To foob or not to foob, that is the question

And the answer, of course, is…. FOOB!

I mean honestly, why not?

Here we are again in wacky crazy Foobsville, population F00B, and it’s time to get down, get funky, and share some of the bounty of the Internet with you fine folks as you browse the shops, boutiques, and bidets of our quaint little town.

First off, hey, remember this guy?

That’s Jim Carrey, confessing his undying love and urinary issues to Emma Stone.

I can’t believe there are people complaining about how “creepy” Carrey seems in this video. Um, this is Jim Carrey, he was born creepy and has been working on it ever since. He’s a very talented guy, and I loved Ace Venture when I saw it in the theaters (not sure I still would, mind you… ) and I consider myself somewhat of a fan.

But if you can’t tell that he is not being serious at all in this video, and obviously made this for Emma Stone in order to make her laugh and have something fun to share around, then like Ebert said, you have Irony Blindness and there should be a telethon for people like you so you can get the help you need.

Next up, we have a story so full of “Awwwwww!!” cuteness that it will make your heart happy and your inside giggle! It’s the story of two highly unusual friends.

Skip to 0:30 to see what I am talking about.

Isn’t that lovely? That dog swims out into the harbour every single day just to play with his dolphin friend. It’s such a marvelous testament to the gregarious and loving nature of our fuzzy best friends that it does my heart good just seeing it.

And of course, it also shows how friendly and playful dolphins are as well. One can only speculate about what Doogie the Dolphin thinks of his odd fluffy (and soggy) playmate. Does he think of him as just a very weirdly shaped dolphin? Or do dolphins even care about such things, or do they just want to be friends with the world?

If he’s lucky, maybe his dolphin friend will teach him to go conching. It is totally the latest thing amongst the dolphin “smart set” and would be tres. tres chic.

As for the dog’s owners at the inn, I am sure they really appreciate having this unique little feature to draw in tourists.

But I bet they could live without the daily salty wet dog smell. Eww.

Next door to that last story we find one of my favorite things in the world : geek love.

This guy, Gary Hudston, commissioned two very talented Portal 2 level designers and, get this, featuring the original GladOS voice actress, Ellen McClain, to make a three part Portal 2 level that would end with a marriage proposal to his gal, Stephanie.

For those of us who do not inherently find watching someone completely a Portal 2 level fascinating, I highly suggest watching the opening text sequence, then skipping ahead to around 6:30 in the video for the marriage proposal bit.

Oh, and if you want the full story, click this here link.

I absolutely adore this kind of thing. I am a big soft sentimental marshmallow at heart, and big romantic gestures like this melt my gooey heart every time. If I am ever lucky enough to have a fellow in my life who goes to this kind of trouble to propose to me, I will love him forever and ever and ever and then some. I would fall for this like a ton of besotted bricks. And if I was ever the one doing the proposing, you can bet I would want to make it something spectacular, because only something big and sweet like this could possibly express the depth, breadth, and power of my love.

Plus, you know, I’m a ham.

Finally, we offer this chilling vision into what happens when your mama finally gets tired enough of your pestering her while she does the laundry to snap.

He's well hung for his age

“And you will stay up there, young man, until you either learn to behave like a civilized human being, or the sheets are dry. ”

Well, that’s it for this week, foob fans! Time to roll up the streets, tuck the kids into bed, share a nightcap with someone you love in front of a roaring fire, preferably in a fireplace, and then slip in to bed for a long night’s sleep.

You’ve earned it!

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