Detailed outline for Paragon Episode 1

  1. Philbert and Yellow discover the clean underwear mystery
  2. Philbert and Yellow come back to HQ to report about this new case. This involves Philbert, much to Yellow’s chargin, insisting upon stopping and saying hello in every single department,. and voila, world-building exposition.
  3. The Director decides that the case has Paragon written all over it – ridiculous phemenon, obscure and banal subject matter. a genuine Fortean mystery that is just plain too stupid for anyh other agency to touch it. He sends the pair out to gather more information and/or underwear.
  4. Out in the field, Philbert and Yellow interact in a humorous way as they intercut scenes of them getting pair after pair of clean underwear and noting the size,manufacturer, style, location, time, approximate level of soakage, unique characteristics if any, and of course, the results of a full psychomtric scan. Yellow can’t believe that this is what he is doing with his life.Philbert just shrugs cheerfully and gets on with the job.
  5. Cut to the director looking at some large chart of some sort. Reverse angle reveals it to be a hug map of tghe city with clean pairs of men’s underwear pinned to it in various places and connected by various colors of yarn. He is staring at it with the fixed intensirty of a chess grandmaster scrutinizing the board. This culminates in Philbert walking in, taking one look, and saying “Oh cool, a double helix. ” The Director stares at him agape, then recomposes himself and says “Well of course it is. “
  6. The Director tells P&Y that analysis of the phenomenon’s obvious double helical structure reveals that the entire phenomenon is centred around a tiny three-machine laundromat in the back of a seedy mom and pop convenience store in a run-down part of 5 road. They are handed a dossier, and the last thing we seen in the scene is Philbert saying to Yellow, “Wow this really must be serious. ” “What makes you say that?” “He gave us QUARTERS.”
  7. Our intrepid duo head cautiously into the tiny laundromat. The middle dryer is running and making loud clunking and banging sounds like there’s a pair of boots in there, but when they open it…. there’s nothing in there! With some trepidation, they feed all the pairs of underwear into the dryer, feed it quarters, set it in motion, and stand back. At first. nothing unsual happens, But then suddenly, the dryer starts shaking and vibrating towards P&Y, backing them into a corner. Suddenly, the dryer stops, its door flings open, our heroes are bathed in kaleidoscopic light, then fade away.
  8. They reappear in a small, eclectic-ly decorated room shot at a weird angle a la David Lynch. They are greeted by the Great and Majestic Ruler of the Land Beyond Time, who is a sock puppet. He informs them that they were chosen by the Gods of Cosmic Harmony to be the agents of a very important temporal adjustment and that from now until the end of time, they will be remembered as great heroes by the Inter-Cosmic Government.
  9. The sock puppet says “And it all went smoothly thanks fo you guys remembering to turn the load size indicator to Large. ” “But we said it to small!” “YOU FOOLS! YOU’VE UNBALANCED THE LOAD!”. Alarms go off, flashing colored lights flash all over the place (or whatever cheap showy crap we can come up with).and there is an enormous white FLASH.
  10. Next is a a montage of shots of various pairs of clean wet underwear landing in placeds where P&Y found them, accompanied by bits of dialogue distored by weird audio effects.
  11. Finally, we fade from white to P&Y sitting in Philbert’s care, visibly shaken. Yellow asks Philbert, “Did… that really happen?” And philbert thinks for a few moments then says “Some of the time…. yes. “
  12. The car drives off into the distance, and the last shot of it we see is the rear window… with a pair of wet male underpants stuck to it.

Not bad for a first try.

I kind of made a lot of it up myself as oppoosed to implementing the notes. I found myself incapable of processing the notes at all. I read two of the files and I was hopeleslly confused. It’s too much information for me to process into a single coherent story. I had no idea I couldn’t do that kind of thing until today.

And now, I have a problem, because what’s the point of Felicity taking the noytes if I’m not going to use them? I’m going to have to work out some way of handling the info load. Maybe take notes on the notes, but notes that I can put into a logical order that makes sense to me. That would help a lot.

But basically, I am relying on my partners in crime to tell me all the important plot details I forgot, which ones I got conflated, and which ones I misremembered entirely.

That’s the world of entertainment. Fuck your ego, get shit done. It was humbling to realize my limitations in this field but there is no sebnse dwelling on it when the problem can be solved via collaboration.

And the good kind, the kind that happens with sane, competent, responsible people working together with a common sense of purpose.

Not like group work. Fuck group work, too.

After I get feedback on all I did wrong, I will do a further expanded outline, The kind where detail everything that happens in the episode.

“Bob asks Margaret what she meant by that. She laughs him off and accuses hi of being deliberatelty obtuse. He get very angry, and punches a hole in the wall. Then he turns into the Hulk. ”

That kind of thing.

And then I will do the ep. I am looking forward to it, I have a lot of fun ideas. I might ends up skipping right to the writing, in fact… I know that’s not the way things are supposed to be done, but I’ve never been good at doing things the “right” way anyhow.

I get it done my way, and that will have to do,.

Time for me to rest my rain.

I will talk to you nice people again tomorrow.

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