So much stuff!

No diary stuff today! Well, except for one thing.

Got my new glasses with the anti-fatigue lenses and a slightly stronger prescription today. Only took them two weeks to make them. Whatever happened to “in about an hour”?

Anyhoo, I have been wearing them all day and so far they are cool and froody. When I first put them on, everything looked really shiny and it sort of felt like my eyeballs were changing shape.

But now I have settled into the new groove. I am not fully adjusted yet by any stretch of the imagination but the weirdest part is over.

And now… STUFF! We will start with the cute and innocent and gradually share to the perverted and obscene.

Doesn’t that sounds like fun, kids?

Up first we have this utterly adorable example of the amazing work fans of the latest My Little Pony show are doing on their own.

It stars a critter called Fluffle Puff. You will soon see how it got the name.

It’s like someone crossed a Pony with a Tribble and filled it with love!

My favorite comedy beat is the one where FP gets cupcake, gasps, then faceplants into it. Excellent timing and very smooth, yet dense. It really shows good animation chops because the animator has to really understand the comedy of little nuances, expressions, and gestures very well to pull it off.

The sort of stuff Chuck Jones (hallowed be his cels) was good at.

I also love the one that ends with FP and that odd looking blue pony rolling around like a tumbleweed. That is just plain adorable AND hilarious.

All in all, way too awesome not to share.

Next up, something to completely mess with your mind.

I love that he does the trick both ways, subtracting the ‘extra’ blocks and then adding them back in. That really helps to sell the trick and I found both ways equally fascinating to watch.

I had never seen this done in three dimensions before, only with paper cutouts. And theoretically, I should not be surprised that it works in “the real world”, and I am not, exactly.

But it is a whole lot more impressive with that additional physical reality to it. Plus I have never seen it done in three stages like that. Wow.

Now there are many videos to explain how the trick works and I will likely watch one eventually, although all the explanations of it I have read before have failed to penetrate this soggy old brain of mine.

But for now, I will just enjoy the magic and the wonder of it, and pleasantly contemplate just how freaky the world of topological transformations can be.

And now, things get just a little darker. Check out what happened across the border recently.

So much for “good fences make good neighbors”, huh? In my experience, fences are exactly the thing that neighbors get into these crazy feuds over. The sweet little lady that lived behind us when I was a kid tried to take us to court because she thought the fence my Dad built in 1980 or so was six inches on to her back yard that she never used.

Granted, she didn’t go nuts with a bulldozer. I think I speak for all of us when I say I can maybe understand ripping out the fence.

But this Swegle asshole destroyed a lot of things that did not belong to him or the people who built the fence, and that is just plain wrong.

Assholes with short fuses should not have access to heavy equipment.

Next up, we have the slightly naughty but mostly super sparkly fabulous Louis Virtel with some words of wisdom (a day late) for Mother’s Day.

Get More:

Very funny and fun stuff. I have thought about it, and if I was a heterosexual parent with no connections to the gay community and my kid came out to me, I think I would say “I want grandkids. You’ll adopt. Otherwise, fine by me!”

Is it weird that I always imagine myself to be the mother in that scenario? I’m so maternal!

My coming out was a shock to absolutely nobody except maybe my father. My siblings all knew, my college friends all knew, distant acquaintances knew. I was in a cellophane closet and I had no idea!

Next, a whole bunch of pretty naughty things. Ignore the fact that it says Banned Commercials 2013. Many of them have never been banned at all and a lot of them have been around for ages.

And one of them is very obviously a skit and not a real commercial.

So just rename it “a bunch of funny commercials”, and enjoy.

My favorites include the Bottle Opening Challenge (very clever and very well executed, if lowbrow), and the one with the father caught in an awkward position (definitely not banned, I saw it on TV a dozen times) is also very well done.

FYI, in the full version of the ad, the father responds to the cop by saying “I’m her… Daddy?”

Oh, and “When are you going to get out of here?” (also never banned. saw it many times) is a work of genius. I totally fell for it the first time I saw it.

And of course, how can I not love this one? Hey, they are both getting what they want, right?

Hate the cowboy hat, tho. Seriously.

And we all know what this kids needs, right? Bam. Like a thunderclap. No warning. No negotiating. Smack. Then you go about your business like nothing happened.

Finally, we have… this. This is most likely NSFW wherever you are. Possibly even in the place the picture was taken.

Click me to enlarge!

I really don’t want to know what you have to do to make it go around and around.

Click to enlarge…. IF YOU DARE.

I really want to live wherever this was taken, because they have to be some seriously cool and relaxed people if they leave things like this out in the open for kids to see.

2 thoughts on “So much stuff!

  1. I read the comments on the video for the trick with the blocks, and not surprisingly, there are no words that can translate the spatial concepts:

    “He removes the bottom parts”

    “It’s fake because he have one more piece when he pause the video he changed the piece two another”

    …and my personal favourite:

    “You put another middle piece (the one with the triangle form), when you put the puzzle back in the ‘box’ we see the parts correctly aligned and all squares are good, but when u put it back on the table (you cut the video) and now, the squares are not aligned, you got 2 middle pieces, 1 with ½ square more height…”


    I guess he’s saying that the trick is that some of the pieces are actually longer than they are wide, but they still look square when assembled.

    Whoever wrote that news piece about the bulldozer needs to learn about not burying the lead. It took them until about three minutes in to stop explaining people’s reactions and just spit out what actually happened.

    The dog testicle-biting beer commercial was too harsh, even allowing for the fact that the first guy was smug. On the other hand, the woman with the earpiece cellphone was being a bitch, but the ad made it clear that it was not on her side—we were meant to sympathize with the guy—so that balances it.

    • Yeah, I get the feeling that people like you and me will never really understand that missing block thing.

      And I agree about the bulldozer piece. I should have linked to the article instead of the video clip in the article.

      And yup, the ball-biting dog was my least favorite. And I hated that ad with the chick with the earpiece. Too harsh for me.

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