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Got three videos to share with you tonight, plus the usual psychobabble brouhaha.

( I already did the joke about “Brouhaha” being a great name for a combination brewpub and comedy club, right? I thought so. )

It’s been a quiet few days. I have been fairly successful in converting what might have been a depressed mood into one of quiet contemplation.

After all, I am, more or less, an introvert. Perhaps I just need time to sort my thoughts sometimes. A lot of mood has to do with how you interpret your basic emotions and physical state.

One man’s depression is another’s quiet mood.

Anyhow, on with our cavalcade of videos.

First, listen to what a bunch of millionaires want to say to you this political season.

Probably not quite what you expected, right? Now these people are patriots. They are willing to go against what traditional nearsighted capitalism would call their best interests and demand to be taxed more.

And when you think about it, what more can they do? There is no way to refuse a tax break. You can’t give the money back to the government. There is no mechanism for voluntary taxation.

Perhaps there should be.

So all they can do is use their voice, and presumably their money, to say “I don’t need this and I don’t want this, please repeal these tax cuts. ”

And the more people who are willing to break with the received orthodoxy that says TAXES BAD LESS TAXES GOOD NO MATTER WHAT, the faster we can break the back of the cycle of naked decadence and restore some sanity and order to politics.

Heck, maybe we can even get to a place where true conservatives, the grownup kind who understand that society costs money even when you do not feel like paying it, and who are interested in sober, simple, sincere solutions shorn of any ideological restrictions.

Warm-hearted pragmatists in power. Just imagine.

So bravo, you patriotic millionaires. Wanting to get your USA without paying for it is the exact opposite of patriotism. It is like stealing from your mother’s purse.

It’s like fighting for your right to gnaw on the hand that feeds you.

Had a pretty interesting dream this afternoon. It started off as something else, I think, but it totally turned into an 80’s Ending type dream.

Me and my friends were passing the table of these three douchebags in blazers and ties, and I stopped and told them all about how despite their best efforts, me and my friends would be back for our fourth and final year of college.

I even got to give this big speech about how maybe we were a little strange and unconventional, but it would be a crime not to get the most enjoyment out of these last days of our lives before the big bad world of which they were so fond scooped us up and made us behave.

And the whole crowd cheered, and a big bearded biker type got up and belched long and hard and I said “I think he speaks for all of us, don’t you?”.

And the crowd cheered twice as loud.

I think that has to be one of my best dreams ever. Way to go, brain! More like that!

Here’s another fun video. It is a simple concept but executed well.

Plus, of course, I absolutely had to include it because I am awash in Lovecraft lately. I am almost done of the second of two big compilations of Lovecraft-inspired works, my friend and roomie Joe is reading a comic strip called Young Lovecraft, Lovecraft has come up completely randomly and without any prompting from yours truly in conversations a half dozen times lately, and it is the Halloween season, a great time for spooky shit anyhow.

So when a reasonably well executed Lovecraftian spoof of those Get Your Bible Today type ads came along, I knew it was clearly a sign from the Old Ones that I needed to pass it on to you.

Plus, reading all this horror has reminded me of something about myself.

I am one creepy motherfucker.

And I am cool with that. I’m not just morbidly obese, I’m obesely morbid! I absolutely love a good scare, whether it’s from a horror movie or a spooky story or some of my favorite episodes of X-Files. I love reading about serial killers and murders and other true crime. I have watched a hell of a lot of murder mysteries and police procedurals and so forth.

I have a platonic crush on the Ask a Mortician lady.

So I hereby give myself permission. Go ahead, be strange and morbid and macabre. It is part of you, so own it and enjoy it.

Especially this time of year! Halloween is like Christmas for creepy people!

Lastly, a video that I present to you as a sort of cultural confession. When I tell people I am from Prince Edward Island, after I tell them where that is and why they should care, they often comment on my lack of an accent of any sort.

Well, both my parents are well-educated and I did not exactly have a lot friends growing up, so I was not exposed to the accent as much as the next fella.

But if you want to know what people sound like back home, here it is.

Oh, fair warning, there’s a fuckload of swearing.

Boy, that brings back a lot of memories, none of them good. Harsh, isn’t it? Like a fricking buzzsaw in the ear trying to cut your last nerve off, for fuck’s sake.

So having heard that, I think we all can agree that I really dodged a bullet when I did not pick up that accent. And if you think it sounds bad coming out of those guys, wait till you hear it from a chick.

Seriously, they talk exactly the same.

The only time I have even a little of that accent is when I am drunk. Then it will come out in bits and pieces and then disappear again.

Note : that is not an invitation to get me drunk so you can hear it!

Seeya tomorrow, folks!

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