On The Road : I Have Drugs edition

Well, here I am in my second favorite White Spot, relaxing after a slightly harrowing morning.

I do have my drugs, but I had to go a whole extra two blocks to Shoppers for them. My usual pharmacy is closed Sundays, not open 10 to 2 like I thought. So I had to go to Shoppers.

This was more upsetting than it should have been because, well, I have never hanllef surprise well. So when my usual pharmacy was closed, my brain kicked into “worst case catastrophe” mode and my mind conjured up images of me not sleeping till Monday, and spending all of today slowly losing my mind from lack of sleep and Pacil.

But of course, it was no big deal. I had to go through the “new customer” deal (apparently the computers of different Shoppers don’t talk to each other… probably a privacy thing) but that was no big deal. The pharmacist was very nice.

And now I have a Sunday pharmacy, I guess.

Food’s here! Later, nice people!

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