It’s not Friday

I just keep thinking that is it, because I had therapy today.

Today, because the doc is going away today and would not be around for an appointment on Friday. So even though he had a plane to catch today, he saw a bunch of his patients, and I think that is quite noble of him. Especially for me, because he knows that my mood drops if I don’t see him once a week, and this way I got to see him this week.

So even though our appointment ended up lasting only half an hour, I am glad I got to see him. Thanks, Doctor Costin!

One odd, silly little bit of annoyance : When I went to fill my prescriptions today, the pharmacist told me that I was exactly one day early and he couldn’t fill them without having to charge me.

See, the province keeps track of when you get your meds refilled, and will not pay for them if you try to get them filled before they think you should have run out.

And so I will not be able to pick up my psychiatric meds until Friday, which is the exact day I would have been getting them if the doc wasn’t going away on a trip.

Life’s funny, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Don’t worry, though, I have more than enough to see me through till then. I honestly probably could have gone another week without a refill, but I am a firm believer in “better safe than sorry”.

The idea is to get more before you run out. That way… you never run out! And I like that feeling.

Oh, one last note on that : I actually considered not getting my pill refill today because I was feeling tired and lazy after the therapist and just wanted to go home and lie down. But I pulled myself together and told myself that such laziness is not acceptable, and did it anyway.

Turns out, I would have gotten the same result if I had indeed put it off till Friday, and saved myself a trip.

Oh well, I need more excuses to get my enormous butt out of the apartment more often anyhow.

And now for a few links. Seems like forever since I did links on here, doesn’t it? The angst kinda took over. Don’t get me wrong, angsting on here has done wonders for me. Other people deal with things other ways, but writers deal with things by writing about them.

Anyhow, check out what this doggy, who is definitely NOT allowed on the bed, does when his masters aren’t home.

Extreme LOL. I laughed so hard when I saw that the first time. He does not just get on the bed when his owners are away. He ROCKS that bed, as if he can’t possibly get on the bed ENOUGH for his madcap rebel soul.

And the cats just sitting there in the right hand of the drame, just watching with their usual lack of concern, really adds to the comedy for me. They look like they are thinking “Yup. Dogs are insane. Just look at that idiot. ”

Now here’s a picture guaranteed to cause sexual confusion in some.

Bunny got back!

Bunny got back!

See, that is the sort of thing that leads straight males to be attracted to Bugs Bunny when he’s in drag. You have to admit, that bunny packs ass, and when all the outward signs are feminine, the hormones get activated, without the brain’s consent.

Hey, you know what would be a fun bit of gender subversion? Get the most passable tranny or crossdresser around and get him/her to pose for a picture in which they look perfectly gorgeously female in every detail, but their dick is hanging out.

Actually, that sounds kinda hot. And it would be almost as fun to do the flipside of that, a very passable drag king or FtM looking all handsome and hunky, but with visible vag. That would really mess with people’s minds.

What can I say, I love to fuck with the gender binary. The world of gender is far too complex for an A or B model of the world, and a lot of us are somewhere in between. Anything that helps people open their mind to that is a good thing to me.

I believe that people are inherently bisexual. It’s not necessarily a fifty-fifty split, but I think that if society did not railroad people into the gender binary where you have to decide “which one you are”, people would naturally drift into gender and sexual orientation values that would be considered bisexual by our current standards.

I dream of a future when it’s the rigid monosexuals who seem odd.

How about this tranquil little scene?

Is there a Toys R Us near here?

Is there a Toys R Us near here?

It’s nice to see that Jerome the Giraffe from the Friendly Giant is enjoying his retirement.

Here he is, posing with his daughter and grandchild :

They have his eyes and their mother's neck

They have his eyes and their mother’s neck

I am so jealous of this woman.

Hey nature photographer lady! We're natures!

Hey nature photographer lady! We’re natures!

This is what happens when Snow White becomes a wildlife photographer,

I’ve been saying this for years :

That's why they hate the cold. They don't want to freeze solid!

That’s why they hate the cold. They don’t want to freeze solid!

I once had a cat ooze under a bathroom door with only about a one inch gap at the bottom. She just slide right under it like she was the T2 and then looked at me all innocent.

It was, to be honest, pretty freaky.

Now these people have my kind of sense of humour :

Hair of the dog that bit you?

Hair of the dog that bit you?

Finally, I saved this one for last, because absolutely nothing could top it.

Dogs love balls!

Dogs love balls!

That’s it for me for today, folks. I will see you again tomorrow.

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