Too much stuff!

This is getting to be a Thursday “thing”, isn’t it? Damn. I am a writer, I am supposed to be creative and unpredictable. Yet no matter what, order and stability always emerge from the chaos.

I am pretty sure there is something really deep and meaningful in there about chaos math and emergent systems like, for instance, life. But I got content to share and people to do, so I am not going to go into it now.

Thus, it will dissolve back into the chaos of my mind, and emerge again in a completely different form.

Creativity is so freaky!

All right, what all do I want to share?

Well, there is this pic that Weird All (all hail the Al!) posted to his Twitter recently :


Al’s caption is “I always get a little grossed out whenever I see a Pepsi sphincter. “. Bet most of you did not even know that is where Pepsi came from….

Just kidding. This is not Futurama and Pepsi is not Slurm.

If you haven't seen the episode, trust me, you don't wanna know

But still, there is definitely something uncomfortably sphinctoid about that design. I am sure Al was not the first person to note this.

Not that I blame Pepsi. That is the natural design for things you want to only go one way. Nature does know what it is doing sometimes.

And honestly, I am a pretty straightforward, pragmatic, direct person, but even I would have trouble being the guy at the meeting who raises his hand and says “Um…. doesn’t this look just a little too much like a butthole for something we want associated with a brown drink?”

Even if they agree with you, they are never going to look at you the same way again.

Speaking of pictures, this one had been making the rounds of the Internet because it expresses a simple truth of our times so well.

Same hate, different era

Sorry to drop the serious on you all, but this is the sort of thing that needs to be shared.

The Twitter message that went with this pic puts it perfectly.

“These two pictures will be viewed/judged identically by our children and their children. ”

Spot on, my friend. From this point onward, history will judge the two fights for civil rights, and the incredibly ugliness that the light of reason and charity drives to the surface when the fight is nearly done, to be the same. They will see no difference between people marching to prevent interracial marriage and marching to prevent gay marriage. And there is a reason for that.

Because there is no difference.

We in the GBLT community should not take the recent victory of the anti gay marriage forces in North Carolina too hard. This is the sort of thing that always happens when the fight is nearly over. The right wing reactionaries always put up the biggest fight when they realize public opinion is against them and they know that this is their last chance to try to pray the tide away.

And it never makes a bit of difference, because all their protesting and blocking entrance to schools and spewing hate into every available microphone does is further cement their image as horrible, cruel, mean, nasty people who are definitely way outside the mainstream, and hence, they lose all credibility with the massive movable middle who truly decided how things work.

They make it so that nobody who thinks of themselves as a nice person, a sensible person, or even just a socially acceptable person will be willing to associate with them, and hence the balance shifts towards the liberal side of the teeter-totter.

And it will never shift back.

What else should I share…. well, there is this thing.

It it making the rounds of Internet movie fans with remarkable speed, and I can see why, but to me, it is highly flawed. The editing is quite jerky and unnatural, the compositing is crudely done, and there are large stretches which are not comedically justified.

I mean, sure, the whole “You talkin to me?” scene is the most famous scene from Taxi Drive (for some reason), but that does not mean you have to just stick a Mickey hat on DeNiro and put it in there. That is just not funny or interesting.

And sure, what they did with the “All the animals come out at night” speech was amusing, but even then it was off pace and went by too quickly.

Again, I can see why it has caught on. But to me, it is far too sloppy, crude, and unfunny to justify its popularity. I think it gets passed around mostly on premise alone, and that is never pretty.

Finally, a depressing bit of news that nevertheless needs to spread far and wide : Mitt Romney was a vicious bully in high school.

And he went to a very expensive and exclusive high school. So those were other rich kids he was bullying. He cut off one “presumed gay” student’s hair.

I am pretty sure that makes him officially evil, right? As if his bastardly practices at Bain Capital, where he and his rich friends had tons of fun taking successful business and running them into the ground for fun and profit, were not enough.

Nope, he was also a laughing, smirking, cruel, mocking bully who made fellow students’ lives miserable and seemingly had no idea what he was doing was even wrong.

I was a victim of severe bullying as a child, so I might be biased.

But now I just want the fucker to die, die, die. Mo mercy for bullies. They show none of us. We will show none to them.

There is no way a bully can be elected President.

And sure, that was a long long time ago, but I do not care.

Die in flames, you bastard.

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