Punching “The Body”

The absolutely epic, awesome tale of how the deadliest sniper in United States history with 255 kills, ended up punching asshole libertarian and former state governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura in the face.

Note Opie or Anthony’s hilariously dead on impression of The Body : “Thank you for your service!”.

I had no idea that Jesse had become such a raging douchebag since his fall from grace. He’s always been an American libertarian, and hence, at least partly evil, but there’s being politically wrong and there’s just plain being a shitty human being, and saying “you deserve to lose some men” at the wake of a soldier is just plain horrible, regardless of politics.

So fuck you, Jesse. You peaked when you were the most consistently funny “heel” commentator in the WWE (back then, still the WWF. ) You jumped the shark when you thought you might get into politics. And now, after this revelation you are just plain yesterday’s shark shit. Just another right wing foaming enema bag full of all that Fox News Kool-Aid you all started drinking.

I am glad you got punched in the face for saying such a thing. That’s negative reinforcement I can get behind.

One thought on “Punching “The Body”

  1. Too bad. I wanted to like current-era Jesse Ventura, partly because of his wrestling past, and partly because he’s on this whole conspiracy theory kick, where he believes 9/11 was an inside job and the Bilderberg Group is doing something sinister. And conspiracy theorists get treated so badly by the rest of the world that it makes me automatically sympathize with them more (which is the reverse of the intended effect of ridiculing them).

    Why can’t Phil Hendrie make fun of Jesse Ventura for being a libertarian and rude to veterans, instead of for being into conspiracies?

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