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Another day, another themeless entry.

I don’t know why I am so hard on myself about not writing fiction or essays or such. Maybe I am worried that I am getting my creative itch scratched too easily and I would be better off writing publishable top grade content and not just a thousand words of blah blah blah every day.

But you know what? I am fed up trying to figure out what I ought to do. Fuck it. Whatever I do, I do. Maybe it will work out. Maybe it will not. But I am through trying to find the one door into happiness amongst an infinity minus one of pain.

Geez now I am bummed. I need something to perk me up.

I know… cute animal content!

Feed Me Nao!

A guy has two cats. He is going to be away for a couple of days, so he gets one of those cool auto-feeder systems that puts out a certain amount of cat food at fixed times of the day, and figures the kitties will figure it out.

And they do. Especially one of them. He figures it out and then he figures out how to game the system.

And lucky us, we get to watch.

Major LOLs from me. It is not that while the owner is away, the kitties play, and figure out how to get the cat food out of the autofeeder. It is not just that their owner apparently had the forethought to set up not one but two cameras to catch the action, one actually inside the feeder.

No, it’s the fact that to get the food, the cat is willing to throw him or herself bodily at the thing, doing basically a full body shoulder check to the damn thing. That is what makes it comedy gold.

I mean, talk about your perfect slapstick!

(Oh, and the plates on the floor are from some wet cat food the owner left out before leaving for their trip. I learned that from the comments. )

Well that worked…. somewhat. But not quite. I need more animal cuteness. One more good, strong, concentrated dose ought to do it.

I know… how about this?

Wait Up Mama!

No, I wanna go THIS way!

Awwww. Is that not the cutest thing you have seen all day? I try not to indulge my taste for vulpinity too much here on this blog, but when I came across this image, I just knew I had to share it with all you nice people on the Web.

From my own perspective, it looks like the little fox is trying to make sure he does not get left behind no matter where Mama goes. After all, if he has her tail, and her tail goes where she goes, how far away can she possibly get?

The caption on the page I stole it from said “This little fox has not quite learned to chase his own tail.” Well, to be fair, he has not got much of a tail to chase yet.

He probably will chase it once it is long enough to be just this thing he catches out the corner of his eye now and then and can not, for the life of him, figure out how it follows him around all the time.

Then comes the loss of innocence that comes to all tailed animals where they finally catch that thing and give it a good bite for being so naughty, only to find it bites back at the exact same time, and bites somewhere very sensitive too!

How long it takes the critter to figure out that this is because that is actually a part of themselves they are biting makes for a good rough estimate of the animal’s intelligence.

I know people who are like that too.

Only In Russia

Finally, he is a very fun, and somewhat nerve-wracking, compilation of things that the compiler things are only possible in Russia.

But first, important warning : you are going to see a lot of people do very dangerous things. Don’t worry, nobody gets hurt or dies, so you can watch with confidence.

Some of my favorite moments include :

0:27 – I don’t speak Russian, but I am pretty sure the guy is saying something like “Holy shit, that’s a fucking tiger! Roll up the window! ROLL UP THE WINDOW!”. Still a strikingly beautiful creature though.

0:48 – This is what happens when you combine BASE jumping, bungie jumping, the boredom of a long Russian winter, and of course, way too much vodka. Looks fun but too crazy for me.

2:16 – I would really like to know how this happened. Was it an accident> Did two heavy equipment operators get into a bit of a tuff and use their machines to duke it out to a standstill? Or is this just another boredom and vodka thing?

2:37 – Okay, that is freaking epic. I have seen some crazy clips of people who have “fixed” their vehicle in shall we say counterintuitive ways, but it takes a real brass pair to drive your vehicle like that. And the thing is, it’s a trailer. And there’s nothing in it. He could have just left it home. But no. Trailer goes forward. Trailer fixed. Now we go to the lake like I said we would. What that smell?

3:21 – Sure, taking down icicles this way might not be totally safe. But it is safer than climbing up there to get them, and way safer than having them fall and impale some poor unsuspecting Moscovite. More fun too.

3:30 I absolutely love this kind of sheer insanity. I bet they laughed their asses off when they watched the video they made, and that made it way more than worth it. Genius in wackiness. I love it.

4:19 – OK, forget Trailer Guy at 2:37. THIS is epic. Part of me hopes this guy is on his way to the auto body shop. And part of me hopes he isn’t. What problem? Car go forward. Car OK. Is only a little dent. Cosmetic damage only. I fix next weekend maybe. What smell?

6:05 The only thing that could make this clip more perfect would be if at the end, the camera stopped for a few beats, then went back to the upside-down car really fast. Sort of a “Wait a minute…. ” take.

7:05 – And finally, we have a clip that tells a pretty scary story. Luckily, the barrel of the artillery piece seems to have penetrated the middle of the bust, so I imagine it missed the driver and the passengers.

Must have been one hell of a bus trip though.

That’s all for today folks. See you with more random crap tomorrow!

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