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I have been laying down the deepness for a while now, FSW aside. Between my intense navel gazing and my philosophical ramblings, this blog has been dealing with some really heavy stuff.

I mean, this is fucking ponderous, man.

So I figured that it was about time I just kicked back, put my feet up, popped the top on a cool cool pop, and shared some fun stuff with you guys.

After all, life can’t be all navel diving and portentious pondering.

Even Mister Deep Thinker, me, needs to clear the haze and let the sun shine in now and then.

First up, I would be badly remiss if I did not share with you the hot new feel good clip of the day.

God damn, that kid is funny. He really knows how to crack that comedy whip. His timing, his material, his persona, all very honed and precise and the result is COMEDY, baby.

And this is him at just 14 years old. Imagine how funny he will get when he’s older. He has found a field in which his limitations don’t limit him much, and he clearly plans to dominate it.

Speaking of his limitations, I am amazed at how well he speaks for someone with cerebral palsy. My mental image of people with that disease is that they have one hell of a time getting their muscles to obey them well enough to speak, and when they do speak, it is with a thick and distinctive accent that unfortunately makes a lot of people think they are stupid.

But they are not. They are perfectly normal (or in Jack’s case, brilliant) people trapped in bodies that just plain do not do what they are told. What a terrible fate!

But judging by Jack’s clear speech and lack of the involuntary rolling type motions I associate with the disease, it appears that medical science, possibly in the form of the new anti-spasmodic drugs, have allowed people with cerebral palsy to lead far more normal lives these days.

I am very happy to learn this. Any progress against that horrible disease is a miracle and a true liberation for the millions of sufferers.

And sure, he still needs his mobility device, but it seems reasonably compact and would not be a huge hindrance to mobility, unlike the long metal crutches I associate with the disease.

Go for it, Jack!

Now this next item requires a little bit of a setup.

See, there is this email going around the Intarweb lately. It was written by the president of a sorority called Delta Gamma, one Miss Rebecca Martinson, and it has rocketed her into instant Internet infamy.

Apparently, Rebecca was of the opinion that her sorority sisters were not quite acting properly, and became someone miffed at this. So she wrote a little email note to her sorority pals expressing concern.

I ask you to now click this link and scroll down to the section in italics on a pink background to view the text of her epoch-making little missive. Warning : a very high amount of swearing, including the phrase “cunt punt”.

You now have the necessary information to truly enjoy (and be kind of frightened by) the following.

Now that is how you take an Internet story and take it to the next level. Mike Shannon, our impassioned reader above, is apparently a star of Boardwalk Empire. Never seen the show except for the pilot, so I would not know him.

But I love what he did with Ms. Martinson’s little temper tantrum.

I disagree with all the people calling her the “crazy” sorority girl, though. She seems perfectly sane to me. If she had said “And if we piss of the Sigma Nus, they won’t help us fight the Dog Bats of Planet Zenith in time for the Great Awakening”, I would all her crazy.

But as is, she’s not crazy. She’s just being a colossal bitch. Not the same thing.

That said, I would be willing to accept that she was just having a really, really, really bad day.

I mean, I don’t hold Casey Kasem’s rant against him. Everyone loses their cool sometimes.

Oh, and I simply cannot leave “cunt punt” territory without sharing this with you :

That’s from Run Ronnie Run, a sadly obscure movie from the Mister Show team.

And I think it is bloody brilliant.

Finally, I have to share with you the funniest thing to come out of the recent explosions in Boston.

See, amidst the chaos, the confusion, the terror, the heroism, the speculation, the manhunt, the shootouts, and everything else about the Boston attack was one small, insignificant organization that surely knew from the very first day that big changes would be coming their way very soon.

You see, Boston, like any other modern megapolis, has a lot of sports teams, big and small. And if you have a lot of sports teams, you perforce have a lot of sports team names.

And we all know that many sports teams have had to change their names and mascots and logos in order to keep from offending various peoples and groups.

But never has any team been put directly like a certain semi-professional women’s basketball team with a name you simply will not believe.

Go ahead and guess, then click this link.

Yup. The Boston Bombers. The very phrase now describing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his dead brother. Take a look at their logo :

boston bombers logo

Needless to say, they will be changing everything very, very soon. I am sure that this was a perfectly acceptable team name for many years, and it is only recent events that have rendered it hilariously offensive and inappropriate.

I have not seen someone get fucked by the fickle finger of fate that bad since, well, these people :

And with that, our big bag o’ content is officially empty.

Tune in tomorrow for more of the overwrought and overthought ramblings of my mind!

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