Yup. More links.

Gotta catch’m all!

I like this bit of well crafted satire.

Reminds me of a lot of people I have known. Not in person, thank goodness, because I probably would have ended up throttling them, but I think everyone has encountered them online.

They are the nerds that make nerds look bad. Forget about the sorry nerdlingers that are merely socially inept and have trouble connecting with people in a normal way. While they can be annoying and rub people the wrong way, they at least mean well.

But these dudes have taken their above-average intelligence and puffed up its important in order to fill in all the gaps in their ego left by society’s nerd abuse, and used that to flip the script and say that it is THEY who are awesome, and YOU who suck.

And there but for the grace of God and my deep distaste for elitism went I. I was verging on being pretty insufferable in my mid-20’s.

Luckily, I grew out of it, with the help of some very patient friends.

Next, I have been watching a great little show called Kingdom via Netflix lately, and I scored a little personal coup via it today.

I was watching this episode from the third series (season) when I thought I recognized the lady farmer character from somewhere else.

“That’s Sandi Toksvig from the original Whose Line Is It Anyway!” I exclaimed.

Well, OK, what I really said was “Hey, that’s whats-her-name, Sandi something, from WLIIA!”

I was thrown off at first because they kept using tricky camera angles to conceal how short she is, but when I got a good look at her with something for scale, I knew it was her.

And it’s so rare for me to be able to do that (especially compared to my encyclopedic friends) that it pleased me greatly to “get one” at last.

And speaking of things me and my friends like (work with me here), I discovered a simply wonderful article about the making of the movie Clue today.

It is jam packed with the sort of details that make comedy nerds like me delirious.

Like the fact that the writer and director of the movie is the man behind another masterpiece of comic genius, Yes Minister.

That show is a textbook of how to make comedy. And Clue is quite brilliant too, plus he was also behind another sleeper hit, My Cousin Vinnie.

Clearly Jonathan Lynn is a force to be reckoned with.

And his original choice for Wadsworth the butler was none other than Leonard Rossiter (Do you boys have a Leonard Rossiter in there? No…), the mad genius behind the brilliant Fall And Rise of Reginald Perrin.

Go read the article… it’s a comedy geek”s goldmine.

Next, we have this offering from those Internet crack dealers at Cracked.

When Body Switching Movies Collide — powered by Cracked.com

As seems to be characteristic of their style lately, the title isn’t entirely accurate. I guess I can’t blame them for titling things according to whatever will get them the most clicks.

Anyhoo, I am linking it here today because it’s a somewhat amusing skit. It’s not brilliant in premise or insanely funny, but it is fun to see how they pile on the various ways plots get fucked in TV and movies, and it’s something that deserves to be satirized.

So while not hilarious, it’s refreshing and satisfying for those of us who have gotten sick of the same cheap devices used in show after show.

Oh, and nice making no effort to look like who you were supposed to be, guys.

Also in the skitcom way is this little gem.

Is the guy with the mustache supposed to come across as a serial killer? Because I am getting a serious “wets the bed, sets fires, and tortures animals” feel from that guy.

Still, it’s a great idea, and what I particularly like is imagining that a whole whack of really closeted gay Christian dudes are going to see it and say “That works??” and go do the same thing.

Take that, homophobic “Christians”!

My favorite detail? That would have to be that the lesbian “Thanks, Christian Mingle!” ladies have a baby. That is comedy genius because it’s the exact thing that would piss the homophobes off the most.

My position is that I want non-hateful left-leaning Christians to stand up to the haters who mock Christ’s message and take their religion back from the Pharisees.

Next up, today’s vid, and then I will leave you with one final nugget.

It’s certainly the most earnest and open video I have made. It didn’t start out to be quite so confessional, but I liked where it went, so I kept it all.

And what the heck, this is the era of the New Sincerity. Openness and honesty and vulnerability are very “in” right now.

And I have a real talent for that kind of thing.

Plus, I do believe that confession is good for the soul, so to speak. I realized after making the video that I have been keeping my deflector shields up far more on video than I do in this blog, and there is really no reason for it.

With this kind of thing, I am at least putting something real and true to me out there.

It can’t all be mirrors, shadows, and fog.

And finally for today, a news article about a young man who has clearly made all the right life choices.

He hid away in K-mart overnight so he could huff all the inhalants he wanted.

I would just, at this point, like to point out that huffing inhalants like paint or gas is officially the saddest way to get high known to humanity.

And it gets better. Robert Pry, our young canned air enthusiast (he huffed 16 cans!) was discovered in the morning by an unfortunate K-mart employee.

Said employee immediately called the cops, who discovered young Master Pry passed out in a cubbyhole beneath some stairs, covered in vomit and urine, presumably his own.

His mother must be so proud.

Seeya tomorrow gang!

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