Blam kerpow LINKS

Well, I have caught up with Facebook, and you know what that means…

Way too many links to share!

To start off, check out this utterly gorgeous little critter.

Click me to enlarge!

I dub thee EMO FOX!

As always, click to enlarge.

That there is Kira the marble fox, daughter of a marbled red fox named Elain and a silver red crossbreed named Silver. Isn’t she adorable? And beautiful, too. Her markings look like they were applied by a very expensive makeup artist.

Imagine what it would be like to be woken up by that cute face every morning!

Speaking of which….

A British IT worker recently woke up to find a fox in his bed.

The fox was apparently just looking to cuddle. The man woke up and thought it was his girlfriend nuzzling the back of his neck, but instead, it was a foxy lady.

Or lady foxy. Or maybe a tod. Story doesn’t say.

The IT worker in question. Leon Smith, chased the fox away, which shows he is a total cretin and undeserving of such a magical blessing.

I, of course, am infinitely jealous of this man, and I am damned sure that if I woke up with real live fox in my bed (instead of my plushie one, Falstaff), I would greet it with joy and as much cuddling as it could ever want.

The only bad part would be when it went away.

God as my witness, I will have a domesticated fox as a pet some day.

And speaking of pets, this cat video has gone mad viral, and I think it’s obvious why.

The universe rarely gives us such perfect moments of comedy, and I am so glad that I live in an era where it has never been easier to capture and share those moments with the rest of the world, and make people happy with them.

I had my own experience with cat guilt once. Once, when I was a child, I was in the kitchen when I heard a tremendous shattering crash.

Turns out, one of our cats, Ace (named after Ace Frehley of KISS), had been catsploring my sister Anne’s room, and had knocked over Anne’s precious sculpture that she had with, and in the shape of, her own two hands during art class at Three Oaks Senior High.

And I swear, the crash was still reverberating in the air of the home when Ace was at the back door, looking innocent yet oddly urgent, meowing plaintively to me to be let out.

Of course, Anne was devastated by the loss of her very favorite objet d’art from her time in art class, but there is only so mad you can get at a cat.

Makes me glad to be a writer, though. My works might get deleted but at least they can’t be destroyed by a curious feline who simply must rub up against every single object in the house.

Then again, nobody has to “read” a statue.

Next up, we have this extremely touching and moving clip from Jason Alexander about his idol, William Shatner, and what it is like to be forever George.

Nice that he got to talk to Shatner during one of those periods when he was grateful to be forever Kirk. Must have been low on money.

Snarkiness aside, though, it’s a very moving story. I am pleased to know that while Shatner is not Kirk and Kirk is not Shatner, the Shat can pull off a really solid Kirk speech now and then.

And speaking as an artist and sort-of entertainer (when I am not being a rambling philosopher, a blank verse poet, a navel-gazing depressive or a political agitator), I can only hope and pray that some day I make something with that kind of lasting impact.

I would feel very privileged indeed to be part of something that brings great joy to people’s lives, just as the things I love have brought such joy to me.

If there is a God, please let me that before I die, and I will be content.

Next up, more comedy genius, but this time of a decidedly more antique variety.

I love this bit because not only is it damned funny, but it show off both Moore and Cook’s talents.

Peter Cook is, of course, the master of being dryly ironic and delivering those marvelously well crafted verbal gems that capture absurdity so well.

Moore, on the other hand, is the master of being adorable and shameless. The bright, eager, and somewhat dim expression on his face during this skit is comedy gold.

And finally, there is my thing for the day.

What was supposed to be a simple video to accompany the little bit of music I composed today ended up being an epic journey starring a fish. Sort of.

That is definitely a pattern with me. I start off with the intention of doing something simple and effective, but then the ideas start flowing, the elaborations start happening, and before I know it I have made something complicated and often very strange.

I once, as a teen, went to the kitchen meaning to make some toast and returned with freshly made French onion soup, garlic bread, and peanut butter cookies.

I should aim for simple more often!

The music I made today is decent. It’s fun and by limiting myself to about a minute or so, I gave myself a tool to use against my tendency to get kind of lost in the middle of a composition.

In fact, while making that bit of music, I felt like I was breaking new ground in my ability to imagine musical innovation and make it happen. To exceed the limits implied by what I already have and really shake things up in a much needed way.

I hope this leads to even better music in my future. Something with real melodic innovation, not just a good hook and time to kill.

That’s all from me tonight, folks. Seeya tomorrow!

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