The silence speaks, part 6

It worked. Blessed be the Light, it worked!

I have made contact with the other Radiants on Earth, and I have done it in a way that Authority can neither control nor suppress. As long as humans have eyes, we can communicate.

You see, many wave cycles back, I learned an old trick first used by the first Radiants to communicate with one another. It involves encoding information into spheres of colored light bound by a thin electromagnetic shell and releasing them to float into the air and over the horizon.

Any other Radiant will instantly recognize and decode this message even without training. But with training, it is instant and effortless, and I know all of my fellow Radiants on Earth have had that training.

It was meant to prepare us for assignment to places with very sparse populations, or places where the usual channels we establish for communication do not work, but I am quite thrilled to say that it works equally well as a way to circumvent Authority.

I did not know if I would get a second chance to communicate, so I packed my initial message with all the information I have about the Voids and how to use my method to send messages back to me. Decoding is automatic. Encoding, less so.

And for a while, I awaited their reply, torn between desperate anguish and shivers of unbridled optimism. Surely the spheres of brightly colored light would be seen by millions of humans all over the world, and my fellow Radiants would see them in the minds of their flock, and my message would be received.

And after a brief eternity, they replied. First one, then two, then half a dozen, then a torrent that must have the humans quite bewildered at all the lights in their skies that they cannot explain.

All I had to do was monitor a couple hundred human minds, carefully selected for their hunger for on the spot current events, and I got all the replies I could ever want, and more.

First, all that came were acknowledgments of receipt. That part of the process is automatic and it would be beyond Authority’s control to keep those under wraps.

After that, though, the other Radiants were on their own. They could have ignored my message and gone on attending to their duties and nothing would have come of it.

But no. By my count, twenty seven of the roughly thirty Radiant agents here on Earth replied beyond the acknowledgment and all but one of them share my concerns about the Voids and about how Authority has been treating us.

Indeed, some of their objections were far more cogent and on point than anything I could come up with. Seems that Authority has been treating all of us, or at least all of us on Earth, in the exact same distant and heavy-handed way.

So much for my egocentric theories of being singled out for punishment! Which I now find highly amusing.

From what I gather from their communications, there have been Void sightings in all their territories, but only I have seen one… feed. Also, there seems to be far more Void activity in my area than any other. None of them had witnessed Cellophane even half as often as I have, neither did they think of him as a threat as I had even before the incident.

By the Within, could I be reason for that? Did my detection and monitoring of Cellophane somehow reinforce its existence and make it strong enough to feed? Is there something about my particular frequencies that attracts these creatures?

After all, none of us have any idea why Cellophane struck when and where he did. Why now? Why that woman? What was he doing all those years I spotted him browsing through shops? What was he looking for?

Even after consulting extensively with Radiants far cleverer than I, we are no further to an answer to any of those questions. There is nothing special about my own patch of Earth. There is no high level science going on here that might attract (or create) a new form of life. The humans of my district are nothing special. As far as we can tell, there is nothing about the local geomagnetism or other energy patterns to create any sort of unique or ideal conditions for anything.

And yet Cellophane definitely favours here. As a group, we are stumped.

But it feels so good to pierce my isolation and find out that I am not alone in spotting Cellophane that, for the moment, that doesn’t matter. I have rejoined the holy chorale of my people’s vibrations, and it is only upon rejoining that I realize how much I have missed it. It is as though I had been starving for so long that I had forgotten food even existed, and now, I am full, and grow healthier by the hour.

Thus emboldened, I feel fully confident that this new union of Earth’s guardians will prove to be far, far more than the sum of its parts, and that there is no problem we cannot solve if we work together. Whatever the Voids are, wherever they come from, we will unite our strengths, our minds, and our information into a single powerful force capable of excising the horror that is the Voids from the body of the human race and destroying it forever.

And the best part is, thanks to another Radiant who knows a surprising amount about communication, we will soon have our own global channel that Authority can’t even touch. It will have to be done slowly and very quietly, but once it is established, Authority will be helpless to prevent its use, and we can stop frightening our humans with colored lights in the sky.

I am far calmer now than I have been in some time. Gone are the bitterness and hysteria of before. Now, I am a leading voice in a choir of many, and together, our victory is assured.

A little surprised they all agreed to this so easily, though.

I guess maybe I am something special after all.

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