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So I’m feeling uncreative. So sue me!

Thought it was around time I shared the cool stuff kicking around the browser with you nice, sweet, clearly highly intelligent people once more.

Love Amongst the Geeks

First up, one of the happiest things in the whole wide world : nerd love!

Wife-a-chu! Use your SAY YES attack!

Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? I heart nerd love so much. Finally, romance stories I can relate to on a personal level. In general, love stories involve impossibly perfect people, except in romantic comedies, in which case they involve adorably flawed but otherwise hopelessly perfect people. People who are not a darn thing like me. They seem nice and all. But it might as well be alien mating rituals.

But nerd love, the real world kind that is, well that makes me feel all good inside. Not only can I relate to it, but it reminds me and the world that being a nerd does not, necessarily, mean you are forever frozen out of the world of love, sex, romance, and commitment.

You might have to work harder to find it, and you might even, if you are a straight nerd, have to out compete a lot of other nerd males for the small (but growing) number of eligible nerdy females.

Or suffer a little because you have a non nerdy girlfriend with whom your nerdy life will have to be, shall we say, negotiated.

But nerd love is possible. Hang in there, boys!

It Came From New Zealand

From romance we go to horror now. If you’re Scottish and have a heart condition, please be advised that the Och Look After Ye Health Lad Board has advised against viewing the following imagine.

In Soviet Scotland, mutton eat YOU!

Total LOL. I would honestly be scared at that moment. It’s the one sheep standing alone in the foreground of the picture that does it. That really sells the scary. I would be expecting that one sheep to start demonically levitating into the air, head bent at an unnatural angle, making some kind of horrible otherworldly howling slash screaming of the tormented in hell, then all the other sheep would turn into horrible twister hellish creatures of some sort, and they would attack and evour me and then poop me straight into Hell!

But then again, I am a city boy with a diseased yet very vivid imagination. Presumably, if you are farm folk and raise sheep, you see shit like this every time you go to bring the sheep inside at night. The eyes catch the lifhgt of your flashlight and it’s spook city. I have certainly seen the same thing happen with cats a ton of times in my life.

They haven’t changed, it’s just a trick of the light and the light-gathering membranes in the eyes of some animals that give them excellent night vision but the tendency to get the spooky eye.

More Good News About Newt

Newt Gingrich, you magnificent cunt, you just keep delivering the hits.

Now it turns out that as venerable a Republican rag as the National Review is not fond of the poisonous amphibian known as the Gingrich Newt.

In fact, they are openly calling for him to drop out of the race to give Santorum a chance.

Just how venerable is the National Review? It was founded by William F. Buckley Junior.

Now, I thought that Newt pretty much had the “intellectual Republican” and “blue blooded Yankee Republican” demographics all sewn up. After all, he is clearly the most intelligent of the group, with quite a superb academic record at quite superb and prestigious educational institutes, and is clearly less of a religious loony than Romney or Santorum.

One would think that would enough. But no, the Review wants him gone.

The fun conclusion would be that Newt is such a massive prick that even the National Review can’t stand him and so not even they can love such a motherless reptile of a human being.

The less fun but more likely conclusion is that they simply want to maximize the chances that the Republicans will beat Obama, and they realize that Gingrich has no chance of winning but plenty of chance of damaging the hell out of every other Republican in the universe by trying.

So they want him out for the same reason I, and other lefties, want him in.

What a bunch of spoilsports.

Sadly, the National Review is being really polite about it. I suppose it would be too much to hope that the learned and reasonable National Review would publish an editorial entitled “Die In A Fire With Everyone Who Supports You, You Horrible Fucking Person, Newt Gingrich. ”

And then the rest of the article is just swear words, Ginrich, and conjunctions.

But hey, there’s still time, National Review! Convention is not till April.

Keep my idea in mind if Newt doesn’t take the hint, OK?

Kick Start My… ouch!

Finally, an update on my idea of maybe starting a Kickstarter page for This Show Has Already Been Canceled in hopes of getting enough money to shoot a pilot episode.

It’s still a possibility, but according to my research, the price tag on a professional produced pilot is somewhere around $250K+, so the top desired option is looking pretty unlikely.

So I am mulling over cheaper options. Something involving people wearing a lot of different hats in the production. I really want it to look professional, so I would want studio time or at least some professional camera operators (preferably with professional cameras) and sound.

That’s the most important part to me, having everything look and sound professional. First impressions are vital and I want the first impression to be “hey, this is funny!” and not “hey, this is crappy! ”

Well that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow is a therapy day, so you know right now what I will be writing about tomorrow. See you then, all you lovely people!

4 thoughts on “Some stuff from the stuff place

  1. Even video quality can be compromised—it can be shot on someone’s 1989 camcorder, if worst comes to worst—but audio quality can’t. That’s what we learned from SMD. Not only does it really come across as amateur, but the audience can’t even make out the words.

    So the two things you’d want to guarantee, even at the cost of paying for them, would be audio quality and someone to do the editing. Ideally you’d also want runchable, cheap-but-great sets and adequate costumes, but the top two things are audio and editing.

  2. I agree, audio is key.

    I can do the editing, up to a point. If I put more RAM in this computer, I could do a better job or at least, be able to edit more cuts at the same time.

    Who knows, maybe some time I will have an attack of ambition and get the whole messy process started again.

  3. We have to start, like, the basement tapes of sketch comedy. Weird, random things, filmed on a low budget. Maybe an SCTV-style universe naturally evolves, after a while.

    We’ll just pretend it’s in a basement. They’ll never know.

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