Internet video EXPLOSION!

By a strange quirk of fate, I have ended up with a web browser stuffed with cool video content, and so tonight, I will share this sudden bounty with you, with, of course, suitable commentary.

First off, let’s start with a very solid science fiction short film called R’ha.

Now that impresses me. A lot of these “must see” science fiction short films are just mindless action sequences with CGI effects to make it “science fictionish”.

But this is a true sci fi story, told carefully and well, that just happens to have some special effects eye candy like a cool alien, a scary evil robot, and some very ophidian looking spaceships.

But the truly amazing thing about R’ha is that it is almost entirely the work of one person, Kaleb Lechowski, who did it all in his first year of animation school.

So all those visuals are the product of one guy’s efforts. The only things Kaleb did not do himself was the voice acting and the music.

That makes it even more impressive to me. The film is the product of the singular vision, toil, and genius of Kaleb Lechowski, and I have to expect that.

And this is no mere demo. I was quite riveted throughout the whole flick. The ending is a little corny, and admittedly the whole “the machines turn against us” deal is not exactly original.

But I still loved it overall. Amazing work.

I can’t wait to see what this guy does in his second year.

Next up, a video full of surprising facts about Morgan Freeman.

Now isn’t that cooler than those tired old Chuck Norris facts? And this time, it isn’t some right wing Bible humping (not a typo) douchebag being honored.

(At least I hope Morgan Freeman is not secretly a right wing asshole. If he is, don’t tell me. )

And of course, the fact that Morgan Freeman himself is narrating all this silly (yet uplifting) “facts” about himself just makes the whole thing that much cooler.

Way to go, MF. You are so very cool.

Next up, we have this little heartwarming flash performance in an unemployment office in Spain.

Wow, it combines two things I love, compassionate flash performances, and The Beatles! I especially approve of their choice of Beatles tunes. That is the most uplifting and beautiful Beatles song I know, and that is truly saying something coming from me, a guy who practically worships McCartney’s musical genius. That song is just plain made of happiness.

And the people of Spain desperately need it. I learned today that unemployment in Spain is a mind gibbling twenty six percent, and amongst the 25 years and younger set, it’s nearly fifty percent.

That is a staggering statistic, and it really brings home the truth of this global financial crisis. We here in Canada have it easy because our banking system is extremely sound. We never had to bail out any “too big to fail” institutions.

Our banks are, compared to the USA, kept on a very short leash, which is exactly how it should be. Banks are too important to the economy to be let just do whatever fool thing pops into their pointy heads.

But a place like Spain is experiencing conditions like the Great Depression, possibly worse. And their fellow EU members are all milling about trying not to get stuck with the tab for Spain’s mistakes.

These are people who could use some orchestra-backed Beatles to make them feel good and give them the feeling that sunny days are just around the corner.

Way to go, Carne Cruda (Raw Meat) 2.0!

Next up, we have this video from an up and coming institute of higher learning.

Well, OK, it’s actually an ad for the new Pixar flick, a prequel to Monsters, Inc. call Monster University. In it, the two principals from the first movie, monsters Sully and Mike, are 18 year old college rivals who become the best of friends and learn warm values.

Yeah, I know, sounds pretty corny, but I trust Pixar to pull it off. Corny is not inherently bad, it just means that the bar is set really high by all that has come before it.

Oh, and check out their very well done website for their fictional university.

A lot of people are saying “Hey, that’s a better website than the one for my university!”.

And speaking of fuzzy monsters (sorta), here’s some cute fuzzy creatures dancing to a brand new song that just might make the charts someday.

Furry Gangnam Style! from EZwolf on Vimeo.

Oh all right, it’s Gagnam Style, the “it” song of 2012, and we are all getting a little sick of it by now despite the fact that it is still a pretty good song, musically speaking.

For all I know, the lyrics are also brilliant, but I wouldn’t know, ’cause I don’t speak Korean.

And I like the video a lot. It’s fun to see furries cutting loose and letting their fur down and having fun. The fact that they are Dutch furries makes a little more fun for me, because I am all about the virtual travel to far off places.

I would rather go there myself, of course, but it will be some time before I can afford to travel at all, let alone according to my desires for a minimum level of comfort.

I don’t need silk sheets and room service, but I do need regular meals, a room of my own with a decent bed, and someplace quiet to write.

As is, I can’t even get home to Prince Edward Island on my own. All the “cheap” ways to travel are anything but, because the cheaper, the slower, and the slower, the more days of meals and shelter you have to pay for, and anything savings you make by going by, say, bus are completely wiped out.

Frankly, I don’t know how people do it. They must be heartier and more resourceful and less scared of the unknown than I.

Plus they have support networks, and I… do not.

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