On The Road : Fuzzy edition

Heya people! writing you a short note ftom the lobby of the hotel hosting the tail end of Vancouverfur 2015.

I have had a ton of fun, and I am pretty tired right now. In fact, I ead worried that I would need to sleep all afternoon in the car, even though I got to bed at a reasonably sane hour last night. But I feel betternow. I might even get some food.

Ixnay on the food. Today’s buffet is $25 and I don’t have that to spare. Fuck poverty sucks. If I got the buffet, I would have no money left to see me from now till Wednesday.

My budget is going to be very tight till next check. But in APRIL I will get a GST check plus, the sooner I fo my taxes, the sooner I get the yearly check, so spring should be much better for me.

The always radiant Felicity was kind enough to give me 50 dollars towards the application fee for VFS, or if that is not needed, towards the documentation I need from back home to get some proper ID, also needed for applying to VFS.

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