Ten Thing To Remember About Trump

Ten things to remember about Trump :
: 1. Remember that Donald Trump will not, in fact, be King of America, whether he knows it or not.
2 Remember that a lot of people still hate Trump’s guts and will be gunning for him with everything they got
3. Remember that even a Republican dominated Supreme Court will only put up with so much bullshit because they are concerned about their legacies, and that will put a hard limit on how much Little Donnie the Crybaby can get away with
4. Remember that just because the President and Congress are part of the same party does not mean they will get along at all.
5. Remember that while the Republicans have a majority in both the House and the Senate, their majorities are not fillibuster proof
6. Relatedly, the margins between the parties are relatively small and it would not take a large number of defectors on the Republican side to kill a bill
7. Remember that Trump’s voters are even know realizing that he will keep none of his promises to them and plans to totally fuck them over, and if you think they were mad BEFORE….
8. Remember that soon, all the old scared scary senile people who voted him in will die and modern conservatism will be finally free of them
9. Remember that the international community is not going to let Trump get away with any bullshit, they hate him too, and finally
10. Remember that we are all just people trying to cope in this crazy life and that people do not always mean what they say…. sometimes they are just saying whatever it takes to hurt the people they are mad at.

That’s all.

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