It’s been a good day

I am quite tired right now, and it’s for two reasons, one good, one not so good.

The not so good reason is the usual reason I am tired when I write these posts : because I stayed up till 8:30 am playing Skyrim.

More on that later.

But the good reason is that I spent all afternoon being busy and active and *gasp* even productive. I wrote stuff this afternoon, and the stuff that I wrote was good.

See, I got a nibble on this job on Upwork. Someone out there is looking for comedy skit writing talent and I am, as you know, full of it.

And their ad even contained an example of something of which I am increasingly fond, almost correct English.

This is their concept :

Comedy sketches with reacquiring and one time characters that explore satire of all types of situation in human life and interaction: human interrelationships, politics, current events, popular culture, trends and etc.

You see what I mean? It gets the point across and is not grammatically incorrect,. it’s just oddly phrased and has an unusual cadence to it.

Most North American speakers of English would not say “requiring characters”. They would say “reoccurring characters”. Instead of “human interrelationships”, we would just say “relationships” because the default assumption is that relationships are between people and involve more than one person, making the “inter-” redundant.

Also, the “and”  in “and etc” is redundant as well. It could be justg “trends etc” and it would convey the same message.

Damn I miss commenting on fellow students’ work at VFS. It’s rare that I get to exercise both my analytical and verbal capacities at the same time.

Anyhow, these people asked me specifically for a sample and they wanted me to take on Donald Trump.

How could I resist?

So that’s the good stuff I wrote this afternoon. It was sort of supposed to be three skits and instead it turned into five one-off jokes in skit form, but whatever.

Hopefully, they will look past that oversight and my slightly wonky way of formatting things and see that I am goddamned hilarious and brilliantly inventive and that I am particularly skilled at the kind of fast, high-density humour you see on Family Guy (Seth McFarland, watch the fuck out), and that is the kind of humour people LOVE.

Quick and snappy, like a comedy routine. But with pictures!

In writing the gags, I was calling on all my experience writing the Uno stuff in order to create content that really packed a wallop and made skilled and experienced use of the broad canvas of visual comedy to make comedy that is vibrant and lively and fun.

I might have gone a little too far in that. After all, I have no indication that these sketches will be animated, like Uno technically almost kind of was, and thus I should have restricted myself to things that physical humans can actually do for a reasonable amount of money.

But fuck it. I was showing off for a potential employer, and that is no time to be practical.  I went into this with the full intention of knocking them on their asses with how amazingly talented I am.

And I think I did.

Meanwhile, in the dull time-filling part of my life, I have finally given up on Skyrim Special Edition and gone back to the original Skyrim.

I stuck with SSE for around a month, and overcame its many technical issues and the paucity of mods for it in order to make it a reasonably fun experience.

Except for one thing. I could not get the sexytimes fun stuff to work. I tried everything I could find online, but no matter what I did, everyone involved just stood there in the same spot, causing them to look like some horrific Akira chimera.

But with genitals!

And I began to long for the good old days when I played the original game and the whole of Skyrim was a sexual smorgasbord of good clean perverted fun, and eventually, I decided I would re-install it just to use the sexy fun content.

But when I did this, I saw my mod list for the original game, and it had so many wonderful mods that I had missed so much when playing SSE, that I realized I ashould have stuck with the original, which has almost 29,000 mods for it. as opposed to Special Edition, which has maybe three thousand.

Oh, and here’s the kicker : the main selling point of SSE was superior visuals that featured high resolution textures and better lighting and blah blah etc.

Not “and etc”. Just “etc’/

So I figured I would be sacrificing some visual fidelity when I went back to the original game. Fair enough. Seemed like it would be worth it.

But when I started playing the original game again. I found I liked the visuals a whole lot better. In fact, everything looked gorgeous to me, and I felt this profound sense of relief bordering on joy.

And I think that is precisely because of the loss of visual fidelity. From the first time I played Special Edition, I felt like it was more of a strain on my eyes.

But I wasn’t sure until today. Playing the original game is downright soothing to my eyes compared to the Special Edition, and everything looks perfectly fine to me.

So the lesson is that there is no point in investing in high resolution graphics if you have low resolution eyes. Sure, I can tell the differences, especially in things like armor, but I seriously don’t give a shit.

I just know that it’s good to be back.

So all in all, a pretty great day so far. I hung out with my fuzzy friends while writing brilliant comedy mocking Trump and fiddling with my Skyrim install, and then played Skyrim and had sex with damn near everything I encountered.

And to me, that adds up to a very good day indeed.

And now it’s done!

I will talk to you nice people again tomorrow.