Saturday Linksplosion #2

Time for another link-gasm, folks! Let’s share together.

First up, one strictly for the ladies, a song that I think every single one of you will enjoy, period.

Trigger warning : it’s done in the style of a song for a musical.

First up, full disclosure, menstruation is the number one reason I am glad to be male.

When I first learned the truth of what ladies have to go through every frigging month, it just seemed so terribly wrong. So unfair. Bleeding from their most intimate area for five days out of every month? That’s sixty days a year of bleeding! That is two whole months out of every fucking year they have to put up with that shit!

And it’s not just bleeding either. That would be bad enough. But they get bloating, cramps, hormonal mood swings they can’t do anything to control, and a host of other nasty shit.

That was pretty upsetting to learn, and I learned it early because I have two older sisters. I can only imagine that it must be catastrophically worse to find out that shit is going to be happening to you.

For that reason alone, I feel a sort of guilt towards women, like we men owe them something for putting up with all that awfulness so we don’t have to.

Being the gender that makes the babies is not easy.

Back to the actual video, I love the upbeat and artfully silly style it uses. Awesome stuff. I think my favorite moment is when she dances across the scene with all the jocks in the locker room.

The timing is perfect and she does it so well!

And then we have this perfectly ordinary little scene.

It's like the sad little playroom in a children's hospital.

It’s like the sad little playroom in a children’s hospital.

But this scene holds a truly amazing secret.

See that unicorn over there?

Holy shit,  rainbows!

Holy shit, rainbows!

It’s a freaking CAKE! yes, that entire unicorn is cake. And not just any cake. It’s rainbow cake. Because what else would you find inside a unicorn but rainbows?

The cake is a creation of The Tatooed Bakers, and needless to say, it is their flagship work. An entire life sized unicorn made out of rainbow cake. Un freaking believable.

The things they can do in cake these days! When I was a kid, you were lucky if you could read the writing.

Next, we have this interesting trailer for an upcoming series that may or may not be a comedy.

The trailer certainly doesn’t seem all that funny, but the whole thing seems like it is pregnant with comedic intent and really wants to be a parody of that old fashioned prime time soap opera genre, as well as the classic “blood, lust, greed, and betrayal” type trashy novel. Reminds me of SCTV.

The trailer makes it look like they just basically made something in exactly that style, which I suppose is some sort of technical achievement but I can’t imagine why I would watch it.

But it is loaded with some serious comedic talent, and certainly the tableau they present is extremely ripe for some very funny comedy. The genre takes itself extremely seriously and is laden with repeated tropes.

And it hasn’t been parodied recently. That makes for very fertile ground for comedy.

So color me intrigued, but a little puzzled. I am willing to watch an episode before I make up my mind, of course, but I feel like I am getting mixed signals.

Then we have this amazing story of people finding a way to flip traditional paradigms of what you need to do in order to turn a profit.

What a simple and amazing and absolutely beautiful idea. Buy people’s debts, and then instead of using professional thugs with the souls of sociopathic crocodiles to bully people into paying, you help them get to the point where they CAN pay, and then you get a lot more money because you are no longer trying to get blood from a stone.

If someone doesn’t have the money, all those scumbags can do is make them feel worse about it, and you know what? That leads to depression and depression leads to more poverty.

The genius of CFS2 is that it realizes that if you make people happier and help them find money or work, they will not only pay back the debt, but they will do it gladly because they feel so grateful for your help.

This is a business model that works, and I hope it spreads like mad. If I was a philanthropist looking to get the most public good for my dollar, this would be a great karmic investment.

Make money by improving people’s lives? What could be better than that?

And finally, we have my little vid of the day, which also talks about how to use capitalism to save the world.

Specifically, with a Global Minimum Wage define not in the volatile and simplistic language of currency but a more solid and dependable language of lifestyle.

What we want is for the whole world to live the same sort of life that we, the global One Percent, currently enjoy. To bring every human being in the world up to our level of civilization (but not of consumption) so they can lead the safe, stable, comfortable lives we all take for granted.

The Global Minimum Wage (really, more of a Global Minimum Lifestyle) would not be easy to achieve. It would require massive political reform in countless nations, a very large and detailed set of rules and regulations and an inspection and enforcement mechanism with real teeth in order to make it stick, and a major realignment of how we think about the world and all us crazy naked beach apes living on it.

But it’s a goal to work towards, something for global relief efforts to focus upon making real instead of all these NGO’s tilting at windmills as they all try to fix a massive problem with band-aid solutions.

Many fingers might save the dam, but they don’t fix it.

We need the power of capitalism to do that, and the way to do that is to harness it for the good of the world.

Capitalism is a game, and we control the rules.

We can change them if they stop working for us.

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