Push back, conservatives!

Forgive me if I am repeating myself, but…

Only conservatives can save the world.

Forget whose fault it is that the world is so messed up or which side “wins” or what some politician says you “srand for”.

Think instead about what  you truly believe in and how different that is from what the media thinks you believe.

Think about how you have been lied to and misled by the politiciqans you put in power and how none of them – none  – have done what they said they were going to do and treated you like a sucker instead.

Think about all of these coastal ilites who act like conservatives don’t even have any morals and are just mindless sheep following their big orange shepherd.

Think about how all that makes you feel. Then stand up for yourselves and push back as hard as you can.

I am not asking tyou to become a liberal. I am not asking you to abandon everything you have ever believed in. I am not even asking you to switch parties. \

All I am asking you to do is to push back against these smiling lying sons of bitches who think standing in front of a tractor with a cowboy hat on makes them an average citizen just like you.

The hell it does. Those bastards are not what you voted for. The guy or gal you voted for never showed up for work. Instead, you got some lunatic who knows about as much about doing their job as a squirrel knows about heart surgery and who could not wait to sell you out to big government and big corporations so they could get rich while you and yours get by on less and less every day.

And then these jackasses think they have the right to say what you believe? To act like you’re okay with everything they do to you and the country just because you voted for them? To drag your name through the mud and bring shame to you and your family just because you voted for that fake version of themselves they pretended to be?

Aren’t you sick and tired of it? Aren’t you mad? Doesn’t it make you want to do something about it?

Well you can. You can push back.

I am not saying it will be easy. Like all decent folks, you value loyalty and dedication and love your country without reservation.

But the goddamned politicians don’t.  They aren’t loyal to anyone but their own greed, their own dedicated to their own pride, and they are perfectly willing to treat the flag like toilet paper if it makes them a little richer, or even just for the hell of it.

So why should you be any more loyal to them than they are to you?

Push back. You’re the only ones who can do it.

I mean, the nerve of these bozos, acting like they could say Christ was Satan and Satan was Christ and you would believe them.

These people don’t represent you, your people, or your faith. They are Pharisees and their only god is Mammon.

And that’s not good enough, because, goddamit, there’s such a thing as standards, and standards only exist when they are enforced, and right now, nobody is enforcing them.

And that’s really all I am talking about here. I am not asking you to change anything you believe in, not even a little.

I am just asking you to enforce them. Hold your politicians to a higher standard and if they fail it, let them know, right away and in no uncertain terms, that this is not acceptable and if they keep it up, there will be consequences.

That’s what I mean when I say I want you to push back.

And yes, this means you might have to break from the pack and go maverick for a while. Your friends and family might act like you are some kind of traitor just for expecting politicians to do what they said they would do and for demanding the right to speak for yourself instead of letting some Washington jackass speak for you.

You’re going to have to tough it out. And I know you can do it. You’re not the type to give up when the going gets tough. You’re a person of principles and backbone who isn’t afraid to ride into battle in order to stand up foir what believe and save your country from people who betray it in your name.

These people don’t represent you. These people don’t believe what you believe. These people have no right to claim they speak for you and they especially do not have the right to claim to sp4eak for your faith when, with the way they act,. it’s a wonder they don’t burst into flames when they go to church.

If they even go.

And I guarantee that if you start standingup for what you believe – what you truly believe – you will go from villains to heroes in no time flat. You will be the people who brought down the biggest monsters of our age and all you have to do is fight for what you believe and refuse to let anyone tell you what that is.

Not even big shot Holloywood TV stars who live in mansions and make millions by selling books and telling everyone what they say people you you think.

Push back. Let them – all of them – know that they don’t speak for you. They lost that right when they turned against you and started doing every single thing they told you they were against. They lost that right when they stood in front of the flag knowing that they planned to betray it. They lost that right when they dare to claim to be Christian and then went against every single word Christ ever said – and then claimed that you had the exact same attitude.

Tell them that they are wrong. Punish them for acting like they think you have no mind of your own and they can forcfe their garbage down your throat and you’ll swallow it all up and ask for more. Make them feel your anger and disappointment at how they have failed and betrayed you.

Make them pay for what they have done.

Push back., my conservative friends.

And you just might save the world.