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Took an extra Quetiapine last night (three total as opposed to my usual two) and so I have slept all day. But it was very good sleep. Restful, relaxing, refreshing. So I don’t mind sleeping that much.

But the fallout is that I am still pretty sleepy, despite it being 8 pm on a day where I have already slept something like ten hours. I am going to try to stay awake at least till my midnight snack, when I will, ironically, be taking more Quetiapine.

Only two this time, though, I think. I do want to be awake at some point tomorrow!

I will be going to OA again with Felicity. We will see how THAT goes.

Tiredness and being in general a little bored with the navel probing lately means I will be sharing links with you tonight. Less of me to think up, and all that.

First off, we have this very funny article from a Jezebel writer about vagina murder.

See, recently, Amanda Bynes, who is apparently some sort of singer/actress type (never heard of her before now and this is not a good introduction to you, little Missy), tweeted the following about rapper and potential vagina assassin Drake :

Man, I love how you can embed tweets now. That looks so classy!

Anyhoo, this bizarre comment prompted Jezebel writer and inquiring mind Erin Gloria Ryan’s brain to go into overdrive with questions, which luckily, she shared with us.

Here are some of my favorites :

8. Is Drake a known murderer of vaginas? If so, why are we only paying attention to his vagina murder when a pretty, rich, famous girl publicly brings it to our attention? How many thousands of non-famous, non-rich, possibly non-pretty vaginas has Drake murdered? What does this say about us as a society?

12. Is there any way that vagina protective services can intervene and perhaps seize temporary custody of Amanda Bynes’ vagina, since she’s calling for its murder and clearly shirking her responsibilities as the caretaker of a vagina?

14. Is Amanda Bynes really mad at her vagina or something? I feel like the vagina must have done something to make Amanda angry with her, otherwise Amanda publicly call for her vagina’s execution.

And probably my all time favorite :

18. What if Drake tried to murder Amanda Bynes’ vagina and it didn’t work because her vagina is tenacious and then her vagina came out of a coma and was like, Now it’s my turn, bitches, and then Quentin Tarantino made a movie about it? I’d watch. No, I actually probably wouldn’t.

I totally would watch that movie.

Damned funny stuff, and brilliant comedy writing. It is the sort of comedy that seems simple, and structurally it is as simple as it gets. It’s just a list of questions in no particular order. Hard to get much simpler than that without resorting to armpit fart noises.

But true genius does not required elaborate structure. Just talent, baby.

Upping the weirdness factor, we have this pretty extraordinary series of bits from Will Sasso (MADtv alum and lad from Ladner, BC), who has taken to the strange new medium of Vine (Twitter’s service for six second video clips… makes no damned sense to me, but whatever) and used it to create a series of six second skits that are as strange and hyperkinetic as they are lemony fresh.

Here they are all in one YouTube video. Warning, as they were originally designed to be standalone short skits, this goes by brutally fast, so make sure you are ready to pay close attention and do not be afriad to watch it a few times over to make sure you get it all.

Kind of like shotgunning a case of comedy, isn’t it? Trippy. If Vine inspires funny people to make incredibly dense and fast-moving comedy like that, I guess it can’t be all bad.

And it is good to see Will Sasso is still around and kicking and making with the comedy.

I love this lemon stuff because he took a very simple gag that any moron can do who has a lemon and a big mouth and turned it into this bizarre and hilarious premise for rapid fire comedy.

And it is perfect for Vine, because it is exactly the sort of thing that would not be all that funny if it was not done at breakneck speed.

Done at Vine speed, I love it to bits. Slower, prolly not. You would see it coming every time.

Lastly, we shall bury the needle on the weirdness gauge so hard that it breaks the damned thing by discussing a very bizarre offering from David Lynch.

And I am not talking just plain old weird. All David Lynch stuff is weird.

I am talking weird compared to everything else he has done. Including Lost Highways.

It is called Rabbits. It’s about rabbits. (It’s also 45 minutes long. Fair warning.)

It’s like David Lynch doing Becket with bunnies. It is very weird and definitely hard to follow, but I quite like it. It is a strange and disturbing trip, but I quite like those.

Maybe it is pleasurable catharsis for my strange and disturbing self. Who knows.

It seems to me that with Rabbits, Lynch completed the trip towards maximum strangeness that he has been on his whole career. Every movie was a little bit weirder, until this, which is arguably roughly as weird as it can set without being completely incomprehensible.

Of course, your mileage may vary on that. A lot of people think he has been incomprehensible all along.

It is also the closest thing we will ever get to a furry movie by Lynch. That is probably for the best. I don’t want to see a bunny Isabella Rossilini getting raped by a bunny Dennis Hopper yelling “Don’t you look at me! Don’t you dare look at me!”

Makes Watership Down seem downright family friendly, doesn’t it?

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