Why we have eyebrows

Once more, Photoshop teaches us a valuable and emotionally scarring lesson about life.

In this case, it’s about why we have eyebrows.

Because otherwise, AAAAAAAAH!!

Holy CRAP that’s a shocker. On the left, extremely beautiful women looking fabulous. On the right, brain searingly scary horrible zombie monkey lady.

The difference? Eyebrows.

I already felt bad for people who lose their eyebrows for whatever reason (chemo, alopecia, using too much starter fluid on the BBQ) but holy crapcakes.

I really hope that it is possible to restore someone’s eyebrows via a hair transplant or something. Because I knew people would look bad without them.

I just had no idea you would look “frightening children and making adults come at you with a wooden stake aimed at your heart” kind of bad.

4 thoughts on “Why we have eyebrows

    • Eek! It’s like that horrible recurring Lawrence Welk sketch on SNL!

      Of course, it’s a bit of a cheat doing it with a picture of Anne Hathaway, because although she’s very beautiful, she’s also sort of weird-looking, when you look at each individual feature. If you were to take someone more average, the different might not be as extreme.

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