The usual potpourri

Today has been the usual silent Saturday. It’s a day I usually end up spending entirely alone, and in the evening, that includes being alone in the apartment as well.

Joe and Julian are, as per their habit, at Joe’s parents’ place playing board games, and I am here all by my lonesome, typing away on the keyboard, with only my music collection, the sound of the fan, and a rather irritating moth to keep me company.

And I am feeling kinda lonely, which is somewhat unusual. I think it is because of the shift in Joe’s shift. Last night, instead of our usual Friday routine of Denny’s and videos, we just did the videos part, because Joe did not get off work until midnight.

Sunday will be the day for our going out for dinner together, and while that was my idea (and still a good one), it has left me feeling lonely tonight because I didn’t get my usual social fix.

Oh well, like I said before, changes in routine are always painful for us stability and predictability minded types, but once the transition is made, everything will settle into place, and life will go back to being comfortable and predictable once again.

Meanwhile, DC Comics wants you to draw Harley Quinn committing suicide.

I am so totally not kidding. Their latest drawing contest calls for would-be DC comic artists to draw a four panel Harley Quinn comic, and in each panel she is killing herself in some “hilarious” way.

This is how Jezebel describes it :

In order to be considered, one must draw four panels: in the first, Harley is attempting to get struck by lightning, in the second she’s wearing a bikini made of chicken in the hopes that alligators will devour her, and in the third she’s attempting to get swallowed by a whale.

But for some reason, it’s the 4th panel that really pisses people off.

Harley sitting naked in a bathtub with toasters, blow dryers, blenders, appliances all dangling above the bathtub and she has a cord that will release them all. We are watching the moment before the inevitable death. Her expression is one of “oh well, guess that’s it for me” and she has resigned herself to the moment that is going to happen.

I don’t get how that is so much worse than the other three suicides, but I guess when people see the word “naked” they go mental.

To me, while I definitely have a huge problem with treating female death as hilarious (get your sex and death straightened out, you bunch of sickening sociopaths!), what really bothers me on a personal level is the cavalier and insensitive treatment of the very serious issue of suicide.

Suicide kills. I have been suicidal. I have known the terror that comes from knowing that you want to die and that all that is keeping you alive is sheer force of will. I have known what it is like to feel like if you slip for just one second, you will walk into traffic, or climb out your window and jump, or go use one of those sharp, shiny knives you have to harm yourself.

So while I would never say that there is any subject that you absolutely cannot joke about, I am quite offended by DC treating the whole thing like a joke.

And seriously guys. What did you think would happen? This is beyond “edgy”. It’s just plain sick, and I am not surprised you are getting your nuts roasted on this one.

Hell, I’ll bring some lighter fluid myself.

Then there’s this bit of comedy. It’s a little mean, but still funny, in my opinion.

Sure, it’s easy to pick on bronies, and I certainly don’t have any problem with them. In fact, I think the whole My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic phenomenon is, well…. magical, and the fact that a bunch of grown men are into the show doesn’t bother me it all.

How could it? I’m a Furry for crying out loud. I was there way before these guys. I certainly don’t have any moral grounds for judging someone for wanting to have sex with cartoon animals.

But being a veteran Furry, I know that such things make one a target of ridicule from the people who simply cannot handle that kind of thing. That’s fine. I know what I like and I have never sought social approval for it.

As for the skit, the main thing I like about it is the dolls themselves. They did an amazing job with them. They look entirely plausible as toys. Not convincing, obviously, but the premise is ridiculous anyhow, so I am not looking to be convinced.

But plausible, and highly detailed. I suspect 3D printing was involved.

And of course, there’s my lil ol vidya du jour :

Another plain talker piece. I am getting so lazy with those. I just have no urge whatsoever to go through them and add text and pictures and whatnot, even though I clearly should.

I am starting to think that what I really should do is an audio podcast. Nobody expects those to be visually compelling, and so all I would have to do is the audio portion of one of my talks with maybe a little production polish to make it sound more like radio.

It’s a thought. I am also still contemplating trying to rearrange my routine so that I am not making these videos between 4 pm and 6 pm. That is when I am at my lowest. I would be far better off doing them after the sun goes down, when I begin to perk up.

And of course, I am still pondering just doing one really good show a week. Then I could spend all the time I want making it a non-stop thrill ride of comedy, politics, philosophy, and edutainment.

It would be quite a switch for me, but the promise of making something amazing might just be enough to convince me to make the switch some day.

Till then, I just keep plugging along.

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