Two videos and something you will not believe exists

Had a very productive session with the therapist today.

We refocused on anger (my least favorite and hence most important thing to talk about) then ended up talking about a related issue, which is arrogance and intelligence.

I won’t go into it in great detail yet because I am still processing it and I have links to share, but the gist of it was that one of the biggest blocks to my becoming a more integrated person is my inability to really deal with just how intelligent I am.

More on that later. Now, for some cool links from today’s web wanderings!

First off, the sweetest and most awesome thing you will see today.

A dear sweet old granny wrote a song about her granddaughter’s upcoming lesbian wedding, and GLBT marriage in general, and it will make you feel all full of sunshine and happiness.

Isn’t she just adorable? I totally want to give her a big hug. She also manages to sum up the gay marriage date with remarkable clarity and simplicity. And to think, she did it all out of love!

When sweet little old grannies are on the side of gay marriage because they correctly understand that it is about love and family, you just know the opponents of gay marriage are doomed.

Not that we need any more evidence. Senior citizens are the population most rapidly switching sides to the pro gay marriage position, presumably because they all have children and grandchildren who have come out of the closet and want to get married, and love of your children and their children is far, far stronger than any stupid and hateful political position.

And all over the world, country after country, and state after state, are joining the modern world and embracing gay marriage with absolutely no ill effects. That slender thread of plausibility to the notion that gay marriage might do some vague sort of harm has been snapped.

And now the opponents just look petty and mean, which is just and proper, because that is actually all that they have ever been.

Next up, a lady with some damn good ideas stated well.

I love this video because the speaker does such an excellent job of making the clear, nuts and bolts, logical case for liberal values like investing in early childhood care because it actually save the system money in the long run.

And I completely agree with her. I think there should be a better system for making sure that kids are looked after from the day they are born than what we have now, where right when childcare is at its most expensive, parents have the financial drain of having to pay for childcare, either via a babysitter or some kind of child care center.

Either that, or have an even bigger financial drain from having one parent quit work.

We need to face the fact that raising a child from infancy to school age is an incredibly demanding job, and yet the truth is that the two parent income family is here to stay,

The only way to reasonably resolve this problem, in my opinion, is government subsidized child care. I would be open to the notion of it working on a voucher style system, with the rider that if you take government vouchers, you are not allowed to charge any more than that.

I would also, however, be open to it being completely government run, like the school system.

And yes, I do have some doubts about creating a system where kids are raised by the State even more than they are now.

But as long as the little ones go home to their parents every night and on the weekends, I don’t see this as a big problem.

After all, with both parents working, they would not be seeing their parents anyhow. It would be a babysitter or some for-profit childcare center either way.

The main change would be the freeing of young parents from financial strain.

Finally, the thing you will not believe exists.

I have two words for you people : EDIBLE. ANUS.

I dare you to click on this link (NSFW, technically)!

Yes, somewhere in this big old world, someone decided that what this big old world really needed was big old assholes made of chocolate.

I say it’s only “technically” NSFW, because while it is a reasonably reasonably facsimile of a butthole, it really does not look like much.

If you saw it out of context, it’s at best a fifty-fifty chance that you would even recognize it as what is was. You might just think it was an interestingly textural bit of abstract art.

Still, hats off to this company for making something so breathtakingly fucked up. I have no idea what the thought process that went into creating this product was, but I bet it was disgusting.

And here’s the kicker : they have been in business since 2004. That means that this business model is successful and there is a real market for chocolate bungholes out there.

I wonder how they advertise. Hell, I wonder where they advertise. Brown Eye Aficianado Magazine? Better Homes And Stinkeyes? Bed, Buttholes, and Beyond”

Or is this the sort of thing that spreads entirely by… word of mouth?

Maybe it all started with a very unusual special order. And the person who ordered it loved it so much that he told all his anally fixated friends about it and suddenly the chocolatiers in question had a very unusual but lucrative business on their hands.

I can only assume that the largest portion of their custom comes from people looking for that really special gag gift to give their otherwise unflappable target.

It would also make for a really classy way to tell them you think they are an asshole.

And the card read “Saw this and immediately thought of you, dear! XOXOXO!”

I suppose it could also work as a “dare you to eat it” Fear Factor type challenge.

Either way… you have all learned something today.

That the world is full of assholes… but some of them are made of chocolate!

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