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Nothing really noteworthy about my therapy today and this browser of mine is absolutely overflowing with stuff, and that is really slowing down my computer, so it is time for a full flush, y’all.

First of, Ron Paul is a massive hypocrite.

The one thing this guy had going for him, in my view, was his integrity. He might be a crazy ideologue who believes in a lot of things that are stupid, evil, and crazy, but you got the feeling that he was sincere and meant every word.

But not the words he spoke against the UN, apparently, because now Ross Perot’s crazier cousin has called upon a UN body to confiscate from its legal and rightful owners just because he does not feel like playing the perfectly reasonable $250K the owners want for it.

Wow. Getting big government to stomp on the little guy to give you what you want for free. That sounds like pretty much the opposite of his supposed free-market libertarian stance to me.

Guess libertarianism is only fun when it means you have more money. When it might cost you money, it is Big Government time.

Just goes to show that American libertarianism is intellectually bankrupt.

Next up, this interesting piece from Jezebel.

Apparently, on the show Girls, they dared to have an episode where the average-looking character Lena met a rich, handsome guy who thought she was beautiful and they had a fab date together.

Bravo for them! But what makes this truly television worth doing is that it has brought all kinds of ugliness to the surface where people think the show is “unrealistic” in supposing a hot guy could ever fall for someone average, and some people are even asking if the whole thing was a dream sequence because in their minds, this kind of thing just cannot happen.

And the intriguing thing is that this is not all coming from horribly sexist men. No, most of this flack is coming from women, ones who presumably think of themselves as feminists but who are quick to support the notion that a woman is worthless if she is not good looking when it happens on TV.

In TV world, everyone who matters is beautiful, and everyone else is background, and maybe normal people hook up just for laughs now and then, but the cardinal rule is that beautiful people never, ever, ever hook up with normal people.

Not of their own free will, anyhow.

So bravo twice for this Girls show. Obviously, this episode is stimulating a very necessary discussion about television and lookism and all that nasty business.

And speaking of the beautiful people, how about this video about the women of LA?

Also got that from Jezebel, where they correctly grokked that there is something off about this video but lacked the subtle understanding of the male psyche to really understand it.

They are right to call out these guys for being shallow for not being willing to date the fat chicks from the valley or the hairy Persian girls. Ignoring the ones who are not model/actress pretty is just as shallow as them ignoring you if you are not rich, boys.

But what I feel is truly going on is that our hero comes to a place with so many gorgeous women, all on the make (because that’s Hollywood, baby) that he just can’t believe that absolutely none of them are interested in him. Somewhere in his male mind, his standards just went through the roof, and he and his two can’t-get-laid friends have been blinded by beauty and lost all sense of proportion.

Obviously, they need to get their head out of the clouds and their hands out of their pockets and look around for other people who look like them and who also can’t get the beautiful people.

And just remember, nobody gives a fuck what funny guys look like… if they are successful!

And now for the token Valentine’s Day content. (No I didn’t forget, I just don’t care. )

But because this is me we are talking about, it’s not just about love.

It’s also about BRAIN SCIENCE! w00t!

I am particularly caught by the idea that OCD might be related to low serotonin levels. Perhaps OCD should be added to my mental list of “all the ways that the same chemical imbalance that causes depression can manifest in behavioural problems”.

After all, all the little compulsive behaviours associated with OCD have one thing in common : they stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. That’s how our brains reward us for following our instincts to clean, or follow superstitions, or what have you.

When an OCD sufferer gets caught in their obsessions, perhaps what is really going on is that they are stimulating their brains to release more serotonin until they feel “normal”.

If so, that seems like a particularly cruel self-medication trap.

Finally, OMG, a video web meme that I really like! Finally!

It is called the Harlem Shake, and here is an example.

Basically, they all use the same sound clip, and start off with someone dancing alone, then at the point where the deep voice says “Do the Harlem Shake!”, it cuts to the same place but full of people dressed up crazy and dancing like lunatics.

And I love it so, so much.

I mean, check this one out :

Those army people know how to party the fuck out. I just love how this meme taps into people’s deep down desire to just be as weird as they possibly can be.

That is what makes me love it so. It is like every video is this magnificent explosion of colorful, enthusiastic nuttiness of just the kind that I adore.

This one wins the attendance award :

Far fuckin’ out, man.

But this is probably my fave because of location.

That is to say, both that they did it in a subway car, which appeals to my desire to make boring locations into something magical, and that it is from Canada.

And has what kind of looks like Samantha Bee in a cow costume and a guy wearing a pixelated head of our loathsome Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Keep letting your freak flag fly, folks!

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  1. So it looks like my prediction (that I forgot to tell anyone, so, too late now) that this will be the next Gangnam Style, was correct.

    I like how in the subway one, that blonde girl is trying not to smile during the first part, but is still smiling a little.

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