Friday Night Special : WHSFB

Aaaand it’s another piece of music.

I am quite pleased with how that piece turned out. Best thing I’ve done since The Funky Duck.

I guess if I just keep making music, even if none of it is making me happy, eventually I will make good music that DOES make me happy.

Mentally I know that’s how it works, but I guess my heart needs some convincing.

Practice makes perfect, dammit!

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Special : WHSFB

    • Indeed. It takes a special kind of faith to just keep going, keeping making art, even when you feel like what you make is crap.

      I know a lot of creative people who are blocked by this very thing. They compare themselves to their idols, see how far they are from them, and give up.

      But their idols didn’t start out that good.

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