in your generation, because you are stuck with them for life. This is not a conclusion I came to lightly, because I am a total Generation X guy, and so this would mean I … Continue reading

I want to be a conservative

But I can’t. I just… can’t. When I was a teenager in the 1980’s, developing my first tentative notions of the world of politics, democracy and ideology, I fancied myself a conservative. Conservatism sounded like what I wanted. And the … Continue reading

The origins of and need for monotheism

Why monotheism? What did monotheism offer that the previous religions did not? What made the development of monotheism necessary in some places, but completely optional in others? First, a quick run down on the development of religion as it parallels … Continue reading

Cat laser bowling!

Cats are so much fun. Not sure if there will be a full article today…. exterminator’s coming, going to be AFK for six hours at least. We’ll see what time I get back to the apartment.

Friday science roundup, 18th of February 2011

Yes, it’s back! I have a bunch of cleaning to do today, and no particularly compelling ideas for a column today, so I figured what the heck, let’s go back to the wild, wacky, wonderful world of science for inspiration. … Continue reading

Creativity, the subconcious mind, and surprise

When we last discussed creativity, the focus was on the difference between the creative mind and the ordering mind and how the creative mindset eschews structure and barriers in favour of openness to making mental connections, and how the ordering … Continue reading

On dissonance and doubt

Over the last few weeks, I have been developing a theory as to the psychology of political affiliation, and today, I finally feel confident enough in it to commit it to blogspace. Please forgive me if this theory is a … Continue reading

The thing about math

OK, I’m going to try to address this topic again, and I will do my level best to stay calm about this subject and not lose my shit and fly way off the handle like I did last time. One … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at Mubarack’s Presidential Palace

{The following is my idea of what very well may have gone down over the last few days at Hosni Mubarak’s (thankfully now former) Presidential palace. It is not the most probably scenario, or the most well researched, or the … Continue reading

My time traveler’s list, part II

Well, I had no sooner finished the first part of this article that I thought of a bunch more really cool bits of knowledge to take back in time with you when you head back to make yourself Emperor (or … Continue reading

My time traveler’s list

I’ve been going heavy with the philosophy and psychology and shit lately, apart from that thing the rodent behind my eyes made me type, and so I thought for tonight I’d just kick back, pop a cold one, put my … Continue reading

You are not logical

One of the most pervasive, pernicious, and persistent delusions of humanity is that bane of nerd, intellectuals, atheists, and Vulcans throughout the galaxy, the delusion of being a logical creature. Ironically, this delusion is often most vehemently and virulently clung … Continue reading

There’s nothing wrong with humanity

Often, when we intellectuals become frustrated with all the myriad aspects of human society that our highly developed abstract reasoning minds and comparably underdeveloped social minds make incomprehensible or inaccessible to us, we rail against the perceived irrationality, unpredictability, and … Continue reading

The reasons behind conformity

Those of us who are lucky/unlucky enough to be, by the standards of society, more than a little weird have often felt the wrath of the human instinct towards social conformity in a way that those higher up on the … Continue reading

The power of boredom

{ Credit goes to a conversation with my friend and ex-roomie Ryan Hawe for sparking the idea for this article. Good luck with Jenn in the new place, Ryan! } Boredom is a negative emotion. We spend a great deal … Continue reading

Notes for Nerds #1 : You Are Not An Alien

( Note : Due to circumstances too dull to go into right now, there will be no Friday Science Roundup today. Perhaps tomorrow. No guarantees. } This article is the first in what I hope will be a series of … Continue reading

The real source of change, part II

If you have read part one of this article, you know my thesis that the real avenue to create change in the world for the average person is through the world of business, rather than political activism. In this chapter, … Continue reading

The real source of change

The magic word “change” get bandied about a great deal, especially in the world of politics, and has come to represent everbody’s hopes and dreams for progress of all kinds in the public consciousness. In that context, the desire for … Continue reading

Why are we here?

More importantly, why do we ask? What is is about the nature of being human that compels us to ask, as individuals and as a species, “Why are we here? What is our purpose? What are we here to accomplish? … Continue reading

Stay out of the shallow end

One of the most common complaints in romantic life is how the other gender is so “shallow”. Women think all men care about is big tits and a skinny body. Men think all women care about is is a chiseled … Continue reading

Modern Nature Worship

The word “natural” doesn’t mean a god damned thing. Think about it. What does “natural” mean? It means “that which is found in nature”. But everything is found in nature. A skyscraper is just as natural as a tree. Plastic … Continue reading

In The Future Where I Am King

I have been playing a lot of a quirky and silly little title for the Wii called Little King’s Story lately, and it has been giving me monarchic thoughts. (Give me a game where I am a King with a … Continue reading

Creativity versus order

Being a thoughtful and creative person, I have spent a lot of time thinking about creativity. What makes one person more creative than another? Why is it that creative people have so many emotional problems? Why is it that creative … Continue reading

Friday science roundup, January 28, 2011

Just one story on the FSR this week, because this one’s a lulu. Now here is two words I bet you never thought you would here together again, ever : cold fusion. Yes, amazingly, it’s back in the news. Those … Continue reading

Remember video stores?

Well, do you? Because I sure do. They’re not totally gone yet, but they are clearly on their way out, and I figured that I would write down a few words about them before go the way of the record … Continue reading

How Masochism Works

If there is one aspect of the manifold manifestations of the mind that seems to directly fly in the face of all logic and sense to the average person, it is the existence of masochism. It would seem that the … Continue reading

Writers Versus Artists

[Note : For the purposes of this article, a ‘writer’ is someone whose artistic expression takes the form of stringing together words, and an ‘artist’ is someone in whom it takes the form of manipulating various media in an attempt … Continue reading

Logic 101 : Necessary But Not Sufficient

Logic. It gets brought up a lot but few people really grasp its nature or how it works. People misconstrue it as something cold and emotionless, misapply it during open debate, and misunderstand its basic simplicity and think it is … Continue reading

The Other Half Of Writing

Being a writer myself (hey, if after a million words, I’m not a writer, nobody is), I’ve perused a lot of the literature online and in print about how to be a good writer, a better writer, a published writer, … Continue reading

Fascism is for children

For a long time, I have harbored a deep impression that, for all their evil and stupidity and spite, the forces of reactionary conservatism, conformity, and opposition to social progress are, essentially, child-like. When you think about it, the desire … Continue reading

Friday Science Roundup for January 21, 2011

OK, first off, let’s talk about the trip to Mars that is taking place right now. Granted, it’s a simulated trip, and all the crew members are staying right here on Earth. But other than that little detail, the experiment … Continue reading

The Myth Of Hard Work

One of the core concept underlying modern life is the idea of hard work. We work hard, we say, and that means we deserve certain things. You will rise to the top as long as you work hard. Everyone values … Continue reading

You want to work for a living

No really, you do. See, you’re a human being. And human beings are social animals. That means we are born with a host of strong drives that bind us together into communities which work together toward common goals. To be … Continue reading

The Genetic Superiority of Fatness

This brief article explains how the large appetite and fat storage capacity of overweight people were actually highly valuable in an earlier era. Continue reading

Friday science roundup, 01-14-2011

Well, here it is, Friday again already, and time to take a look at what’s up in the world of science. First, from the realms of Creepy Science (which is, I think you’ll admit, one of the more fun kinds … Continue reading

Loughner the Libertarian

I know, I know, you are quite probably sick of hearing people’s pet peeves theories about the Tuscon Massacre by now, but it’s the sort of thing that takes the public consciousness a while to full absorb, and I, as … Continue reading

The Drinking Game Drinking Game

One of the most persistently popular forms of Internet email lore is the Drinking Game. In it, fans of a particular movie, video game, comic book, television series, book series, or series of hilarious decorated telegrams can combine two things … Continue reading

Freedom (and Responsibility) Of Speech

Before we begin, I have to make one thing absolutely crystal clear : Nothing I am about to say, in any way, shape, or form, violates the principle of freedom of speech that we quite rightfully hold sacred in modern … Continue reading

On today’s shooting

I have, thus far, been refraining from using this space for pure commentary and reportage, because I have wanted to stretch my literary muscles and nudge myself towards creating more challenging and more broadly appealing material than merely my opinions … Continue reading

Friday science roundup

Here it is, Friday already, and there’s some pretty amazing science going on the world today, so I thought I’d share some of it with you nice folks. A North Carolina company called Freer Logic has come out with a … Continue reading

The Trouble With Zoos

Zoos confound me. Click the above image for a full sized version. I love animals. I am one of those people who love nature specials, cat videos on YouTube, calenders with puppies in hats on them… and zoos. As a … Continue reading

On human reality

One of the longest lived struggles in philosophy is the one between objective versus subjective reality. Is there such a thing as true objective reality that exists entirely outside our minds, or could we all be just brains in vats, … Continue reading

Enough democracy, already!

Look… we have enough democracy. Just accept it. Granted, it’s hard to imagine having less democracy. After all, we only get to vote for one person to represent all our interests at the highest levels of government once every four … Continue reading

Questions I hate to be asked

Over my life, I have encountered some questions which never fail to aggravate me when people ask me them, because they have no decent answers and are never productive at all. Here’s some of them. What makes you think you’re … Continue reading

New year, new blog, same old weirdo

Well, here it is, the first day of 2011,  and I have registered a new domain and blog (both named after me, because creativity is so 2010) and now I am writing its inaugural entry. Hearts are aflutter through the … Continue reading