A visit from Hitler

Hitler has come to visit me, and I could not be happier.

Perhaps I should explain.

It all started with this :

That, my friends, is a genuine copy of Mel Brooks doing a hilarious and remarkably well produced and listenable rap song parody of Hitler. And he is doing it as Hitler, which only makes it that much better. As a comedy guy, I can think of no better way of getting revenge on history’s monsters than by mocking them as hard as you can and robbing their legacy of even the grandeur of a mighty villain.

We laugh at your attempt to make yourself larger than life via atrocity, and show you to be the cheap petty pathetic grubby little loser you always were. You are not worth hating.

Said clip has been on my YouTube account for quite a long time without attracting much in the way of attention, like most of my clips.

But recently, I got a visit from an apparently genuine Nazi, and by my modest standards, all hell broke loose.

Check out the comments page action!

First we have a comment from a person entirely lacking in irony :

many people dont think of this man… they only see fucking videos like that and dont know anything… he was a fucking asshole, bad video´╗┐ 1 star

Man, talking about missing the bus entirely, huh? But big deal, that was three years ago. There was a bit of tussle with people rushing this guy’s complete ignorance, and him sadly and tragically trying to defend his point by instantly Godwin-izing himself.

“You guys are assholes, just like Hitler!”. Oh, the humanity.

But then this guy came along and really spiced things the hell up.

Calling himself ReallyImportantWork and potentially an actual Nazi (or neo-Nazi, I supposed), he kicked things off with this lovely comment :

Hitler created “6 million” new jobs which salvaged the Germans from the murderous communist jews. To supplant the economic miracle which Hitler engineered the´╗┐ jew-owned nations spewed the bogus “Holocaust” claims that Hitler created “6 million” jewish corpses. It was shown conclusively by the mid-1950s that no systematic extermination ever happened inside the network of camps built by the Germans. Hitler was probably the only man since the Crucifixion capable of defeating the jewish menace.

Man, i hope it hurts to be that wrong. For what it is worth, I figure this guy is sincere. Nothing in there has the telltale signs of trollish exaggeration in order to maximize offense. His points, as hilariously and pathetically easy to refute as they are, they seem like genuine neo-Nazi talking points.

Whether it is better to be a neo-Nazi than a troll is up to you.

His points, in fact, remind me of those of this guy who used to live troll my university campus. He would lurk about in his beat up ex-military jacket, trying to strike up conversations with groups of students in order to oh so subtly try to recruit them into his fucked up circle of holocaust deniers.

People would just laugh him off, not even believing he was sincere. He rapidly became a figure of public ridicule and amusement. People would whisper and point and giggles when he entered the room. Eventually, he ran out of people who did not know what he was all about before he even opened his mouth, and so he slunk back into the sad little shadows where such people go.

But meanwhile, back at the point…

Now that I have laid the foundation, I will explain why this sort of thing makes me happy.

One, it got people talking, and I love that kind of thing. My dream is to have a blog with forums and a thriving commenting community, with yours truly as both moderator and inspiration. I adore discourse, and it would make me very happy to have a community of discourse of my very own.

Also, I mean come on, this guy is hilarious. I cannot possibly be offended by comments so clearly wrong-headed and evil. I am just amazed that people like him have the nerve to comment publicly. It is like seeing some rare and absurd species of bird long thought justly extinct come crashing out of the underbrush and start trying to mate with a manhole cover.

So thanks, ReallyImportantWork, you lingering symptom of an ancient disease. I haven’t decided whether it is worth replying to you yet, but thanks for brightening up my day with your absurd antics.

Haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

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