Four vivid videos

Last night was news type links. Tonight, it’s a video show. Get ready for some embeds.

First up, a short and sweet cat video entitled A Very Obvious Cat Trap.

Obvious to us, of course, because we have great big human brains that possess a lot of knowledge about how the world works that is not accessible to our fuzzy feline friends.

So Miss Kitty has no concept of what a trap is, let alone how not to get caught in one.

Note, the technique above should only be used for good, in other words, when cat trapping is medically necessary in order to take your kitty to the vet or change their flea collar or whatnot.

Or when your skitty kitty needs, in your estimation, cuddle time.

Next up, we have that fun pop culture slice of life, the compilation. This one involves a certain Number One and his unique approach to seating.

Hard to know what to say, isn’t it?

I certainly noticed him doing that once or twice, but I had no idea it was a “thing” for Riker. A signature affectation, just plain part of his style.

Frakes pulls it off in a way that seems smooth and natural most of the time. This makes me wonder if it is something he has done all his adult life. He is 6 foot 3, after all, so I am betting that a lot of chairs are a little on the low side for him. Certainly the standard Starfleet model seems to have been designed for someone a little shorter.

I am only 6 feet tall, yet I often find things are built just a little too low for me, especially sinks and countertops. I can only imagine how bad things are with three more inches of height.

So I can totally imagine Frakes’ unique approach to seating being something that he did spontaneously on set once day, and the producers decided they liked it, so it became part of Riker’s style as well.

I suppose if you are a Riker hater, you might say “He can’t even sit like a normal person!”

But I am well disposed to both Riker and Frakes, so I am willing to give them both the doubt and say that I think it works for everyone’s bearded buddy Riker.

After all, he does it so smoothly that most people don’t even notice it until it’s pointed out!

Next on our playlist is a truly epic encounter between an apathetic teacher and an articulate student about the state of education today.

I love this video for three reasons, which I will list in order of ascending importance.

1. I love that kid’s hair. That is epic cool hair, dude. Must be a pain to deal with, but it looks great.

2. I did something similar way back in my junior high days. We had this simply awful French teacher who could not control the class, her lesson plan was a mess, she had no idea what she was doing, and so on.

One day, she decided to take this out on the class. She was being a world class bitch, which is the classic response of a weak person to losing control of a situation. And then she decided to rip into my then-friend Jason, and sent him to the principal’s office.

So there I was, going quietly volcanic as I always do when something threatens someone I care about, when it came to be my turn to answer a question in the exercise we were doing.

She asked me what the answer to the question was, and I said “I don’t care!” then launched on a verbal tirade about her and her terrible teaching skills which, sadly, I do not recall. And this was way before everyone had a video camera in their pockets via cell phones.

What I do remember quite vividly is giving that bitch a hearty “Seig Heil” as I passed her desk on the way to the principal’s office.

And the best part was that I didn’t even get into any real trouble for it. I ended up just sitting there chatting with Mister Meek, one of the school VPs, then when the lunch bell rang, he told me I had better just go home for the rest of the day.

So all I got for my act of rebellion was a pleasant conversation and a half day off school!

And before the end of the month, that teacher was gone.

3. Of course, his hair and my glory days aside, the most important thing about the video is that this young man so articulately and powerfully nails his teacher, and by extension the system that supports her, to the wall. You can just hear the apathy and sullen anger in her voice. She knows she sucks and she is beyond caring about it. She deserves everything she gets out of this.

I mean, teaching via workbooks? Why the fuck is the state paying you a salary?

As the great Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer, should be. ”

Statements like that were made for teachers like her.

Finally, I think I might have shared this one before, but it is so good that I just have to share it now that I came across it again.

I call this a Biblical version of Things That Must Have Happened.

Is that not brilliant? And not just because it is kind of funny to see God Almighty portrayed as a somewhat thick-headed and irritating boss.

If nothing else, it is a perfect example of the irresolvable tension between the Old Testament God, who is downright psychotic not to mention cruel, vindictive, petty, arbitrary, and altogether cranky, and the New Testament Jesus, who is kind, patient, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and noble.

Clearly, Christianity should be all about the Jesus. It’s named after him, after all.

And yet, the Religious Right never seems to bring Him up at all.

Gee, I wonder why that is?

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  1. I have that same Riker thing downloaded from elsewhere. I’m hoping the same person does one about how he tilts his head when he has to turn when he’s walking.

    I’m glad I don’t have to teach classes.

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