I’m so indie that my shirt don’t fit

More random titles from the songs playing in my head.

Today’s been decent. Did therapy. That went pretty well. When I mentioned that I want to go someplace where there is lively philosophical discussion, my therapist suggested that I look up the local Philosopher’s Cafe action, so I have done so.

There seems to be a number of them. The one here in Richmond, according to my doc, takes place entirely in Russian, which does not surprise me. Russians have a much better attitude towards philosophers, and intellectuals in general, than we here in the Stupid Lands, and there is a very large Russian population here.

Heck, the apartment complex I live in is half Russian. So while it sucks that there might not be one of those events near me that I could actually participate in, I am not surprised that it was the Russians who had the motivation to start one and keep it going.

Russia has a long history with coffee-house intellectuals.

There seems to have been a series of them out of Kwantlen College, which is also here in Richmond, but the latest info I can get on them is a schedule for Spring 2013.

Close, but not close enough.

Still, I will try to email the organizer and see if they are still going.

Here’s a feel-good story for your edification and illumination :

What a great bunch of kids! How many kids would even think of making up their own holiday? And I love how they sort of diss Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by saying “They get this extra day besides their birthdays, why don’t we?” Because they are raising you, kiddo, but I don’t expect you to understand that yet.

Of course, along with everyone else who watches that video and has a heart (not so fast, Republicans!), I hope the boys keep right on celebrating Brother’s Day until they are old and grey.

Also in the heartwarming category, we have a completely adorable white lion kitten who is working on her roar.

The stuttered sound. The fluffy white fur. The helplessness. It really makes it seem like someone crossed a lion with a sheep.

So THAT’s what happens when the lion lies down with the lamb.

I have a real weakness for squeaky little kitten mews, and the petite lioness’ vocalizations technically qualify, but are a tad more disturbing than most.

I have my budget for Vcon more or less worked out in my head. It’s good that it’s a little later in the month than I had anticipated, because I will only have to cover two weeks post-Vcon before my next check.

So I have around $233 to my name right now. Take out $60 for registration and that leaves $173. I have budgeted #100 for 5 meals of $20 each, and that should cover supper Friday night, and lunch and supper on Saturday and Sunday. Breakfasts I can skip, improvise, or cadge off of Hospitality.

That will leave me with around seventy dollars to see me through two weeks, which will be tight but it should be manageable as long as I keep a tight grip on the purse-strings.

Here’s a fun news story : optometrist tests female patient’s eyes by masturbating.

Doctor Emmett Deck the Third (what pride he had bought to his father and grandfather’s legacies) was fitting a 33 year old woman for new contact lenses when he suddenly invited her into his “private office”.

Alias his actual private office. Whereupon he proceeded to “polish his lenses”… alias spank it, alias shaking hands with the bishop, alias masturbate his privates.

The story does not say how old ol’ Triple Decker is, but my guess is that he’s between the ages of 45 and 55, and has led a perfectly normal, strait-laced, family-oriented, pillar of the community life until now.

But there is just something that happens to men of that age bracket that makes some of them develop a runaway libido that sweeps all common sense and rational self-interest out of the window and makes them a slave to the “Little Head” over the big one.

A lifetime of repression and always doing the right thing and being the right kind of man suddenly boils over, and they do something like go and have an affair, lead a double life, get smacked down for sexual harassment because they keep playing grabass with their staff, or even, in this dude’s case, just plain whip it out and jumpstart it right in front of someone.

My theory is that the really crazy stuff like Doctor Sausage Slapper up there comes from the really repressed types with very little sexual experience outside a very vanilla marriage and so they just plain do not know what to do with these feelings, and so they just keep on repressing them until the dam bursts and it’s your face next to a headline about your staff complaining about how much you lick them.

But I guess it’s not a surprise that so many men want to show off their thang.

After all, it’s worth a million bucks.

I won’t bother getting all frothingly angry over that. Take it as read that I am super pissed about such blatant inequity. Especially when there are far more single mothers (not by choice) than single dads.

I like the style they did the PSA in, though. I am not usually keen on the cutouts and markers style, but these folks did it with a good eye for visual presentation and really made it work.

Oh right. And, yet another song.

Still not the powerful kickass no-hole-barred heavy techno stuff that I keep failing to create, but still a pretty cool little bit of music, in my humble if not downright self-effacing opinion.

Someday, I will unlock the secret of how to make the kind of ass kicking music that I dream of. The kind of thing that blends the tools of sample based music with the style of things like heavy metal and industrial.

Stuff like that awesome Mortal Kombat theme. But more modern.

Some day, Gadget. Some day!

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  1. That equal pay video would have worked better if they hadn’t made Steve such an idiot. After all, they specifically said Sam and Steve were equal in talent, intelligence, competence, and work ethic, so resorting to the usual advertising trope that men are idiots is not only unnecessary but shows that the director did not read the script.

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